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Katy Perry Reveals The Real Reason She Chopped Off All Of Her Hair

katy on ellenKaty Perry was Ellen Degeneres’ guest on her show Tuesday morning. Katy revealed a few things about her “Witness” album and tour as well as her new look and attitude. She said that she wanted her hair cut like Ellen’s. But it turned out that when she dyed her hair blonde, a lot of it fell out from the chemicals, so she had it chopped off to “save” it.

She also talked about her new album and tour, saying that she’s partnered up with the Girls and Boys Club of America with tickets. One dollar from each ticket she sells in America will be going to the foundation and Katy’s set aside one hundred tickets for each of her concerts. Fifty of them will be going to the Girls and Boys Club and fifty will go to her fans who earn them by participating in the Foundation. In order to participate, click here.

Watch her entire interview below.

(Photo credit: Ellen Degeneres Youtube account)

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In Three Words Lady Gaga Tells The World Exactly What Love Is

Lady Gaga says what love is for RevlonDuring Sunday night’s 89th Academy Awards ceremony, Revlon debuted an ad campaign featuring Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams and Ellen DeGeneres. With Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” playing in the background, the three stars described what the word “love” is using three words.

“Love is embracing everything you are,” Lady Gaga began. At one point in the 30-second video, Ellen and Gaga shared a common thought on what love is and that’s being at Lady Gaga’s grandma’s house.

Watch the short video below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Camila Cabello’s Solo TV Debut Will Be Buzzworthy

Camila Cabello Buzzcut Her Hair For Ellen DeGeneresCamila Cabello is gearing up for her first televised appearance post-Fifth Harmony. She and Machine Gun Kelly are set to perform on an upcoming episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” To make her solo debut even more special, Camila decided to buzzcut her hair. Well, not really.

Camila Cabello Buzzcut Her Hair For Ellen DeGeneres 1 Camila Cabello Buzzcut Her Hair For Ellen DeGeneres 2

The singer joked about the drastic hairstyle change and used one of the many memes created in her honor to take it to the next level.

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Niall Horan Beats Out Zayn Malik At The 2017 People’s Choice Awards

What A Feeling- Niall Horan Beats Zayn Malik For A People's Choice Award FEATUREThe 2017 People’s Choice Awards took place on Wednesday night and the results were as confusing as ever. While some wins–like Fifth Harmony’s trophy for “Favorite Group” after its first performance without Camila Cabello–seemed to make perfect sense, others were real head-scratchers. Case in point: Niall Horan beat out his former One Direction mate Zayn Malik for the “Favorite Breakout Artist” award.

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Fifth Harmony Is Accepting Applications For Camila Cabello’s Replacement

Bethe5thChallenge goes viral-8Fifth Harmony minus one is already looking for a new Camila Cabello. #BeThe5thChallenge began trending on Twitter on Monday as a way to find the group’s next singer. Soon after Ellen DeGeneres added herself to the group’s first promo photo as a quartet the challenge went viral.

The Internet Replaces Camila Cabello In Fifth Harmony 1Jamie Lynn Spears, the cast of “The Incredibles” and Selena Gomez were all included in the challenge that even got Fifth Harmony’s stamp of approval.  Some nostalgic fans couldn’t miss the chance to include Camila in the mix following her departure, but the social media challenge was more about looking forward than looking back.

See some of the photos from the #BeThe5thChallenge below.

Who do you think would make a worthy replacement for Camila?

(Photo credits: Ellend DeGeneres, Jamie Lynn Spears, Shady Music Facts, normanikqrdei, Sadeem_adil, destinysaidit, infLAURENZA and mariaouana Twitter accounts)

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Kendall Jenner Tells Ellen Degeneres Why She Quit Instagram

Kendall Jenner Tells Ellen Degeneres Why She Quit InstagramWhen Kendall Jenner deactivated her Instagram account, the world cried out for answers. In a new interview on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” Kendall offered an explanation for why she took her account down.

“I just wanted to detox,” Kendall says. She explained that the app was just too involved in her life. “I would wake up in the morning and look at it first thing. I would go to bed and it was the last thing I would look at.” Kendall went on to say that she’s enjoying her break from the social media platform.

“I also took my Twitter off my phone, so I had no idea people were even talking about it,” she admits. Kendall said that she didn’t realize how big the story was until family and friends texted her. “They started sending me links to CNN,” Kendall adds. But CNN and the rest of the world can breathe easy because Kendall will return to Instagram.

“I’ll be back,” she promises. After two days without Instagram, Kendall claims, “withdrawals are starting.”

Hear everything Kendall had to say about leaving Instagram below.

(Photo credit: “The Ellen Show” YouTube account)

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