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Father Of The Year Jeremy Bieber Shares Shirtless Justin Bieber Selfie

Miss Justin Bieber Getting Shirtless On Instagram? His Dad Has Got You Covered FEATUREJustin Bieber still hasn’t returned to Instagram. For anyone who has been missing Justin popping his top off on social media, his dad, Jeremy Bieber, is on the job. Jeremy shared one of Justin’s most recent shirtless selfies with pride, writing that he remembered when he had a body like Justin’s.

It’s not the first time Jeremy has bragged about Justin’s physique. Jeremy practically beamed with pride on his Instagram back when Justin’s nudes leaked. It’s like father, like son with these two. Justin recently thanked his dad for “not bad genes.”

Check out what Jeremy had to say about Justin’s build below.

(Photo credits: Jeremy Bieber Instagram account)

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Justin Bieber Thanks His Dad For “Not Bad Genes”

Justin Bieber Thanks His Dad For Good Genes featureJustin Bieber and his dad are very close. Whether the pop star and his pop, Jeremy Bieber, are sightseeing in Paris or talking about the size of Justin’s package, the father and son duo obviously have a lot in common. Justin’s out to prove that again as he’s shared a throwback photo of his dad with a thank you message.

Jeremy originally shared the photo as part of a series of throwbacks–many featuring Justin–via Instagram. Someone even put the photo of Jeremy that Justin tweeted next to a similar photo of Justin for direct comparison.

Check out the pics below.

Do you think Justin really has genes worth bragging about?

(Photo credits: Justin Bieber Twitter account; Jeremy Bieber Instagram account)

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Justin Bieber Gets Some Paris Sightseeing Done With His Dad

Justin Bieber Visits Arc de Triomphe & Pere Lachaise Cemetery In ParisJustin Bieber had his fun celebrating Oktoberfest in Germany, but the singer is now in Paris getting ready for his next performance on Tuesday. The singer was seen doing a bit of sightseeing with his dad Jeremy Bieber visiting Paris landmarks on Monday.

While Justin wasn’t too willing to take fan photos, the singer happily captured the memories with his dad in front of the Arc De Triomphe. The father and son duo then headed off to Pre Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried.

See the photos of Justin in Paris below.

(Photo credit: Best Images/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)


Justin Bieber’s Dad Responds To The Leak Of Justin’s Nudes

Justin Bieber's Dad Responds To The Leak Of Justin's Nudes featureJustin Bieber recently spent some time with Sahara Ray in Hawaii and left with more than a tan. Paparazzi snapped candids of Justin skinny dipping while on vacation and no one seems more proud of the singer’s package than his father, Jeremy Bieber.

Jeremy took to Twitter and Instagram to comment on Justin’s manhood. “What do you feed that thing,” Jeremy wrote in a now deleted tweet.

Justin Bieber's Dad Responds To The Leak Of Justin's Nudes

Check out Jeremy’s Instagram message below.

What do you think of his response to Justin’s nudes being leaked once again?

(Photo credits: Jeremy Bieber Twitter and Instagram accounts)

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Justin Bieber’s Dad Seems To Make An Awkward Joke About His Son’s Embarrassing Situation

Justin Bieber DadJust when most casual observers might have lost their ability to sympathize anymore with spoiled, platinum blonde man-child Justin Bieber, Justin’s father Jeremy Bieber arrives on the scene and has everyone feeling bad for the troubled pop star all over again.

It’s being reported that Jeremy apparently took a look at the nude paparazzi photos of his son, and instead of just ignoring them or commenting privately like one might expect a concerned father to do, Jeremy chose to tweet publicly to his son about his “thing.”jeremy-bieber-tweetWe can only presume what Jeremy meant by his tweet. But media outlets around the world are calling the tweet “creepy” and “an awkward joke.”

What do you think is stranger about the tweet: the fact that Jeremy is “#proud,” the fact that he used an emoji, or the fact that he seems to be having fun in public at the expense of his son’s embarrassing situation?

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)