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‘Selena Gomez Is A Train Wreck’

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Head To The Studio TogetherFriends are worried about ‘train wreck’ Selena Gomez after she hooked with Justin Bieber at Coachella on April 13 and appeared erratic. A friend told Star: ‘Selena is a train wreck. If she doesn’t get away form Justin and get herself in check, it’s only a matter of time before something tragic happens to her. Everyone in her circle is calling them a New Age Romeo and Juliet, they’re a recipe for disaster.’

Hopefully, not like Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown :\

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Justin Bieber Kylie Jenner Hookup?

selena-gomez-friends (1)Selena Goddess Gomez stopped following people on Instagram because she’s trying to ‘wash her hands’ of Justin Bieber. Source told The Sun: ‘Selena is in a really bad place at the moment, she’s on the edge and now overcome with jealousy.

She really needs to wash her hands of Justin for good.’ Selena and Justin had a quick hookup at Coachella, but no but now wants nothing to do with him: ‘Selena is convinced something has gone on between Justin and Kylie.

At Coachella they looked to be back on track. Selena was hanging out with Kylie too and they were behaving like best friends. Then she heard stuff about Justin and Kylie and felt totally betrayed. She went berserk and called it all off again.’

Do YOU think Kylie had sex with Justin after Selena?!

NOTE: Selena is fortifying Calabasas to protect her from stalkers.

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miley-bieber-sexmiley-jeremy-bieber-sexMiley Cyus may have had sex with Jeremy Bieber. Source revealed: ‘Justin and Jeremy rented a suite at a hotel in LA a couple of weeks ago and had a bunch of people over.

Miley was there partying hard, and she and Jeremy ended up in one of the bedrooms together for over an hour. Justin would be all for it. He’s been helping his dad get girls for years.’ Do YOU think that Miley had sex with Jeremy Bieber?

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Justin Bieber Will NOT Be Deported

bieber-life-changes (4)The White House officially responded to a petition that asked for Justin Bieber’s deportation: ‘Sorry to disappoint, but we won’t be commenting on this one. We’ll leave it to others to comment on Mr. Bieber’s case, but we’re glad you care about immigration issues.

Because our current system is broken. Too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers, and 11 million people are living in the shadows. Not only is it the right thing to do morally,

It’s the right thing for our country: Independent economists say immigration reform will grow our economy & shrink our deficits by almost $1 trillion in the next 20 years. For those of you counting at home, that’s 12.5 billion concert tickets, or 100 billion copies of Mr. Bieber’s debut album.’

UPDATED with sexy Baby pictures in Tokyo!


Jeremy Bieber Kicked A Girl In The Face

jeremy-bieber-naked-picturesJeremy Bieber was once charged with assault for allegedly breaking an 18-year-old girl’s jaw after he smashed her in the face with a flying roundhouse kick, reports Daily Mail. Jeremy Bieber was taken to court by Alicia Wadden, 5’3″/ 100 pounds, for the brutal attack.

Alicia said she was knocked unconscious by the kung fu style kick, which, according to her statement given to police, broke her jaw in two places, chipped her teeth and forced her to eat pureed food for two months.

She was so scared of Jeremy she did not want to press charges and claims police in Stratford, Ontario, convinced her to give an official statement. However, the day before the case was due to go to court, Alicia alleges Jeremy turned up at her boyfriend’s work and handed him $1,000, telling him that she should not show up to testify.

Alicia took the money and left town soon after, moving back in with her family in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. On the night of the alleged assault, Alicia was in a bar with some friends when they all decided to go back to her house for a party. She explained: ‘One of my friends asked if Jeremy and his buddy could come back with us.
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