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Katy Perry Ranks Her Ex-Boyfriends’ Performance In The Bedroom

katy perry ranks exesKaty Perry revealed a lot on her “Witness World Wide” live stream Sunday night; even more than her plea to reconcile with Taylor Swift. One of the more popular segments was the game she’d played with the “Late Late Show” host, James Corden. Their game was called “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts.” Both had to ask the other a revealing question and if they refused to answer, they had to eat something repulsive like bird spit, pickled pig’s feet, or even an animal tongue.

James asked Katy about her past relationships and asked her to rank Orlando Bloom, John Mayer, and Diplo from the best to worst in bed. Katy refused a few times before James managed to get the answers out of her. Although, Katy felt the need to say, “They’re all amazing lovers and I would have sex with all of them after I get out of this place!”

Check out her rankings and which of her exes is the one that got away below.

(Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram account)

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Liam Payne Shades One Direction Quitter Zayn Malik At Glamour’s “Women Of The Year” Awards

Liam Payne Shades One Direction Quitter Zayn Malik At Glamour's Woman Of The Year Awards featureLiam Payne can’t seem to keep Zayn Malik’s name out of his mouth. Even though Liam seemed eager to stay tight with Zayn, he hasn’t been very friendly with him lately. Liam took aim at Zayn again as he presented James Corden with Glamour Magazine’s 2017 “Man of the Year” award.

While introducing James, Liam talked about the “The Late Late Show” host’s teenage boyband, which was called Insatiable. Apparently, James had a slogan for his group, which made Liam reflect on what could’ve been for One Direction.

“We never had a slogan. I’m feeling like if we had a slogan, Zayn might’ve stayed,” he said, getting a big laugh. “I know for next time.”

Liam’s talked in the past about how desperate he was to keep Zayn in the band. He even went as far as trying to use magic. A slogan may have been easier.

Watch Liam’s speech below, plus get a closer look at his Armani suit.

(Photo credit: Glamour Magazine UK YouTube account)

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Ed Sheeran Buckles Up For The Ride Of His Life With James Corden

Ed Sheeran Is Headed To Caprool Karaoke Next WeekJames Corden is bringing “The Late Late Show” home to London and Ed Sheeran will be hitching a ride in the coveted “Carpool Karaoke.” The late-night host shared a trailer for his three-episode stint across the pond during which Ed’s ride in the fast lane was previewed.

The clip shows Ed and James jamming out to “Sing” and “Castle on the Hill.” In typical “Carpool Karaoke” fashion, many other songs and silly antics can be expected.

Ed’s segment kicks off the London edition of “The Late Late Show” on Tuesday night. Later in the week, Harry Styles will make a comeback after a weeklong sit-in just a short while ago.

Check out the teaser below.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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Katy Perry On Taylor Swift Feud: “She Started It And It’s Time For Her To Finish It”

Katy Perry says feud with T Swift is Taylor's faultKaty Perry is fed up of the B.S. and is speaking her truth when it comes to her feud with Taylor Swift. Video of Katy’s upcoming “Carpool Karaoke” appearance has surfaced and James Corden attempted to be the peacemaker between the two singers, but Katy isn’t trying to be the bigger person.

“Honestly, it’s really like she started it and it’s time for her to finish it,” Katy openly told James. The “Chained to the Rhythm” singer continued to speak on the situation, revealing that she reached out to Taylor but was shut out. “Then she writes a song about me and I’m like, ‘Okay. Cool, cool, cool, cool that’s how you want to deal with it,” Katy said.

Katy recently released “Swish Swish” which many people believe is her clap back to Taylor. Although she talked around having a diss track on her album, Katy did mention that “everything has a reaction or a consequence.”

Taylor and Katy’s drawn-out feud has been going on since 2012 when Katy not only began dating John Mayer, but also allegedly took backup dancers from Taylor’s tour.

Watch the video of Katy and James below.

(Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram account)

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Harry Styles Shows Off His Softer Side While Hitching A Ride With James Corden

Harry Styles Hitches A Ride With James CordenA “Late Late Show” week-long takeover wouldn’t be complete without a ride in James Corden’s karaoke car, but this time Harry Styles was in the passenger seat. As James points out in the beginning of the latest “Carpool Karaoke,” Harry was crammed in the backseat with his One Direction bandmates during his last go-round.

They kicked things off with “Sign of the Times,” which Harry admits to sometimes bringing him to tears. “But in a cool way,” he assures.

After harmonizing on Harry’s mom’s favorite song, “Sweet Creature,” and proving that Harry can pull off even the most intense BBQ dad look, the two take on Outkast’s “Hey Ya.” Harry and James also cover “Endless Love.”

Towards the end, James tries to help Harry figure out his next step with acting and they agree he should go for a romantic comedy. They go back and forth with lines from “Notting Hill” and “Titanic” after Harry admits that his favorite movie is “The Notebook.”

“I feel like I should say my favorite movie is ‘Fight Club’ or something, but it’s just not,” Harry says.

Watch Harry’s full ‘Carpool Karaoke” episode below.

(Photo credit: Late Late Show Instagram account)

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Little Mix Gets Back In “Touch” With Late Night Television

Little Mix Gets Back In Touch With James Corden On The Late Late Show feature bIt looks like Little Mix is still having a grand old time in America. The girls are still on Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Tour” as they prepare to to play a couple of California shows before spending some time down South. Despite the hectic travel schedule, the group did get to see a familiar face on Tuesday night. Little Mix appeared on “The Late Late Show” hosted by fellow Brit James Corden to perform “Touch.”

Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock suffered a bit of ribbing from James for their typically provocative outfits, but the girls stunned in four unique looks featuring pinks and purples combined with back mesh and leather.

The group had the crowd going wild as it sang its way through the audience, hit a few impressive solos and offered up a strobe light dance breakdown. Hair flips were also a consistent theme throughout the night.

See Little Mix catching up with James and performing “Touch” below.

(Photo credit: “The Late Late Show With James Corden” YouTube account)

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