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Good Morning America Plays Music from Ex Taylor Swift During Jake Gyllenhaal Interview

Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor Swift GMAYesterday, Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by Good Morning America and tried to play it like he didn’t care that his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood” was playing in the background during his intro. Jake was on the show to promote his new boxing film, “Southpaw,” and as GMA host Robin Roberts introduced him, viewers could distinctly hear the chorus to the #4 Billboard hit. The actor did not let the song distract him and continued with the interview as if he didn’t hear anything.

“I’m always some place to do my job. My job is the most important,” he told ET. “I’m not really listening to background anything.”

The song choice may or may not have been a subtle joke by the GMA producers, but Jake’s fans did not miss the insult. As one tweeter wrote, ” Lol #gma really? Bad blood by Taylor swift to introduce Jake Gyllenhaal? Cold…”

Jake and Taylor began dating in 2010 and after a few months called it quits. The pop singer, who is now happily dating Calvin Harris, reportedly wrote “We Are Never Getting Back Together” about Jake after a series bad break-ups.  

In the official clip from GMA below, “Bad Blood” can only be heard faintly in the background, but there does seem to be a moment early in the interview when Jake stares into the camera and looks like he’s going to be sick.

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