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Hilary Duff’s Ex-Husband Mike Comrie Under Police Investigation Following Rape Allegations

Hilary Duff's Ex-Husband Mike Comie Under Police Investigation After Rape Allegations featureAccording to a new report from TMZ, Los Angeles law enforcement sources claim an investigation has been launched after rape allegations were made against Mike Comrie. Mike, who was married to Hilary Duff and is the father of Hilary’s son Luca, has been accused of multiple rapes by a woman who he admits to having sex with last Saturday. Despite the allegations, it seems like Mike is ready to fight any charges that come his way.

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Hilary Duff Bids A Sad Farewell To An Old Friend

Hilary Duff Says A Sad Farewell To An Old Friend featureHilary Duff took to Instagram on Wednesday to mourn the loss of a family pet. Hilary’s grandma’s 20-year-old dog passed away and she shared a picture with the pooch to remember him.

“Coco we will miss you keeping everyone in check around here,” she wrote in part of the post’s caption. Hopefully, Hilary can work through the pain of losing the long-lived dog.

See Hilary’s love for her lost friend below.

(Photo credit: Hilary Duff Instagram account)

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Hilary Duff Returns To The Gym After Mexican Getaway

Hilary Duff Gets Her Workout InHilary Duff hasn’t been spotted at the gym in two weeks. Photos of her visits were so regular, it’s almost scary not to see her walking away from a workout. Don’t fear. Hilary is apparently back on her fitness grind after a Mexican vacation.

After an epic girls’ night during her trip to Sayulita, Hilary was spotted getting back into her groove in Studio City, California on Tuesday. She sported some stylish leggings with a rocker black jacket, shades and a hat. She must’ve gotten her sweat on because she stripped down to her t-shirt after leaving the gym.

Check out the aftermath of Hilary’s latest workout below.


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Hilary Duff Smiles For The Paparazzi On Her Casual Day Out

Hilary Duff Lunches At il TramezzinoHilary Duff arranged for paparazzi to meet her outside of il Tramezzino on Monday to snap a few photos of her grabbing lunch. The actress was all smiles as she made her way down the street dressed in cropped yoga pants that she paired with a flannel shirt and trucker hat.

In a cover story with Cosmopolitan, the actress recently admitted that her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jason Walsh was actually a lot longer than people may have suspected—or cared about.

See the candid photos of Hilary below.



Hilary Duff Opens Up About Her “First Serious Relationship” Since Her Divorce

Hilary Duff talks ex in Cosmo-1Hilary Duff claims that she prefers to keep her personal life private, but that may be code for “no one wants to interview me.” Luckily, the actress recently landed her fourth Cosmopolitan Magazine cover and was more than willing to open up about her relationship with personal trainer Jason Walsh.

“I was like, ‘F–k it. He’s my boyfriend,” she says about her decision to share a photo of herself and her ex on Instagram for the first time. In the interview, the actress admits that her relationship with Jason was more serious than the public ever knew. “We were seeing each other for a while. People don’t know the ins and outs of everything,” Hilary admits. “It was definitely my first more serious relationship since my ex-husband [Mike Comrie].”

Unfortunately, mixing business with pleasure ended up hurting both of them. Jason no longer trains Hilary: “He’s like, ‘You don’t listen to me anymore! I give up!’ I have a different trainer now.”

Hilary previously stated that she isn’t desperate to find a boyfriend, but that hasn’t stopped her from moving on with rumored new beau Matthew Koma.

Check out Hilary’s Cosmo cover below.

(Photo credit: Hilary Duff Instagram account)

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Hilary Duff Works Off Her Indulgent Week At The Gym

Hilary Duff Hits The Gym For A WorkoutHilary Duff took a break from her usual gym routine to enjoy some frozen yogurt Monday night. Tuesday rolled around the the actress got back into the swing of things. Hilary was spotted leaving a gym in Studio City, bundled up as if she were on the East Coast. She transitioned her activewear look into casual streetwear with a light brown leather jacket and an oversized plaid scarf. Hilary seemed to finally notice that paparazzi have locked down her routine and made a run for it to her car. Still smiling for the cameras, of course.

Take a look at the photos below.