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Merry Twit-mas! Nick Jonas, Bella Thorne And More Take To Twitter To Share Christmas Wishes

Merry Twit-mas! Nick Jonas, Bella Thorne And More Take To Twitter To Share Christmas Wishes featureWith Christmas upon us, celebs are taking to Twitter to wish fans and followers a happy holiday. Even as the stars celebrate in their own way, they’re using social media to send well wishes to the world on the special day. Some even did it with little to no clothes on.

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Jaden Smith Weighs In On Friend Kylie Jenner’s Baby Publicity Stunt

Jaden Smith Weighs In On Friend Kylie Jenner's Baby Publicity Stung featureThere is no end to the desperation when it comes to Kylie Jenner roping all of her friends and family into keeping her pregnancy a secret. Her besties covered it up during a game of “Never Have I Ever” and her family seems keen on keeping it in the shadows until they maximize off of her pregnancy’s publicity. Even Kylie’s friend Jaden Smith seems to be sipping the Kool-Aid.

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Sorry Excuse For A Comedian Justin Bieber Gets The Last Laugh

Is Justin Bieber Ready To Try Comedy featureJustin Bieber has been dabbling in activism, but it looks like he’s ready give comedy a shot. He’s already offered up his best Niall Horan impression. In some new posts from the singer, he’s giving the world more of his comedic efforts.

In his Instagram stories, Justin offered up a back and forth exchange between two pals negotiating about a night out while “Marge” intervenes. He went on to show off his musical comedy chops with a song about his fancy hats, his mink rug and his indoor mini golf set-up. That had Justin cracking up at his own jokes before singing a Whitney Houston cover to his Louis Vuitton skateboard.

Justin also shared some pics of Jaden Smith to his Instagram account. He had a laugh at his own expense with the paparazzi shots as he wrote in the caption, “Can I be as cool as you are please?” Self-deprecating humor is a page right out of Jaden’s playbook.

Check out Justin’s material below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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