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Emma Watson Flanked By LA Fans

Emma Watson Touches Down At LAX‘La La Land’ actress Emma Watson arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on April 22, 2015. Emma is returning to LA after attending the TIME’s 100 Most Influential People In The World gala in NYC.


Emma Watson ‘Nude Photos Were Hoax’

AEmma Watson Facebook Q&A about gender equality to commemorate International Women Threats. VIDEOS HERE! On her nudes: ‘fter I gave my speech [at the UN] there was a website threatening to release naked pictures of me, with a countdown.

I knew it was a hoax, I knew the pictures didn’t exist, but I think a lot of people that were close to me knew that gender equality was an issue but didn’t think it was that urgent, that it was a thing of the past. [They said} ‘We live in Great Britain! This is a thing of the past! We’re fine aren’t we? We’re good! We’ve got far enough.’’

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Emma Watson Dating Prince Harry Rumor, Would Emma Make A Good English Princess?

emma-watson-princessEmma Watson is dating Prince Harry, reports Australian magazine Woman’s Day. When Harry heard Emma broke up with Mathew Janney, he sent her a letter inviting her to a party: ‘Harry didn’t want her to feel like she was put on the spot. A party also shows he’s fun and not stuffy.’

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Emma Watson To Play ‘Belle’ In Disney’s Live Action Version Of Beauty And The Beast ‘My 6 Year Old Self’s Heart Is Bursting’

emma-watson-beautyEmma Watson landed the role in Disney’s live-action musical ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Emma Facebooked: ‘I’m finally able to tell you.. that I will be playing Belle in Disney’s new live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’!

It was such a big part of my growing up, it almost feels surreal that I’ll get to dance to ‘Be Our Guest’ and sing ‘Something There’. My six-year-old self is on the ceiling, heart bursting. Time to start some singing lessons. I can’t wait for you to see it. Emma xx.’

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Emma Watson ‘I Couldn’t Have Dreamt’ How Successful The HeForShe Campaign Has Become

Emma Watson #HeForShe Campaign during the 2015 World Economic Forum on Friday in Davos, Switzerland: ‘Since HeForShe launched in New York last September, I think it would be fair to say that my colleagues and I have been stunned by the response.

The HeForShe conference was watched over 11 million times, sparking 1.2 billion social media conversations, culminating in the #HeForShre hashtag becoming so popular that Twitter painted it on the walls of its headquarters. And men from almost every country in the world signed up to our commitment.

Everyone, from Desmond Tutu to Prince Harry to Hillary Clinton to Yoko Ono have issued their support or contacted us since Sept. 20. Everything from marathons being run, merchandise being created,

15-year-old boys writing to national newspapers deploring female discrimination, young girls collecting hundreds of signatures—it’s all happened in the last four months. I couldn’t have dreamed it, but it’s happened. Thank you so much.’