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Miley Cyrus Is Ready To Go Country With A Comeback Single All About Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus Is Ready To Go Country With A New Single About Liam Hemsworth featureMiley Cyrus sat down for a cover story with Billboard to announce that her new era is finally dawning. As she prepares to drop a new single on May 11, Miley opened up about her new album, getting back to her country roots and writing music about her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

“They’re going to talk about me if I come out of a restaurant with Liam,” Miley explains. “So why not put the power back in my relationship and say, ‘This is how I feel?'” That’s why she wrote her new single, “Malibu,” named for the town where the couple has set up a little love nest.

But she opened up, explaining that it wasn’t always a garden of roses for the couple. Miley said that their 2013 breakup happened because change was necessary for her.

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Is Katy Perry Subtweeting One Of Her Problematic Exes Or Sharing New Lyrics?

Is Katy Perry Subtweeting An Ex Or Sharing New Lyrics? featureKaty Perry left a cryptic post on her Twitter timeline Sunday night. The “Chained To The Rhythm” singer seemed like she was ready to be unshackled in a rhyming tweet that could’ve been a song lyric or subtle message for an ex-boyfriend.

Katy and Orlando Bloom recently split, so maybe the tweet was for a clingy ex. But a recent John Mayer interview where her name got dropped might’ve stirred some old feelings up, as well. Perhaps maybe Katy’s message was for the media?

Or maybe it was song lyrics. Katy’s latest single has a strange mix of the personal and political as she hits out at the current state of America‘s governing bodies.

Check out Katy’s tweet below and see if you can figure it out for yourself.

(Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram account)

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Shawn Mendes Cancels Jingle Ball Performance And Gets Consoled By John Mayer

Shawn Mendes Gets A Shoutout From John Mayer After He Cancels Jingle Ball ShowShawn Mendes broke some hearts on Thursday night when he announced he had to pull out of the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball stop in San Jose. The last-minute cancellation came on doctor’s orders that prohibited Shawn from performing or traveling.

The bad news might have a silver lining for Shawn though, as he got a shoutout from his role model, John Mayer. John replied to Shawn’s announcement tweet with a joke that would’ve fit right in with the #RoastShawn hashtag. Zedd also sent some love Shawn’s way; however, it was a collaborator that Shawn and Zedd have in common who had to pick up the slack.

Hailee Steinfeld shared a pic of herself headed to San Jose as she stepped in for Shawn. The Chainsmokers took over Shawn’s headlining spot, but Hailee helped fill time for the show.

Check out Shawn’s announcement, John’s joke and more updates from Thursday’s show below.

(Photo credits: Shawn Mendes, John Mayer and HaileeSteinfeld Instagram accounts)

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Taylor Swift, Katy Perry And John Mayer Bury The Hatchet To Celebrate Drake’s 30th Birthday

Taylor Swift, Katy Perry And John Mayer Bury The Hatchet To Celebrate Drake's 30th BirthdayTaylor Swift, Katy Perry and John Mayer put their tangled history aside to celebrate Drake’s birthday this weekend. John and his feuding exes, Taylor and Katy, all showed up to the star-studded event at Los Angeles hot spot Delilah. Both Taylor and John were filmed upon arrival, but Katy was later caught inside the club. Everyone left the venue alive so it seems they were all on their out-of-town relative behavior. Maybe Taylor even issued Katy that apology to get started on a collaboration, but that’s probably a stretch.

Check out photos and video of the event below.

(Photo credits: John Mayer, youngbeardo, jamiliooo and ovoceejayy Instagram accounts, MikeAdamOnAir, TSwiftNZ and Billboard Twitter accounts)

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Demi Lovato Goes Back To Brunette And May Have Gotten A New Man Too

Demi Lovato Dines At CatchSince announcing her 2017 hiatus, Demi Lovato has been making more headlines than ever. She will soon be making more if the reports that she and rival Taylor Swift’s ex John Mayer are true. According to Us Weekly, the two were spotted at Los Angeles nightclub, Catch, over the weekend where Demi did nothing but giggle as John whispered in her ear.

“John had his arm around Demi and was whispering sweet nothings into her ear,” a source tells the publication. The rumored new couple left separately. Demi was seen wearing an animal print jacket and skirt while John wore a floral print jacket and blue jeans.

A few months ago, Demi was reportedly dating UFC fighter Luke Rockhold and has since been flirting non-stop with actress Bella Thorne.

See the photos of Demi and John Mayer below.

Do you think Demi and John are a good match for each other?



Shawn Mendes Is Slowly But Surely Turning Into John Mayer

Shawn Mendes' John Mayer dreams come trueShawn Mendes’ John Mayer dreams may be coming true sooner than expected. A St. Louis concert review dubbed Shawn the John Mayer and Ed Sheeran of the younger generation which we’re sure the singer would love to read seeing as how he’s been working so hard to be like John.

“It was clear he’d nabbed a cue or two from them with his sensitive singer-songwriter shtick,” the reviewer wrote about Shawn’s concert on Saturday. The singer performed songs like “Treat You Better,” “Something Big” and even covered songs like Drake’s “One Dance” and Rihanna’s “Work.”

Watch a few of Shawn’s performances below.

Do you agree that he is the next John Mayer?

(Photo credit: Shawn Mendes Instagram account)

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