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Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grabeel: “We Hated Each Other”

hsm reunion“High School Musical” stars Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel had a reunion on Wednesday got together to sing their hit from the beloved film, “What I’ve Been Looking For.” The movie premiered on Disney Channel ten years ago and Ashley and Lucas confessed a few things about working on it.

The pair shocked viewers after admitting they hated each other when rehearsals and filming first began. “I think we just like didn’t know each other and I think I was definitely a lot like Sharpay and it was like, ‘Who is this person?’” Ashley revealed.

Check out the semi-bitter fruits of the reunion below.

(Photo credit: Ashely Tisdale Youtube account)

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Vanessa Hudgens On Zac Efron: “I Completely Lost Contact With Him”

Vanessa Hudgens And Zac Efron Don't Talk Anymore featureVanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron may have stolen a lot of hearts in the “High School Musical” series, but they also inspired a lot of people to believe in love as their characters fell for each other. Unfortunately, all that chemistry–and a real world relationship–hasn’t been enough for the two to remain friends, or even stay on speaking terms.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Vanessa revealed that she and Zac haven’t stayed in touch lately. When asked if she and “Troy” keep up, Vanessa said with a grimace, “That’s not a thing that happens.”

“I completely lost contact with him,” Vanessa said when the host asked again. Vanessa agreed when the host said that was sad, but her smile seemed to say otherwise.

Vanessa does, however, keep up with her “High School Musical” bestie Ashley Tisdale.

Check out the clip below.

(Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Instagram accounts)

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Vanessa Hudgens Has Her Eyes On The 2018 GRAMMYs

Vanessa Hudgens Has Her Eyes On The 2018 GRAMMYs featureVanessa Hudgens must’ve been feeling inspired after Sunday night’s GRAMMYs. Whether she was blown away or thought she could do better, Vanessa is clearly ready to get back to her musical roots. The good news for her fans is that she’s already on her way.

Vanessa shared a Snapchat pic of herself in the studio via Instagram. In the Monday morning post, she teased that she “can’t wait to share” what she was recording over the weekend. While she didn’t drop any hints about what she was recording, fans have ideas.

Following Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato’s teaser for a new “Camp Rock,” some are hoping Vanessa could be recording parts for a new “High School Musical.” Others are just hoping for new music from Vanessa. Whatever it is, Vanessa might be ready to take the stage at next year’s GRAMMYs.

See Vanessa’s post below.

(Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens Instagram account)

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Here’s The “High School Musical” And “50 Shades Of Grey” Mash-Up No One Asked For

zac efron high school musical 50 shades of greyZac Efron has done so much since his big break in the “High School Musical” series. But many fans still remember his early work fondly…and often. Case in point: one fan took the time to edit scenes from “High School Musical” into a new trailer with a very different vibe than the original film. The resulting video wants to know: What if Troy Bolton, Zac Efron’s character, was like the dominant “50 Shades of Grey” playboy Christian Grey?

Elle Mills, the editor behind the mash-up, nails the sex-soaked, skin-crawling vibes from “50 Shades of Grey” by using the Sofia Karlberg version of “Crazy In Love” to set the tone. With that powerful musical backdrop, some creative editing turns Zac Efron’s on-screen romance with Vanessa Hudgens into something much less light-hearted than the original.

Check out the fan trailer below.

Would you see this movie?

(Photo credit: ElleoftheMills YouTube account)

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A Fan Shows Beliebers What It Would’ve Been Like If Justin Bieber Was In “High School Musical”

Justin Bieber mash up with High School MusicalDisney will no longer need to cast the lead male character for “High School Musical 4” after seeing this fan-made video that is beginning to go viral. The video features footage from Justin Bieber’s “Purpose World Tour” with “High School Musical” characters Ryan and Sharpay’s “Bop To The Top” dubbed over it.

The singer dances perfectly in sync with the music, but it’s the end of the video that really makes for one unforgettable mashup.

Watch the Justin-“High School Musical” mashup below.

What do you think of the video?

(Photo credit: 901 Music Twitter account)

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