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Check Out Zayn’s Suprisingly Good Official Video for “Satisfaction”

Zayn Satisfaction FeatureAmid the confusion about what has become of his music career, Zayn today released a surprisingly well-directed official video for his single, “Satisfaction.” The song is a downbeat, slow-tempo track that features one of the clearest vocals of any of Zayn’s offerings on his recently-released sophomore album, Icarus Falls. The video for the song seems a meditation that suggests love is a battlefield where all are left lost or broken.

For some fans, “Satisfaction” might at first seem a bit of a random selection to receive video treatment from all various tracks collected together on Icarus Falls. But given the subject matter in the video, it is hard not to read into Zayn’s choice Continue Reading →


The Video Teaser for Zayn’s New Single “Satisfaction” Is Not Exactly Upbeat

Zayn SatisfactionFresh on the heels of news that he has again broken up with longtime girlfriend Gigi Hadid, Zayn shared a video teaser for his new single, “Satisfaction.” The track comes from Zayn’s recently released album Icarus Falls.

In the video, Zayn seems to be surveying the landscape of some recently bombed warzone or post-apocalyptic future. As the snippet continues, a man slowly walks across the smoking rubble barefoot. The man stares vacantly as he walks, cradling the limp — possibly dead — body of a woman …

In a tweet, Zayn also indicated that the full video will be released tomorrow at noon ET. You can check out the teaser below.  Continue Reading →


In Case You Haven’t Noticed, Taylor Swift is Reassembling her Squad

Taylor Swift NYEWith footage of her Reputation Stadium Tour concerts now officially committed to video on Netflix and Kanye West a shadow of his former self, Taylor Swift seems determined to put the whole Reputation era / snake thing to rest. Apparently, that means that she has become comfortable again reassembling a squad … a squad that is likely to be a lot more loyal (and carefully-chosen) this time around.

Taylor posted pics from one of her first celebrity friend blow-outs in quite a while last night. To celebrate New Year’s Eve, Taylor had her friends all dress up in costumes as their favorite childhood heroes (or heroines). Taylor chose to dress up as a sexy Ariel from Continue Reading →

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Gigi Hadid Does Controversial Cover for ‘Chaos Sixtynine Magazine’

Gigi Chaos SixtynineGigi Hadid has not been known to shy away from controversial magazine covers in the past. She continues this trend with one of her latest digital covers for fashion, art and culture publication, Chaos Sixtynine Magazine. 

On the more controversial of Gigi’s two covers, she is photographed with long, straightened platinum blond air dressed in a bulky orange jumpsuit that suggests either a fireman’s outfit or prison overalls. She appears to be carrying a limp and unconscious naked or near naked model on her back. The caption to her Instagram post of the cover says, “catch of the day / girls saving girls.”

We have Gigi’s two cover variants, including the one stirring the controversy, below.   Continue Reading →