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Grayson Chance Talks Friendships, Music and Drinking on ‘The Zach Sang Show’

Grayson Chance Zach SangYoutuber Grayson Chance made an appearance on The Zach Sang Show … an he came bearing alcohol. Grayson brought a bottle of whiskey with him to the broadcast and poured out shots for himself, host Zach Sang and show regular Dan Zolot before getting into the heart of his interview.

After taking a drink, Grayson admitted that having some alcohol before a performance helps with his nerves. But he also claimed that he’s still keeping things at a “healthy” level.

Much of the interview was about the evolution of his music into something more mature than what he performed on Youtube as a younger kid. But he also used some of the conversation to give Zach a hard time for not being as responsive a friend as he should be, sharing anecdotes about Zach never getting back to texts that he receives.

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