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Cara Delevingne, Camila Cabello And More Stars Send Support To Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester Concert

Cara Delevingne, Camila Cabello And More Stars Send Support To Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester Concert featureSunday’s One Love Manchester concert was a star-studded affair. With performances from Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, the benefit show for Manchester’s terror attack victims was a massive draw. In fact, plenty of celebs who weren’t there sent their support for the event via social media.

Cara Delevingne shared a video from Miley and Ariana’s duet together. With tons of heart and U.K. flag emojis, she wrote about how “proud” she was of the duo for taking a stand. Camila Cabello wrote on Twitter that she was “sobbing” as she watched the show live. She was one of several stars, along with Demi Lovato, Halsey and Kendall Jenner, who sent in video messages about standing with Manchester. Those clips were played at the concert.

Even stars like Niall Horan and Katy Perry, both of whom were at the show, took to social media afterwards to double down on their support for the U.K. and its residents.

Check out posts about the show below, plus see the video messages stars sent in.

(Photo credits: Cara Delevingne and Camila Cabello Instagram accounts)

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Bella Thorne Continues To Latch On To Gregg Sulkin To Fix Her Humiliated Heart

Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin continue to spark romance rumorsBella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin aren’t hiding their rekindled romance any longer. The exes have decided to pull a Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth and are reportedly a couple once again after breaking up in 2016.

On Thursday, Bella and Gregg were spotted headed into his soccer game wearing matching smiles before she headed to the bleachers to cheer him on. Reports began to surface that the two could be dating again after the actress gave a birthday shoutout to her ex that included a photo of herself lying on top of him in her bra.

Gregg seemed to have no issues with the fact that Bella came crawling back to him days after being kicked to the curb by Scott Disick in Cannes.

Check out the Snapchat videos Bella shared below.

(Photo credit: Gregg Sulkin Instagram account)

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Bella Thorne Goes Crawling Back To Gregg Sulkin After Scott Disick Humiliates Her

Bella Thorne crawls back to Gregg Sulkin-6After being humiliated by Scott Disick in Cannes, Bella Thorne is licking her wounds by cuddling up with her ex. Gregg Sulkin celebrated his 25th birthday on Monday and Bella was right there to help him turn another year older.

“Happy birthday Gregg!!!! I love you :)) always been such a wonderful person:) glad we are here through thick and thin. Let’s party you old man,” Bella captioned the throwback photo of her lying on top of Gregg in her black bra, because no one wears bikinis in the pool–especially when you’re trying to get back with your ex.

The two have remained close since their breakup in 2016 by showing support for each other’s new projects. While the friendly relationship could lead to something more, it may just be all business since Gregg will be starring in a film project that Bella happens to be producing.

See video from Gregg’s pool party below.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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Gregg Sulkin Lands A New TV Role And #1 Fan Bella Thorne Is Right There To Cheer Him On

Bella Thorne Send Her Love To YouTube Star Ex Gregg Sulkin As He Lands A Job featureGregg Sulkin is moving back up in Hollywood. After launching his own YouTube channel, Gregg is sticking to computer screens in a comeback destined for Hulu. The upcoming Marvel series, “Runaways,” which features Gregg as Chase Stein, has had a first season ordered from the digital streaming service.

“Runaways” focuses on a group of teenagers who–you guessed it–run away from their super villain parents in order to do right by the world. Gregg’s character is the son of mad scientists and is apparently a bit of a wild card.

As usual, Bella played nice for the news, sending a sweet tweet Gregg’s way. The former couple has remained on good terms since their breakup despite Bella’s bad rep as a romantic partner.

See tweets about the news from Gregg and Bella below.

(Photo credits: Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin Instagram accounts)

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Gregg Sulkin And Bella Thorne Play Nice For Her “Famous In Love” Premiere

Gregg Sulkin And Bella Thorne Play Nice For Her Famous In Love Premiere featureBella Thorne’s new show “Famous In Love” premiered on Tuesday night. The star logged on to motivate every single Twitter user to watch the show’s live broadcast. She also received some love from fellow celebs as the new series debuted.

One of the supportive tweets came from Bella’s ex, Gregg Sulkin. Gregg and Bella split in the fall of 2016, but they have been supporting each other’s projects ever since. Bella retweeted Gregg’s tweet, dropping the L-word on her ex as she thanked him for his kind words. Unfortunately, fans aren’t exactly here for it.

Gregg’s tweet to Bella about her new show sparked a ton of reactions from his fans. Full of eye rolls, confused side-eye and the word “nope,” the fan reactions made it clear that many of Gregg’s followers weren’t tuning in to “Famous In Love.”

See Gregg’s tweet and the fan reactions below, plus see Bella’s tweets about the premiere.

(Photo credits: Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin Instagram accounts)

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