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Joe Jonas Admits He Misses The Jonas Brothers Before Engaging In Group Sex With DNCE

Joe Jonas Admits He Misses The Jonas Brothers...But Only As A Joke feature aDNCE is going back to school in a sketch from Funny or Die. The band teamed up with comedian Jimmy Tatro for a hysterical video about what it would be like to have to share a college dorm room with Joe Jonas, Cole Whittle, JinJoo Lee and Jack Lawless. The group once again turned to its biggest hit for a literal garbage joke in the short film, but Joe also took the chance to fake some sentimentality.

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DNCE Sets Its Sights On High-Profile Collaborators For Upcoming Project

DNCE Covers September Issue Of LegendDNCE landed the September cover of Hong Kong’s #legend magazine. The quirky bandmates discussed everything from inspirations and influences—mainly Prince and other heroes who aren’t so much musicians, but rather their own “world for an hour,” according to Cole Whittle—to the power of technology and who they’ve set their eyes on for next year’s dream collaboration.

While DNCE was able to work with Nicki Minaj this year on “Kissing Strangers,” a few different artists could be in the works for the band’s next collaboration.

“Oh, man, how can we top this year with Nicki Minaj?” Jack pondered. “Maybe Paul McCartney or Jeff Lynne?”

Jack, Cole, Joe Jonas and JinJoo Lee also spent a lot of time gushing over a few K-pop artists. So if they can’t snag Paul or Jeff, they might have a solid alternative in store.

See a few photos from the cover shoot below and read the full interview here.

(Photo credit: #legend Instagram account)

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Will Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry Or Taylor Swift Fall Flat On The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet?

Will Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry Or Taylor Swift Premiere Tragic New Styles At The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards featureThe 2017 MTV Music Video Awards is coming on Sunday evening. The annual awards show is infamous for its bold red carpet style. As stars prepare to descend on the event, it’s worth wondering who might try to make a bold fashion statement at the notoriously edgy photo op.

Miley Cyrus has done a hardcore rebranding since her 2015 hosting gig, but she’s been letting the good girl veneer slip a little again. Miley’s set to perform at the show, so the red carpet will be one of a couple chances she might get to make a fashion statement.

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Joe Jonas Turns 28 With A Little Help From His Friends

Joe Jonas Celebrates His 28th Birthday featureJoe Jonas turned 28 on Tuesday. As the singer approaches 30, his friends and family took to social media with well wishes. Both of the other Jonas Brothers shared pics of Joe via Instagram, along with sweet messages for the middle child.

“The world is a better place with you in it,” Nick Jonas wrote. Older brother Kevin Jonas captioned his pic of Joe with “love you brother.” While the Jonas Brothers were predictable with their posts, Joe’s bandmates in DNCE were predictably wild.

Cole Whittle wished a happy birthday to his “eternal brother stepdad husband dogwalker bartender psychiatrist alien parole officer twin and mentor.” Cole added, “I love you.” JinJoo Lee had a similar message for her “best friend-big-and-baby-bro-and-best-band mate.”

Conspicuously absent from the birthday posting was Joe’s girlfriend, Sophie Turner. The couple hasn’t been spending much time together in the last month, but Sophie’s been busy with the new season of “Game of Thrones.”

Check out the posts for Joe’s birthday below, plus see a video of Joe’s birthday party.

(Photo credit: Joe Jonas Instagram account)

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Joe Jonas Takes His Training Regimen To Bangkok, Thailand

Joe Jonas Takes His Training Regiment To Bangkok, Thailand featureJoe Jonas is a worldly man. His latest travels have taken him to Bangkok, Thailand, where he’s hanging with his DNCE pals Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless in the city’s crowded streets. The trio was there with JinJoo Lee for a show in the capital, but Joe found some time to workout while he was in town. While Cole was discovering that his boxer shorts style was right at home in Thailand, Joe was sparring at a major Muay Thai gym.

Joe went toe-to-toe with Saenchai, a four-time Thai title winner and both showed off video of the session via Instagram. Cole tagged along with Joe to the gym and got hit in the head during a dance contest for his trouble. Joe’s boxing coach, Ava Knight, was along for the ride as well.

Check out some of Joe’s Bangkok adventure below.

(Photo credit: Joe Jonas Instagram account)

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DNCE And Demi Lovato Turn Up In Las Vegas For JBL Fest

DNCE And Demi Lovato Turn Up For JBL Fest In Vegas featureJoe Jonas and Demi Lovato reunited for one night only in Las Vegas on Saturday. The former couple shared the stage at JBL Fest, an event hosted by one of Joe and Demi’s favorite corporate sponsors. The Vegas show delivered on a raucous crowd, which was the perfect vibe for both uptempo summer singles from the artists.

Demi brought her anti-apology anthem “Sorry Not Sorry” to the stage. Giant, color-changing balloons added a visual layer to Demi’s long-hair-don’t-care look. Demi also got a little love from Josh Peck, who was spotted snapping a selfie during “Heart Attack.”

Demi wasn’t the only one who broke out a throwback hit, though. DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean” may not be quite as old as “Heart Attack,” but the song is well-known to anyone who’s been following DNCE. The group pulled out other tracks like “Toothbrush” and “Body Moves” for the packed show.

Check out video of DNCE and Demi at the fest below.

(Photo credit: DNCE Instagram account)

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