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Bella Hadid Moves On From The Weeknd With A Shirtless Aussie Hunk In Her Bed

Bella Hadid Has Moved On From The Weeknd With A Shirtless Aussie Hunk In Her Bed featureIt looks like Bella Hadid is over The Weeknd–really over him. The model was not pleased when news broke that her R&B ex was seeing Selena Gomez. But she’s all smiles in new paparazzi pics that show her getting cozy with another man. Bella was spotted hanging in her undies with a shirtless Jordan Barrett. Jordan is an Australian model who had a 2016 almost as good as Bella’s.

The two looked more than friendly as they were spotted taking selfies in bed. Bella eventually noticed the paps scoping them out and pressed her butt against a window for a photo op.

He and Bella have been spotted together before–splitting a cigarette in New York on what looked like a day date.

See Bella and Jordan getting comfortable together below.

(Photo credits: Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett Instagram accounts)

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Bella Hadid Brings Two Dates To The Same Bar In New York

Bella Hadid Meets Up With A Mystery Man In NYCBella Hadid appeared to power through a classic sitcom setup on Thursday when she had not one, but two handsome gentlemen join her in a New York bar. The model sported her usual dark street style in skinny jeans and plenty of black leather as she spent the afternoon hanging with friends.

Bella was spotted splitting a cigarette with a mystery man as she left a bar. Bella brought the stylish stranger home along with Jordan Barrett, the Australian male model who has been linked to Hailey Baldwin in the past.

The trio disappeared into Bella’s apartment. The identity of her smoking buddy remains a mystery.

Could Bella be moving on from The Weeknd? Or is she just playing the field?