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Vogue Issues Apology For Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid’s “Gender Fluidity” Cover Story: “We Missed The Mark”

Vogue Issues Apology For Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid's Gender Fluid Cover: We Missed The MarkZayn and Gigi Hadid’s new Vogue cover story has everyone talking and not in a good way. After the couple discussed how they borrow each other’s clothes, the story’s writer opted to define the exchange as gender fluidity.

Readers were not pleased with the way the publication reduced gender fluidity to nothing more than unisex clothing. Many questioned whether or not Vogue understood what it means to be gender-fluid while also bashing the publication for pandering without using real people who actually identify as non-binary or gender-fluid.

Vogue has now attempted to apologize following the backlash. In a statement obtained by Entertainment Tonight, a spokeswoman from the magazine claims that they “missed the mark.”

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Justin Bieber May Be The Only Person Alive Who’s Here For Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid’s Vogue Cover

Justin Bieber May Be The Only Person Alive Who's Here For Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid's Vogue Cover featureGigi Hadid shared her latest Vogue cover with an unexpected guest. Instead of Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid, Gigi appeared alongside her boyfriend, Zayn. The couple’s cover sparked some controversy as it seemed to put them at the center of the cultural conversation about gender fluidity, a term used by transgender and gender variant people to describe their experiences.

Neither Zayn nor Gigi have ever opened up about their gender identities, but the unusual pick didn’t seem to matter to Justin Bieber. He shared a shot from the story via Instagram, writing “Love this” in a caption on the pic.

It’s a shame Justin is single and so against wearing tops or maybe he could’ve been hailed as a gender fluid icon for wearing his girlfriend’s designer t-shirts.

Check out Justin’s post below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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Zayn And Gigi Hadid Swapped T-Shirts For A Day And Now Claim They Are Gender Fluid

Zayn and Gigi Hadid for Vogue US-2Due to a shortage of more respectable models and cover stars, Vogue has once again chosen Gigi Hadid to be the face of its latest issue. The publication did switch it up and also featured Zayn with his model girlfriend.

The couple’s second Vogue cover is already causing some backlash due to the couple’s definition of  gender fluidity. “I shop in your closet all the time, don’t I?” Gigi asks Zayn followed by the singer confirming and revealing he likes to wear Gigi’s Anna Sui t-shirt: “I like that shirt. And if it’s tight on me, so what? It doesn’t matter if it was made for a girl.”

“Totally. It’s not about gender. It’s about, like, shapes. And what feels good on you that day. And anyway, it’s fun to experiment,” Gigi adds. Vogue may not have a grasp on what gender fluidity is, but the Internet is making sure to inform the magazine.
Zayn and Gigi Hadid for Vogue US-8

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Kris Jenner Tries To Distract People From Kendall Jenner’s Legal Troubles With New Fendi Campaign

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid star in Fendi-1Kendall Jenner is one of the main stars in Fendi’s newest campaign. Kris Jenner couldn’t wait to shift focus off of Kendall’s current legal troubles to brag about her daughter’s latest modeling gig.

Fendi didn’t seem to want to gamble on the problematic Instagram supermodel being solo and also included Gigi Hadid in the ad. “Kenny!!! I’m so proud of you!! What an amazing campaign,” Kris captioned one of the photos. Wonder if the mom of six was this supportive of those exploitative t-shirts.

See the photos from Kendall’s latest campaign below.

(Photo credits: Gigi Hadid, Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner Instagram accounts)

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Is Taylor Swift Plotting Another Epic Fourth Of July Photo Opportunity?

Is Taylor Swift Scheming On Another Epic Fourth Of July Photo Opportunity featureTaylor Swift loves to play the all-American girl and she loves to round her up her famous friends for Instagram. The Fourth of July is a rare opportunity for her to kill two birds with one firework. While Taylor’s been avoiding the spotlight lately, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Taylor was planning a massive Independence Day blowout just like last year.

Between hitting a giant inflatable water slide with Gigi Hadid and a live jam session with Ed Sheeran, Taylor’s last party saw Cara Delevingne getting a temporary butt tattoo and Tom Hiddleston wearing one infamous tank top. The festivities featured an all-star list of celebs like Ruby Rose and the lifeless eyes of Ryan Reynolds.

Even though he’s British, her new man Joe Alwyn looks like a bit of a G.I. Joe. Celebrities might be descending on Taylor’s stately Rhode Island estate at this moment, preparing for another blow-out Fourth of July.

Re-live some of the most famous moments from Taylor’s bash last year below.

(Photo credit: Cara Delevingne Instagram account)

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Gigi Hadid Channels The Pink Panther At Vogue Eyewear Launch Event

Gigi Hadid is Malibu Barbie at Vogue launch event-2Gigi Hadid attended the launch party for her latest collaborative business venture, Vogue Eyewear. The supermodel looked as if she had just stepped out of the Barbie doll packaging dressed in a head-to-toe pink ensemble.

“Thanks so much to everyone at @vogueeyewear for a great #gigihadidforvogueeyewear launch last night!” Gigi captioned the one photo shared from the event. Zayn didn’t accompany his working girlfriend after cancelling more shows due to his “anxiety issues.”

See more photos of Gigi’s pink, 70’s-inspired look below.

(Photo credit: Gigi Hadid Instagram account)

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