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Harry Styles Brings “Sign Of The Times” And His Best Poker Face To “The Graham Norton Show”

Harry Styles Brings Sign Of The Time And His Best Poker Face To The Graham Norton Show featureHarry Styles stopped by “The Graham Norton Show” to bring his debut solo single to the U.K.’s TV audience. The singer appeared with a five-piece band to perform “Sign of the Times,” looking every bit like the classic rock act the song seems inspired by. While Harry’s pants–which looked like they were made from recycled kimono parts–almost stole the show, Harry managed to put on quite a performance as he brought his new moist, pink aesthetic to TV.

Harry also sat down with Graham and some other celebs for a round of “The Warren Beatty Deadpan Challenge.” Harry had to do his best to keep a straight face while Graham asked him about some of the most outlandish accusations published about him.

Harry admitted to taking a carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert. He denied that he and Liam Payne got chlamydia from a Koala. He said he wasn’t “legally” allowed to discuss whether or not he’d had a sexual relationship with Barack Obama. But Harry didn’t deny that he had auditioned to be the “new Han Solo” in the recent “Star Wars” movies.

Watch Harry’s performance below, plus see him do his best to keep a straight face.

(Photo credit: “The Graham Norton Show” YouTube account)

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Harry Styles Just Started His Solo Career And He’s Already Facing Plagiarism Allegations

Harry Styles accused of plagiarism-1Harry Styles’ recently launched his solo career and he is already being accused of plagiarism. The accusations began after the singer premiered the song “Ever Since New York” during his performance on “Saturday Night Live,” when fans of the 70’s band Badfinger heard “Baby Blue” similarities.

The singer isn’t being accused of sampling the band’s music like Ed Sheeran, but there is a guitar riff that both songs feature and Harry’s track sounds pretty similar to the original.
Harry Styles accused of plagiarism-2

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Harry Styles Reveals What He Learned From Dating Taylor Swift, Sounds Off On Zayn Malik

Harry Styles Stays Polite Discussing Taylor Swift And Zayn Malik With Rolling Stone featureHarry Styles is on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone in an in-depth interview about his burgeoning solo career. Harry talked his upcoming full-length debut, the ongoing One Direction hiatus and how he feels about Zayn Malik. Harry also shared his thoughts on his brief relationship with Taylor Swift. While he was hesitant to discuss the short 2012 fling, he played it off very diplomatically.

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Harry Styles Debuts High On The Charts, But Still Doesn’t Best Ex-Bandmate Zayn Malik

Harry Styles debuts at number 4-5Harry Styles just reached new heights on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and he did it as a solo act. The singer’s debut single, “Sign of the Times,” entered the charts at number four with Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” taking the top spot for the 12th week.

Though Harry’s solo debut was solid, Zayn still holds the title as having the best solo debut out of all the One Direction members past and present. And its Zayn’s number one that has Harry fans foaming at the mouth to defend the singer against the Zquad.
Harry Styles debuts at number 4-4

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Harry Styles Brings New Music And Mick Jagger Swagger To “Saturday Night Live”

Harry Styles Performs New Music On Saturday Night LiveHarry Styles made his grand return as a solo artist to the “Saturday Night Live” set this weekend. The former One Direction member helped host Jimmy Fallon open the show with a short David Bowie tribute, which was a sign of things to come for the rest of the episode.

Harry went back in time to the ’70s  to impersonate Mick Jagger in a “Family Feud” sketch. “Solo? Why would anyone in a successful band go solo?,” he teased the crowd as Jagger. “That is insane.”

He later pulled inspiration from his “Dunkirk” experience to play a prisoner in a civil war soldier skit.

Harry, of course, used “Sign of the Times” as the song for his debut solo performance on Saturday night’s show. For his second performance of the night, Harry premiered “Ever Since New York” with chilling a cappella harmonies and repetitive lyrics. Fans were quick to assume the song’s title signaled a response to Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York,” but the vaguely introspective lyrics don’t provide enough evidence to support the claim.

Check out Harry’s performances and sketches below.

(Photo credit: Saturday Night Live Instagram account)

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Is Harry Styles’s New Song “Ever Since New York” About Taylor Swift?

Is Harry Styles's New Song Ever Since New York About Taylor Swift? featureNo one has heard a single note from Harry Styles’ new song “Ever Since New York,” but the Internet is already on fire with conspiracy theories about what the track is about. Many are convinced that the track off of Harry’s upcoming solo debut is a sly reference to “Welcome to New York,” a song off of Taylor Swift’s album, “1989.” The crux of the theory is that neither Harry nor Taylor is ready to stop writing songs about their short fling in 2012.

Taylor has admitted that “Out of the Woods” was about Harry. And Harry had the most popular celebrity tweet of 2016 when he posted some of Taylor’s lyrics. But does that mean his song with a title similar to Taylor’s is going to be another retrospective on their relationship?

Other fans find that idea ridiculous. In fact, Larry shippers–the fans dedicated to the belief that Harry is actually in love with One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson–are ready to claim that Harry’s song “Only Angel” is about Louis.

Check out some of the tweets from fans below.

(Photo credits: Nick Grimshaw and Taylor Swift Instagram accounts)

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