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Justin Bieber Narrowly Avoids His Exes As He Brings Paola Paulin To Church

Justin Bieber Narrowly Avoids His Exes As He Brings Paola Paulin To Church featureJustin Bieber brought his new lady friend Paola Paulin to the scene of one of his crimes on Wednesday night. The singer rolled up to the spot where he hit a paparazzo leaving church with Paola for the Wednesday services. A throng of flashing cameras greeted the new couple as they entered the building separately to avoid photos together.

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Bella Hadid Does Some Heavy Lifting As She Carries Gigi Hadid Down The Runway

Bella Hadid does some heavy lifting when carrying Gigi HadidGigi Hadid has been carrying the family legacy on her shoulders since she first tragically walked onto the fashion scene. It was only right that Bella Hadid picked up the slack and carried Gigi down the runway.

The sisters are currently in Milan for fashion week and cameras were able to catch the two rehearsing for their upcoming show with Alberta Feretti. Unfortunately for the designer, Kendall Jenner wasn’t available for the show and Hailey Baldwin will be featured in her place.

Watch the models goof off during rehearsal in the video below.

(Photo credit: Bella Hadid Instagram account)

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Hailey Baldwin Finally Gets Hired For Fashion Week, But Not As A Model

Hailey Baldwin forced to work bts-1Hailey Baldwin may have spent her New York Fashion Week as a movie critic, but it’s back to modeling as London Fashion Week kicks off. The model was on-site at the official debut of Adidas’ newest JD EQT collection on Friday, but wasn’t hired to wear the looks as a runway model.

Instead, Hailey was booked as the creative director for the show, helping to style the models in the athletic pieces. They say those who can’t do, teach; and it looks like those who can’t model, style.

Take a look at a few of Hailey’s behind-the-scenes moments and the runway show below.

(Photo credits: Hailey Baldwin and JD Women nstagram accounts)

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