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Emma Watson’s Horrifying Belle Doll Looks A Lot Like Justin Bieber

Emma Watson Doll looks a lot like JBEmma Watson may want to file a complaint with the makers of her “Beauty and the Beast” Belle doll. The hyper-realistic details added to her pint-size likeness make her look like a certain pop star and Twitter users around the globe aren’r afraid to point it out. What was designed to be an elegant replica of the famed Disney princess turned out to look a lot like Justin Bieber. And it’s horrifying.

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Emma Watson’s Upcoming Movie Will Make You Want To Ditch Your Phone Forever

The Trailer For Emma Watson's New Movie Will Make You Want To Ditch Your PhoneWhile Emma Watson is getting ready to show off her pipes for the “Beauty and the Beast” remake, the first teaser for her new movie “The Circle” has been released. Based on what’s in it, it looks like Emma’s character will be at the center of a conspiracy to spy on everyone in the world.

The movie is about a company called The Circle, which is a fictional version of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple or any other major tech company that makes people’s skin crawl. The story focuses on the company’s high-tech cameras that can stream live footage and how people want to use those cameras. Spoiler alert: it’s for creepy stuff.

Emma is joined in the cast by Tom Hanks and John Boyega, the “Star Wars: Episode VIII” heartthrob who could possibly play her love interest in the movie.

Check out the new teaser trailer for “The Circle” below.

(Photo credit: EuropaCorpUS YouTube account)

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Disney Releases The First Two-Minute Trailer For “Beauty And The Beast”

Beauty and the Beast trailerThe first official trailer for Disney’s live-action film adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” has been released and features many of the main characters. The highly-anticipated movie will be in theaters on March 17 of next year and stars Emma Watson, Josh Gad and Ian McKellan.

Watch the full trailer below.

Are you excited to see the soon-to-be released Disney film?

(Photo credit: Beauty and the Beast Instagram account)

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To Fight For Her Beliefs, Emma Watson Is Leaving Books Around New York

Emma Watson hides books in subway-2Emma Watson isn’t backing down from her fight for equal rights in America even though Donald Trump was elected president. The actress took to the streets on Wednesday to placed Maya Angelou’s “Mom & Me & Mom” throughout a New York city subway station.

“Today I am going to deliver Maya Angelou books to the New York subway. Then I am going to fight even harder for all the things I believe in,” the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador tweeted to her followers.

See the photo of Emma doing her part to help society below.

(Photo credits: Emma Watson Twitter and Instagram accounts)

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Zayn Malik Is Richer Than All Of One Direction, But No Match For Adele

Zayn Malik Is Richer Than All Of One Direction, But No Match For Adele featureLeaving One Direction may have been the best career move for Zayn Malik. In its rankings of the richest stars under 30 in the UK, Heat Magazine has revealed that Zayn is the richest of the remaining group members. It’s the first time the band has been separated for the rankings, and all current and former members are in the top ten. But Zayn only comes in at number four.

Adele is at the top of the list–and is now Great Britian’s richest female musician ever–but she’s also the oldest. Using expert analysis and a formula accounting for income, Heat estimated her worth at $114 million. Daniel Radcliffe follows her at number two with $91.6 million. He’s joined in the top ten by both of his “Harry Potter” co-stars, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, at spots six and ten respectively.

Ed Sheeran is a distant third and a newcomer to the rankings. He’s got an $8 million edge on number four Zayn. Louis Tomlinson is the low end of 1D’s financial totem pole. Zayn, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis are all within $7 million of each other.

Check out the full top ten in order below. Read more about Heat’s methods here.

(Photo credits: Zayn Malik and Adele Instagram accounts)

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