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Lorde Shares Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Making Of “Melodrama”

Lorde Shares Behind-The-Scenes Look At Making Of Melodrama featureLorde is on the homestretch for her new album “Melodrama.” The singer took a moment to reflect on the 18-month production process on Twitter Thursday night. She shared pics and video from the studio with her producer, (and Lena Dunham’s boyfriend) Jack Antonoff. The posts included an early demo of her track “Sober” and some footage of Jack playing pianos for a track.

In one pic, she shared some of a text message exchange between herself and Jack. “happiness is for tourist write you little fucker,” Jack says in a tweet, earning a big “HAHAHAHA” from the singer. Sounds like she’s bringing sadness back for the upcoming release.

Take a look at what she shared below.

(Photo credit: Lorde Instagram account)

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Jack Antonoff And Zedd Offer To Produce Kesha’s New Music

Jack Antonoff And Zedd Offer To Produce Kesha's New MusicMusic producers and DJ’s Jack Antonoff and Zedd have reached out to Kesha via Twitter to offer their help with new music. Currently, Kesha is legally bound to a contract with Sony Records.

Zedd offered his apologies for the situation and also offered production assistance. Jack tweeted about the possibility of leaking music with Kesha if she wants, and that he’s willing to help until “that creep” can’t block her anymore. ‘That creep” refers to her producer, Dr. Luke, whom Kesha has accused of sexual assault.

Check out their tweets below.

(Photo credit: Business Insider, jackantonoff and Zedd Twitter account)

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