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Frankie Jonas Is Not Here For Diplo Trying To Take His Place

Frankie Jonas battles Diplo for Bonus Jonas-2Frankie Jonas’ rightful title as the “Bonus Jonas” is being questioned by music producer Diplo. The producer attended Vanity Fair’s Oscar party on Sunday night were he snapped a picture of him plus Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas writing “I’m the bonus brother.”

The youngest Jonas brother didn’t take too kindly to his position being challenged by Diplo and quickly responded to the producer.
Frankie Jonas battles Diplo for Bonus Jonas-1Diplo hasn’t responded just yet, but we’re sure Frankie’s message has been received.

See the photo that sparked Frankie’s response below.

(Photo credit: sweeransoul Twitter account)

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Joe Jonas And Cole Whittle Bring A DNCE Party To Frankie Jonas’ Dorm

Joe Jonas And Cole Whittle Bring A Dance Party To Frankie Jonas featureDNCE may be getting a little reckless on the road and its latest tour stop gave the group another chance to turn up. The group is in Nashville, Tennessee for a Tuesday night show, but Joe Jonas and Cole Whittle had a chance to take a day off and visit family. Joe and Cole stopped by Belmont University to visit the youngest Jonas brother, Frankie Jonas, who is early enrolled in college at age 16.

Just when it seemed like Joe and Cole’s bromance couldn’t get any closer, the duo brought a dance party to Frankie and his friends on campus. In a video Cole shared, a big group partied to Wintertime’s “Thru It All.” DNCE is no stranger to using some hip hop in its shows, so it’s no surprise to see Joe and Cole breaking it down with Frankie and his pals. Plus, Frankie and Cole have their own history.

Check out the DNCE party below.

(Photo credit: Cole Whittle Instagram account)

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Frankie Jonas Got A Break From Eating Ramen Noodles While Visiting Nick Jonas In Hawaii

Nick Jonas calls out little brotherNick Jonas spent some quality time with his younger brother Frankie Jonas over the weekend and was not impressed with the college student’s diet. “My little brother visiting from college. Comes to visit me in Hawaii, talking about only eating ramen noodles and pop tarts,” the singer says before pointing the camera to Frankie’s Hawaiian meal.

“Look at his bougie ass breakfast order today. Damn, Frank,” Nick says as if he was second guessing his decision to foot the bill for their brunch.

Watch Nick’s Snapchat video below.

(Photo credit: Frankie Jonas Instagram account)

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Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Show Off Their Brotherly Love With Matching Tattoos

Nick and Joe Jonas Get matching Tats-3Nick and Joe Jonas decided to start their pre-VMA celebration by getting matching tattoos before heading to the ceremony’s red carpet. Nick captured their tattoo bonding moment on his Snapchat showing off the arrow he had inked on his right arm. Joe got a complementary tattoo on his left arm.

Maybe Kevin and Frankie Jonas can get tats of their own with arrows pointing up and down, so all of the Jonas Brothers can be involved somehow.

See photos and video of Nick and Joe’s matching ink below.

(Photo credits: Nick Jonas Snapchat account; MTV Instagram account)

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This Is How Nick Jonas Spends His Day Off

This Is How Nick Jonas Spends His Day Off featureNick Jonas has plenty to keep him occupied, including co-headlining the “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now” and his budding film career. It should come as no surprise, then, that he goes a little wild when he finally gets some time off. Thursday, Nick enjoyed his time away from the stage by going America all over Ohio. Nick played some paintball, drank beer with some friends and, of course, stopped by a local Wal-Mart.

Nick wasn’t alone. He was joined by touring partner Demi Lovato, Cavanaugh James and baby brother Frankie Jonas.

Check out photos and video of how Nick decided to spend his day off below.

(Photo credits: NickJonasFandom Twitter account)

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The Jonas Brothers React To “Last Year Was Complicated”

The Jonas Brothers React To Last Year Was Complicated featureNick Jonas’ hotly anticipated album “Last Year Was Complicated” has finally arrived. Along with the outpour of fan reactions, Nick’s brothers reached out to congratulate the singer on his latest body of work.

While Frankie Jonas and Joe Jonas shared inspired notes, Kevin kept it simple.

Check out the Jonas Brothers’ reactions below, as well as Nick’s responses.

(Photo credit: Joe Jonas instagram; disneybandn, Frankie Jonas and Kevin Jonas Twitter)

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