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Justin Bieber Has A New Rule For His Concerts: No Screaming

Justin Bieber tells fans to shut upJustin Bieber is still showing his loyal fans just how much he doesn’t care about the amount of money they dish out to see him mime. At a recent stop on the “Purpose World Tour,” Justin scolded them for screaming. During his Birmingham concert, the singer wanted to share his feelings on being away from his family and friends and didn’t appreciate his fans screaming while he was trying to talk.

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A Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Throwback Pic Has Fans Asking About That Long, Lost Album

justin bieber cody simpson throwback pic makes fans curious about long, lost albumWhen Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson teased that they were in the studio together in 2012, it looked like the world was primed for a white hot pop collaboration. But aside from the single “Home To Mama,” no music was ever officially released from what was rumored to be a full-length joint album. A new Instagram post from Cody’s sister, however, has fans wondering if she’s hinting at something about those lost tapes.

Alli Simpson posted a throwback picture of Justin and Cody to Instagram and Twitter. Amidst the normal fan reactions was a healthy bit of speculation about whether or not the post was a sly hint at some upcoming news about the collaboration.

Some fans quizzed Ashley on details about the project while others begged her to leak it herself. After a second song from the team-up leaked earlier this summer, some fans are desperate to get their hands on the JB x CS collaboration.

Check out Alli’s post with some of the replies below.

(Photo credits: Alli Simpson Instagram and Twitter accounts)

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Justin Bieber Has $5.74 Waiting For Him In His Canadian Bank Account

Justin Bieber Forgot About His Childhood FortuneJustin Bieber has been a very busy boy. So much so that he appears to have forgotten to retrieve money from his childhood bank account for thirteen years. According to the Bank of Canada’s unclaimed balance report, Justin has exactly $5.74 in an account that hasn’t seen activity since 2003. In 2013, the balance was transferred to the Bank of Canada as per the 10-year inactivity rule.

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Justin Bieber Gives Fans Roses While He And Sofia Richie Are Both In London

justin bieber sofia richie roses london feature finalJustin Bieber is finishing up a four-night stint at the O2 Arena in London as a part of the “Purpose World Tour.” Despite some rocky recent history with his fans, Justin did his best to extend an olive branch after the last night in London. Except his olive branch was an armful or roses.

Like a contestant on “The Bachelor” who can’t make up his mind, Justin passed out roses to several fans after his concert on Sunday. Photos of the encounter surfaced as grateful fans felt the love from their fave. No word on whether or not Sofia Richie got one of the precious flowers, though. She is in London, too, after all.

Sofia has been using Instagram to tease a photo shoot she’s doing with Wonderland Magazine for an upcoming issue. She’s been in London for days working on the shoot and hitting the nightlife. Publicly, she and Justin haven’t been in touch since their “special relationship” went sour.

Could the duo have found time for a secret rendezvous amidst their busy London schedules?

Check out photos of Sofia in London below, plus a video with shots of Justin handing out roses to UK fans.

(Photo credits: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)

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Justin Bieber Takes A Stroll Through London Without A Care In The World

Justin Bieber Seen Out And About In LondonJustin Bieber was photographed while on a solitary walk through London Friday afternoon. The singer appeared distracted, but in a carefree way as his focus shifted to various sights and sounds around him. He stumbled upon a construction site and kept on his path, paying no mind to the baffled workers around him.

The stroll captured by photographers was reminiscent of his barefoot and deeply contemplative walk through Boston, but without raising concern. Justin, who famously despises photo ops and goes to great lengths to avoid them, welcomed the cameras with minimal resistance and continued with his day. He even cracked a smile for a friendly, less-than candid pose.

Check out the photos below.

(Photo credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)


Justin Bieber Spotted In London After Clearly Raiding A Gentleman’s Closet

Justin Bieber Keeps A Low Profile While Out And About In LondonJustin Bieber was spotted going for a stroll in London Thursday afternoon. Aside from the acid wash distressed jeans, Justin gave off serious dad vibes. The singer wore a quarter zip white pullover sweater on top of a grey and red plaid flannel. Justin was escorted by his security team and appeared to be in good spirits. Perhaps he was singing a verse of “MMMBop” to one security guard rocking a Hanson tee.

Check out the photos below.

(Photo credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)