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Louis Tomlinson Shares Supportive Fan Art After “Tonight Show” Performance

Louis Tomlinson Definitely Googles HimselfThe first logical thing any musician does after a performance is peak around the internet for feedback. Louis Tomlinson appeared to do just that following his U.S. solo debut on “The Tonight Show” and the proof is in his social media activity. Fresh off of performing “Just Hold On” with Steve Aoki, Louis tweeted out a thank you for all of the kind words he was definitely searching for.

Louis Tomlinson Definitely Googles Himself 1The former One Direction singer also stumbled upon brilliant fan art from the performance and couldn’t resist sharing. It seems like success is now directly measured by the quality of fan-drawn cartoons.

See some of the artwork and what Louis thought of it below.

Do you think Louis spends a lot of time reading messages from his fans?

(Photo credit: Louis Tomlinson Instagram account, Louis Tomlinson and alulawings Twitter accounts)

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