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Ariana Grande And Justin Bieber Reportedly In Talks To Do World Tour Together

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber on Tour Together?Rumors have been circulating that a Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande collaboration tour might be in the works. Ariana and Justin have previously shared the stage during the Los Angeles leg of Ariana’s “Honeymoon Tour.” Also, Ariana more recently performed a live version of a “What Do You Mean/One Last Time” mashup that has gone viral.

“The whole thing will hopefully end in several (U.S.) stadium dates with special guest Ariana Grande,” a source told New York Daily News. “This is in the very early stages but serious conversations are taking place.”

The source adds that the two singers would perform separately, then come on stage to perform a few tracks together. Both artists are managed by Scooter Braun, so the two going on tour together isn’t too far fetched – theoretically. However, with Ariana currently finishing up a world tour, it’s hard from a practical perspective to see her starting a new one so soon.

What do you think of Ariana and Justin teaming up?

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5 Seconds of Summer Members Admit They “Don’t Have Any Friends”

5 Seconds of Summer Don't want to belike BieberWhen it comes to promoting their upcoming album “Sounds Good Feels Good,” don’t expect the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer to go the Justin Bieber social media marketing route. Visiting “Shazam Top 20″ this weekend in Australia, the boys were asked if they would have other celebs promote their album.

That notion got scoffed at pretty quickly. “We don’t have any friends,” Michael Clifford joked. “We totally couldn’t do that,” he continued as his bandmates starting laughing, “we tried for a similar concept.”

Watch below to see the rest of the interview.

(Photo credit: 5 Seconds of Summer Twitter account)

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Justin Bieber Uses McDonald’s Coupons Because Money Is “Running Low Right Now”

Justin  Bieber on ZM in New ZealandDuring Justin Bieber’s wild weekend in New Zealand, he found time to have a Corona at the ZM Radio Bieber-Q. The New Zealand hosts fangirl Justin through a number of questions related to his weepy VMA performance and the making of his new music. The interview was done the day after Justin’s night raging on stage with Rae Sremmurd, and Justin admits that he’s having a hard time sitting up straight on the stool he’s been given after a night of “facin’ a Hennessey bottle to the face.”

As part of the live interview, Justin plays a quick game of “Keeping It Real,” where he reveals that he recently used coupons at McDonald’s.

“Yeah dude, I was just trying to save some money,” Justin jokes. “It’s running low right now bro.”

See what the “real” Justin had to say about his mom’s cooking, pumping his own gas and whether he washes his Calvin Kleins below.

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Justin Bieber Smokes, Swigs and Staggers on Stage in New Zealand

Justin Bieber New ZealandThe Justin Bieber train wreck express looks like it just picked up a little speed in New Zealand. Justin seemed to shake off any pretense of recovering his professional reputation when he made an unscheduled appearance on stage with rapper Rae Sremmurd at The Studio in Auckland

Fan videos show Justin openly smoking what some identified as a joint and swigging from a Hennessey bottle on stage, before staggering into a routine with Rae.

Afterwards, Justin didn’t seem all that interested in hiding from his antics, later posting a picture and a short video of the event on his Instagram account with a caption followed by the handle #drunkjustin.

Justin Bieber New Zealand 5Watch the fan videos below.

(Photo credits: Justin Bieber Instagram account and Youtube )

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Justin Bieber Pokes Fun at One Direction

Justin Bieber Performing Live At NRJ Radio StationOne Direction recently announced that they will be releasing their album “Made In The A.M.” on Nov. 13th, which happens to be the same day that Justin Bieber is set to release his album.

The “What Do You Mean?” singer aimed a playful jab at the boy band in a short Snapchat video. Justin mentions the album date and imitates the face he thinks someone should have if planning to release an album “on the same day as Justin Bieber.”

Watch the Snapchat video below.

Who do you think will have the bigger album release – 1D or Bieber?

(Photo Credit:  Justin Bieber snapchat account)

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Justin Bieber Performs Live During “The X Factor” Australia

Justin Bieber Performs For X-Factor AustrailaJustin Bieber performed his single “What Do You Mean?” live on “The X Factor” Australia. Although the studio audience was clearly excited, the pop star had the show’s TV viewers split down the middle on the performance. Some felt that the performance was weak, while others were blown away.xfactor au negative tweet xfactorau positive tweetView the performance and decide for yourself below.

Was the performance a hit or miss?

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