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Justin Bieber Attends Church Camp In Rancho Mirage To Find God And Help ‘Resist Bad Temptations’

church-campJustin Bieber‘s excessive drug use and poisonous relationship with Selena Gomez has caused him submit his entire to the pursuit of God ad Jesus. According to TMZ, Bitty will be spending two weeks at the Rancho Mirage outside Palm Springs, where he will be under the instructor of a pastor as he learns how to become a better Christian.

The book Occupy All Streets on the table next to him, which teaches how to spread the word of God and ‘resist bad temptations.’ The teachings appear to come from the religious course taught by Pastor Carl Lentz, who reportedly baptised Justin back in June.

‘Justin has exiled himself from friends, alcohol, weed and everything else that doesn’t involve the good Lord.’ It’s not known if he will become a missionary or join Scientology soon, but he loves go to Hillsong Church with his favorite mistake Selena Gomez.
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Insider ‘Selena Gomez Is Childish And Pathetic Staging A Fake Date With David Henrie To Make Justin Bieber Jealous’

henriejustin-bieber-alone (ee9)Source revealed to Celebrity Dirty Laundry: ‘Selena Gomez is childish and pathetic staging a fake date with David Henrie to make Justin Bieber jealous.. Unfortunately for Selena Gomez, her obsession with Justin Bieber is not only taking a toll on her own inter-personal relationships, but it’s also starting to affect her public image.

People have realized that Selena Gomez is acting desperate, especially when she does stuff like stage a date with David Henrie to rub it in Justin Bieber’s face. Selena went out of her way to orchestrate a date with her Wizards of Waverly Place co-star David Henrie [who she's been linked to for years], and the photographers just HAPPENED to be there.

As IF the photographers just happened upon these two having dinner. Several sources have even told us that Justin Bieber’s jealous side tends to flare up whenever Selena Gomez hangs out with David Henrie, largely because Selena’s bond with David goes back many, many years beyond Selena and Justin. And since Justin Bieber is a little twat, his jealous side will always, always come out whenever he sees ‘competition’.
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Justin Bieber Sitting Alone At Five Guys In Palm Springs On An Excursion With His Personal Pastor Judah Smith

justin-bieber-alone (ee9)Justin Bieber sitting alone at Five Guys in Palm Springs, California this weekend. He was on an excursion with his personal pastor Judah Smith. Rihanna also travels with her personal pastor reverend Jesse Jackson. It’s very common for wealthy singer to high pastors to travel with them to help balance their spiritual problems.

Bitty’s other pastor will not support gay marriage, but he loves everyone. Kendall Jenner recently denied she’s hooking with Bieber even though they are constantly hanging out together.

+ Selena Gomez went to Scooter Braun wife’s baby shower!


Is Kendall Jenner Dating Justin Bieber?

kendall-jenner-vogue (10)Is Kendall Jenner a homewrecker that contributed to poor Selena Gomez’s mental breakdown after Justin Bieber breakup? No! According to watch she told Nightline: ‘Justin is a longtime friend of our family. Everybody loves to assume things, but no.’ Are you in a relationship: ‘I’m not. I’m truly focusing on my career. If it comes it comes.’

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Taylor Swift Wrote ‘How You Get The Girl’ About Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez + Taylor Wants To Date Chris Martin?

taylor-wonderland-shoot (6)taylor-wonderland-shoot (7)Taylor Swift told Us Weekly about people focusing on her love life and not her music: ‘It broke my heart! I was selling out stadiums and it was all people talked about.’

‘Stay’ was inspired by a dream: ‘I was trying to talk to someone important. And that’s all that would come out of my mouth. I woke up so weirded out! ‘How You Get the Girl’ is written for a guy who has broken up with his girlfriend, then wants her back after six months. But it’s not going to be as simple as sending a text like, ‘Sup? Miss you.’ That won’t work. You need to do all the things I say.’

Source toldStar magazine, Taylor has a massive crush on Chris Martin. Taylor would love to make Chris her new boyfriend. She’s taking advantage of how Jen’s and Chris’s busy schedules are keeping them apart. She can sense that their relationship is on shaky ground, so she’s moving in, fast.’

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