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Selena Gomez ‘Went Completely White’ When She Thought She Was Pregnant With Justin Bieber’s Baby

selena-gomez-pregnantmiley-selena-bombshell-pregnancyAt the end of October after Justin Bieber breakup, Selena Gomez felt nauseous and spent days confined to her bed, she thought she was pregnant, reports Life & Style: ‘After a week, her symptoms weren’t getting any better. She freaked out, realizing she could be pregnant with Justin’s baby!

She went she realized she might be pregnant, she went completely white. She had a crazy anxiety attack wondering if she was carrying her ex’s baby, and even stayed in for Halloween to avoid drinking. Finally, she had [a] friend drive her to the doctor to take a blood test, but she hid in the backseat because she didn’t want to be spotted by anyone.’

Her test results eventually came back negative: ‘She’s happy she’s not pregnant. She wants to be done with Justin and is happy they won’t be tied together for life, or she would’ve been forced to put up with his lying and cheating forever.’View poll on FanMob

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Justin Bieber Attends Church Camp In Rancho Mirage To Find God And Help ‘Resist Bad Temptations’

church-campJustin Bieber‘s excessive drug use and poisonous relationship with Selena Gomez has caused him submit his entire to the pursuit of God ad Jesus. According to TMZ, Bitty will be spending two weeks at the Rancho Mirage outside Palm Springs, where he will be under the instructor of a pastor as he learns how to become a better Christian.

The book Occupy All Streets on the table next to him, which teaches how to spread the word of God and ‘resist bad temptations.’ The teachings appear to come from the religious course taught by Pastor Carl Lentz, who reportedly baptised Justin back in June.

‘Justin has exiled himself from friends, alcohol, weed and everything else that doesn’t involve the good Lord.’ It’s not known if he will become a missionary or join Scientology soon, but he loves go to Hillsong Church with his favorite mistake Selena Gomez.
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