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Miley Cyrus AND Emily Osment, The NEW Lucy AND Ethel I LOVE LUCY

Emily Osment was featured in the latest issue TV Guide. Here is the excerpt: Since 2006, Emily has played loyal up for anything Ethel to Miley Cyrus’ Lucy on Hannah Montana. But, with the release of her debut album and a January TV movie called Dadnapped, this sidekick is about to take center sage.

The chemistry you and Miley share recalls I Love Lucy. ‘A lot of people say that. I’ve gone through a ton of stuff with her and that definitely helps the charisma on screen. We’re so lucky to get along so well. We look forward to going to work.

Has the media craze surrounding Miley affected the show at all?
‘I will always be there for Miley and support her throughout every thing, but when I go down to set, I’m there to work. We just try
to ignore all the drama the media tries to created.’

What’s up with the Hannah Montana movie coming out in April? ‘We’re all pumped for that. It’s not like a 90 minute episode, it’s a beautiful story about growing up. I don’t want to give too much away, but it will take you by surprise. It will take you places
you weren’t expecting to go.’