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Justin Bieber Ordered Attack On Photographer And ‘Enjoyed The Beating’ + Selena Gomez Launches Adidas Runway Show

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless In CannesnipsssAja Oxman claims Jusin Bieber ordered a brutal attack on him in which he was lifted in a choke hold and slammed onto the hood of a car and Bieber ‘enjoyed the beating’, according to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ. Bieber was in Kauai last November at Shipwreck Beach and went cliff jumpig.

Oxman took a photo on a public beach and Bieber sicked his bodyguard on him ordering, ‘Go get his memory card and do whatever you have to do to get that card.’ The bodyguard, Dwayne Patterson, was booked for 3rd degree assault and 4th degree criminal property damage.

Meanwhile, Nips has been busy planning her NEOrunway show: ‘You can control everything from the hair and make up, to looks that walk the runway and music that will be played. Head to our Twitter page @adidasNEOlabel to vote and be in with a chance of winning a thank you on Twitter from Selena Gomez herself!

#NEOrunway is a show made by teens, for teens. Every important decision will be opened up to the NEO community on Twitter, allowing them to decide the hair, makeup, outfits and even the music.

adidas NEO Label’s global style ambassador, Selena Gomez, will be helping along the way and thanking those who get involved! The resulting show will go live on September 3, 2014 in New York City.

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Justin Bieber Perfume Sales Flopping

justin-bieber-perfume-floppingBeliebers start buying his perfume, he needs to pay his 30k per month rent! Elizabeth Arden Inc reported the biggest quarterly loss in its history due to flopping fall sales, particularly the Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift brands.

Quarterly sales had plunged 28.4%, the steepest fall in a decade, and warned that weak sales would continue for the next six months. The company’s stock had lost more than 44% this year. The stock fell to $15.40 in premarket trading. Taylor and Bieber likely don’t lose any money because they get paid up front to hock cheap scented water.

Do YOU ever buy celebrity perfumes? Are there any good ones?


E! News’ Ken Baker ‘Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Need Couples Therapy, They’re Not Kids Anymore’

jelena-kissingJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez are now having sex again and many Beliebers and Selenators are furious once again. E! News’ Ken Baker told Ryan Seacrest: ‘As of a week ago, they were totally toast.

She was flirting with guys over in Europe and he was hitting on models. Now all of a sudden & it looks like they’re back on. At this point, I don’t know about you guys, but once you get to like the sixth time in seven, eight months, you’re officially whackadoodle. You might as well as go to couples’ therapy and figure out what the heck is going on ..I just want them to pick one or the other.’

On the photo of them kissing: ‘That sounds really good, but then, like, a week later, he’ll be hitting on models on Instagram and Selena will be posting these very depressed things on Twitter, like ‘You can’t trust everybody.’ Ok, guys, we need you to work it out. They’re not kids anymore.’ It’s very sad Selena has tarnished her image forever, but it’s her choice.

UPDATED with super mega hottie Bitty leaving Laugh Factory Weho under!

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Justin Bieber Drives Selena Gomez Home To Calabasas After She Slept With Him Inside His New Hollywood Mansion!

jelena-marriage (1)jelena-shower-sex (5)FJustin Bieber pictured driving to Selena Gomez home in Calabasas, California on August 17. They were being followed by their security car after spending the night together in Bieber’s mansion. Hopefully Bitty is using protection, another pregnant girl on his hands is the last thing he needs right now! Photos: FameFlynet.

According to TMZ, Jelena spent the entire weekend together soon after her film ‘Behaving Badly’ tanked. & They both kept saying ‘I Love You’ and have already started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend again. Justin is doting over Selena, almost like a servant, and she likes it a lot.

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Kylie Jenner ‘Desperate To Date Bieber’

kylie-bieberKylie Jenner is desperate to date Justin Bieber like nearly everyone else on earth. Source told HEAT: ‘Kendall knows full well that her sister loves Justin. Kylie’s been desperate to date him for a long time, so for Kendall to hook up with him is pretty poor form.

LA is nine hours behind Spain, so it was the middle of the afternoon when Kylie saw Kendall’s steamy Instagram pictures with Justin. She tried to pretend that she didn’t care, but she was close to tears.’

The Kardashian family is starting to take sides: ‘It’s caused a major split in the family, with everyone taking sides. Kris thinks it’s a great idea to increase Kendall’s profile, and was at the party, too, encouraging them, but her dad Bruce is really upset.’

UPDATE: Kylie Jenner was in another car accident on Thursday night driving home from dinner at Katsuya in Glendale her brand new Range Rover, reports TMZ. According to Kylie, a woman in another car got cut off, the woman swerved into her lane and rear ended her.

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