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Hailey Steinfeld Debuts Live Performance of “Back to Life”

Hailee Steinfeld Back to LifeHailee Steinfeld served as the host for the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards. However, when not introducing other performers, Hailee found time to squeeze in her own performance as she took the stage to debut her new electro-pop dance single,”Back to Life.”

Dressed in a furry, neon-yellow coat, Hailee performed her track with a troop of dancers in metallic jackets who “transformed” into various formations resembling a car, a large robot and other shapes — references to the upcoming Transformers series movie, Bumblebee, in which Hailee will star and on whose soundtrack “Back to Life” will appear.

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Hailee Steinfeld Stars in New Trailer for Christmas Action Blockbuster ‘Bumblebee’

Hailee Seinfeld Bumblebee 2Hailee Steinfeld has gone the route of Shia Labeouf. No, she has not exiled herself to Finland. begun wearing a brown paper bag on her head as a political protest, or started wearing a mullet. But the Academy Award nominated actress has been cast as the star in her own Transformers movie, a big-budget Christmas special effects extravaganza that Paramount is hoping will fire up the sagging franchise.

Bumblebee follows the relationship of Hailee’s character, Charlie Watson, and Bumblebee, one of the smallest “Autobots” (the good guys in the Transformers universe). Basically, Bumblebee is a robot who transforms into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle to avoid recognition on Earth. For some reason, Bumblebee is in hiding, but he is eventually discovered by Charlie, and the two Continue Reading →


Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld Finally Spotted Taking “Friendship” to Next Level

NIall Horan Hailee SteinfeldThis week Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld were caught seeming to take their long-talked about “friendship” to the next level. Earlier in the week, the two were spotted hugging and holding hands on a low-key trip to Disneyland. Yesterday, there were multiple sightings of Niall and Hailee in white tees and sunglasses, openly kissing and cuddling at locations around Los Angeles.

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