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Ed Sheeran Only Gets Invited To Weddings To Play “Thinking Out Loud” Drunk

Never Even A Bridesmaid: Ed Sheeran Only Gets Invited To Weddings To Play Thinking Out Loud Drunk featureEd Sheeran said, “Cheerio, Yanks!” as he appeared on the Monday broadcast of “Good Morning America.” The singer talked about how shocked he still is that he’s even famous and what it’s like to be the man behind the number-one wedding song in the world. Turns out it means a lot of wedding invites where there’s a convenient guitar at the reception.

“I don’t get asked to play the wedding. I just get invited,” Ed said. “It gets to a certain point in the night where I’m a bit hammered.” That’s when his friends take advantage of that moment to pop the question: Will he play “Thinking Out Loud”?

“That’s happened a bunch of times,” Ed confessed. “They’re like, ‘Oh, Ed–there’s a guitar. It’s so weird there’s a guitar here.'” Convenient guitars aside, Ed doesn’t sound that upset at the regular request from his friends at their weddings.

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Demi Lovato Hijacks A Charity To Promote Her Sportswear Line

Demi Lovato Hijacks A Charity To Promote Her Sportswear Line On Good Morning America featureDemi Lovato’s done a lot of work to prove that her heart is bigger than her mouth. Hot off the heels of her 25th birthday, Demi seems eager to mix her easygoing energy with some more mature projects. That might be why the singer, who was just on “Good Morning America” to perform, returned Tuesday morning as part of a charity campaign.

After the host thanked her for her donations to Houston, Demi turned the focus towards her new sportswear line from Fabletics. She even brought a few models along, but didn’t get them from one of New York’s top tier agencies.

Instead, she had four girls involved with the United Nations’ Girl Up Campaign model her new yoga pants and workout clothes from Kate Hudson’s company.

Check out pics and video from Demi’s latest “GMA” appearance below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Normani Kordei Has Hope For Houston After Surviving Hurricane Katrina

Fifth Harmony performs on gmaFresh off of its 2017 MTV Video Music Awards high, Fifth Harmony returned to “Good Morning America” to perform its new single, “He Like That.” Before getting into the actual performance, Texas natives Normani Kordei and Ally Brooke Hernandez wanted to send their well-wishes to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Normani is originally from New Orleans, but due to Hurricane Katrina had to migrate to Houston. “There definitely is hope,” Normani said about the upcoming aftermath of the natural disaster.

Watch the girls’ performance below.

(Photo credit: Radio Disney Twitter account)

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Rain Doesn’t Keep Demi Lovato Away From Pulling Off A “GMA” Trifecta

The Rain Doesn't Keep Demi Lovato Away From A GMA TrifectaDemi Lovato performed on Friday morning’s episode of “Good Morning America.” As part of the show’s summer concert series, Demi pulled out three of her latest hits and brought some musical guests to help her through it. Jax Jones and Cheat Codes made their way to the stage for “Instruction” and “No Promises,” respectively.

Demi performed her own anthem “Sorry Not Sorry” in between the two collaborations. The entire set could’ve been washed away with a nasty rainstorm, but she powered through just as her Lovatics did.

Check out the performances below.

(Photo credit: Twargophoto Instagram account)

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Liam Payne Proves He Can “Get Low” With Zedd On “Good Morning America”

Liam Payne Proves He Can Get Low With Zedd On Good Morning America featureLiam Payne stopped by “Good Morning America” with his pal Zedd on Friday. The duo brought their track “Get Low” to the morning show’s summer concert series, much to the delight of shrieking fans. Liam and Zedd had the crowd eating out of their hands as they nailed the dance track. Liam might still be dealing with some leftover One Direction love, but plenty of fans seem eager to accept him as a solo act.

Zedd also dropped an “Official Tour Edit” video for the track late on Thursday night. The visual features Liam prominently as the two go through a photoshoot and hang out. There’s also cameos by Zedd’s pal Hailee Steinfeld and Louis Tomlinson’s collaborator Steve Aoki–sorry, Alessia Cara.

It looks like Alessia joined Zedd and Liam on “GMA,” but video of her performing “Stay” hasn’t surfaced online yet.

Check out Liam and Zedd on the show below, plus see the new video Zedd put out for the track.

(Photo credit: Zedd YouTube account)

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