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Is Justin Bieber Becoming The Tom Cruise Of Hillsong Church?

Is Justin Bieber Becoming The Tom Cruise Of Hillsong Church featureJustin Bieber’s decision to cancel the 14 remaining dates on the long-running “Purpose World Tour” caught lots of people by surprise. The singer offered up excuses about exhaustion and getting some rest and relaxation, but that explanation has been called into question. Sources have been telling TMZ that Justin’s move is actually due to a “spiritual awakening” resulting from all the time he’s been spending with Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz.

One anonymous source told the publication Justin’s cancellation was because he’s “rededicated his life to Christ.” Another claimed that Justin “made his decision based on spiritual soul-searching and his own view of the path in life he should be taking.” One source claimed that Justin is “becoming the Tom Cruise of that church,” a reference to Tom’s role as the celebrity poster boy for the Church of Scientology.

But Justin claims none of it is true. The singer looked annoyed as paparazzi tried to get his attention outside of a Los Angeles restaurant recently. The pap was filming as he asked Justin if he cancelled his tour “due to religious reasons.” Justin answered with a curt “No.” When asked a follow-up question about the reason, Justin said, “You already know the reason,” alluding to his exhaustion explanation.

But another explanation for Justin’s abrupt end to the tour has surfaced. Whether or not the singer is trying to get right with God, there was something wrong with his ticket sales for the final shows. Billboard reports that only one of the 14 cancelled shows was sold out as Justin was returning to some of the stadiums for a second time this tour. The slow sales meant that AEG Presents, the promotion company behind the tour, didn’t try to fight Justin on the cancellations.

Watch Justin deny any religious motivation to his decision below, plus check out a gallery of some of his recent hang outs with Carl.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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Hailey Baldwin Wants People To Think She’s Married To Someone From Justin Bieber’s Church

Hailey Baldwin Wants To Look Like She's Married To Someone From Justin Bieber's Church featureHailey Baldwin knows what she wants from her stylist. The model took to Twitter to prove just that. She shared a candid pic of her latest look and claimed it was because she wanted to look like she was “married to someone from Hillsong church.”

Hillsong is the famous L.A. church where Justin Bieber is known to visit on occasion. Hailey’s apparently eager to look like she’s hitched to someone from the congregation.

Hailey was actually stopping by a different L.A. church in order to discuss the concept of “grace.” She showed off her Christian rock star look again in an Instagram post about the interview.

Check out her Justin bait below.

(Photo credit: Hailey Baldwin Instagram account)

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