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Sorry Excuse For A Comedian Justin Bieber Gets The Last Laugh

Is Justin Bieber Ready To Try Comedy featureJustin Bieber has been dabbling in activism, but it looks like he’s ready give comedy a shot. He’s already offered up his best Niall Horan impression. In some new posts from the singer, he’s giving the world more of his comedic efforts.

In his Instagram stories, Justin offered up a back and forth exchange between two pals negotiating about a night out while “Marge” intervenes. He went on to show off his musical comedy chops with a song about his fancy hats, his mink rug and his indoor mini golf set-up. That had Justin cracking up at his own jokes before singing a Whitney Houston cover to his Louis Vuitton skateboard.

Justin also shared some pics of Jaden Smith to his Instagram account. He had a laugh at his own expense with the paparazzi shots as he wrote in the caption, “Can I be as cool as you are please?” Self-deprecating humor is a page right out of Jaden’s playbook.

Check out Justin’s material below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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Fashion Pariah Jaden Smith Invites Everyone To Mock His Bad Haircut

Jaden Smith, Fashion Pariah, Invites Everyone To Mock His Bad Haircut featureJaden Smith loves to get ahead of the curve. On any given day, life on the cutting edge for Jaden might mean a superhero-themed music video or passing out on stage. Now, Jaden is proving just how far he’s willing to go to be a leader of the pack.

Jaden showed off a new haircut on Twitter, writing, “Some Of Us Have To Take The Heat To Set The Trends.” Apparently, that means getting a hard time for his latest style decision.

Jaden Smith, Fashion Pariah, Invites Everyone To Mock His Bad Haircut tweet 1Known for his bold hair choices, Jaden has a fade with a lot of fade to it. The style, which normally blends hair from long to short form the top of the head down the sides and back, has a twist from Jaden.

Check out his latest look below.

(Photo credit: Jaden Smith Instagram account)

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Jaden Smith Rips Off Kanye West For His New Track “Watch Me”

Jaden Smith Rips Off Kanye West For His New Track Watch Me featureJaden Smith is really pushing his music. The actor and rapper has dropped another track following up on his song “Batman,” which included a music video. The new track doesn’t include a visual, but it does sound very similar to another song.

The track “Watch Me” seems to have drawn heavy inspiration from Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead.” Everything from the guitar riff to the flow of the rhymes is reminiscent of Kanye’s song off of his 2013 album “Yeezus.” It’s another entry into Jaden’s habit of dropping music that’s not quite a cover but not entirely original either.

The song does go hard, though. Hopefully, Jaden doesn’t pass out if he performs it live.

Listen to “Watch Me” below.

(Photo credit: Jaden Smith Instagram account)

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Jaden Smith Raps So Hard He Passes Out On Stage

Jaden Smith Rapped So Hard He Passed Out On Stage featureJaden Smith has a lot of different talents, and he always seems to go hard with them. Whether he’s rapping, acting or making a fashion statement, Jaden doesn’t like to hold back. But that’s a little riskier when he’s on stage performing instead of on a movie set or a red carpet.

His high-energy output appeared to catch up with him on stage over the weekend. Video surfaced online of Jaden performing his song “Scarface” shirtless at a live show. Jaden had the crowd eating out of his hand while he was finishing up the track, Jaden passed out.

Jaden only had a few words left on the song when his eyes shut and he collapsed backwards on the stage. He went down soft and somehow managed not to drop his mic. That might make the faint seem like a stage move, but the way another performer rushes to his side makes it look legit.

Jaden appeared to have recovered in another video. With his shirt back on, he was back up and rapping again.

Watch Jaden’s go too hard for his own good below.

(Photo credit: Jaden Smith Instagram account)

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Jaden Smith Lives Out His Batman Dreams In New Music Video

Jaden Smith releases music video for Batman (1)Jaden Smith dusted off his white Batman suit just to make his newest music video “Batman.” The video featured the second child of Will Smith walking around Los Angeles in his costume while play fighting with other superheroes in public.

The visual was directed by Jaden’s good friend and former Disney star Moises Arias as he acts out the lyrics to his song about betrayal.

Watch Jaden’s low-budget music video below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Are Leading Men At The 2017 Met Gala

Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Are Leading Men On The Met Gala Red Carpet featureNick Jonas and Joe Jonas brought their style game to the 2017 Met Gala on Monday night. Both of the Jo Bros were styling in bold patterned looks alongside dates in equally impressive numbers.

Nick showed up in Ralph Lauren alongside Priyanka Chopra. While her trench coat dress outshone his look, the creative art deco jacket he sported really popped. Joe’s jacket popped, too, but as part of a matching striped H&M tuxedo. He showed up with Lena Dunham in a matching dress. Nick captured Joe getting some quality time with Sophie Turner later in the night.

Other notable men on the red carpet included The Weeknd in a custom Maison Valentino tux. He wore the look in his red carpet debut with Selena Gomez. Anwar Hadid was just one member of the Hadid family that had to watch Bella Hadid’s ex cozy up to his new girlfriend. Gigi Hadid hooked him up with a Tommy Hilfiger suit to match his mom’s gown.

Jaden Smith showed up in Louis Vuitton. A$AP Rocky spent a lot of time with Kendall Jenner looking like a rockstar. And Diplo saved himself from looking like part of the catering staff with a well-trimmed jacket.

See some of the best menswear from the 2017 Met Gala below.

(Photo credits: Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas Instagram accounts)

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