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Zendaya Ambushes Three Complete Strangers With Style Makeovers

Zendaya Pounces On Good Morning America With A Style Ambush featureZendaya stopped by “Good Morning America” to pitch in on their year-end review. She talked about being in Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” her mysterious role in the new “Spider-Man” film and why she looks up to Oprah.

The actress also drew some inspiration from her newest endeavor as a fashion designer to perform a style ambush for three women in the “Good Morning America” audience. She brought some of the pieces from her collection to do the job. Since she can make a room full of models freak out, see what happens when she brings her style to “GMA.”

Check out video of the ambush as well as her interview below.

(Photo credit: Zendaya Instagram account)

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DNCE Gets Horny With “Body Moves” On “Good Morning America”

DNCE Says Good Morning America With Some Body Moves featureDNCE stopped by “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, and they brought friends. The band performed its sensual anthem “Body Moves” off of its new self-titled album and added a horn section for good measure. With some saxophones and some brass, DNCE’s sound was even funkier. “Good Morning America” also shared an Instagram post from behind the scenes at the performance.

Check out video of DNCE live below, plus see the behind-the-scenes shot from the TV appearance.

(Photo credit: Good Morning America Instagram account)

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Gigi Hadid Is Still Teasing Her Collaboration With Tommy Hilfiger

Gigi Hadid gives sneak peek at collection on gmaGigi Hadid teased her Tommy Hilfiger collection early on Friday with a short fashion show on “Good Morning America.” Both Tommy and Gigi are also expected to appear on “The View” before officially debuting the collection at New York Fashion Week Friday night at 7 pm EST.

This is the model’s first capsule collection and she is planning on going all out with a carnival at Pier 16 to launch the line in America.

See the “GMA” Tommy x Gigi sneak peek below.

(Photo credit: tommyxgigi Instagram account

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Sia Screws Up Royally On “Good Morning America”

Sia-Screws-Up-On-Good-Morning-America-e1469195644215Friday morning, enigmatic singer-songwriter Sia took the stage in Central Park for “Good Morning America”s Summer Concert Series. Sia performed “Cheap Thrills,” “Unstoppable” and “Chandelier” before taking part in an interview with the show’s hosts.

While performing “Chandelier,” Sia had trouble belting one of the high notes. “Oh shit,” Sia appears to say before attempting to recover unsuccessfully. She can then be heard saying “Uh oh” repeatedly over the backing track.

Check out video of Sia’s performance below.

What do you think of her set?

(Photo credit: ABC)

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Demi Lovato Forgets Her Lyrics While Performing With Brad Paisley

Demi Lovato Forgets The Lyrics On GMA“Good Morning America” viewers might have done a double-take Friday morning after Demi Lovato took the stage with Brad Paisley for an encore performance of their new duet “Without A Fight.” Brad joined Demi last week for her set on the show’s Summer Concert Series, and it went off without a hitch. Friday’s show was a little different.

Demi goofed on her lyrics towards the end of the song, but she brushed it off with a smile.

See the photos and watch the performance below.

(Photo credits: justcatchmedemi and LovaticSide Twitter accounts)

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Demi Lovato Gets A Surprise Announcement During Her “Good Morning America” Performance

Demi Lovato performs on GMA-3Demi Lovato took a break from trying to attack Mariah Carey to perform for her fans on “Good Morning America.” The singer was joined on stage by her “Without A Fight” duet partner Brad Paisley for a special performance of “Stone Cold.”

The singer did a short interview while performing where she learned that “Confident” had gone platinum. “That’s amazing, thank you. That’s awesome,” she responded to the news.

Watch Demi’s “GMA” concert and see photos below.

What did you think of Demi’s set?

(Photo credit: LovaticSide Twitter account)

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