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Miley Cyrus And Selena Gomez PREGNANT BY THE SAME MAN! Justin Bieber Or Nick Jonas? Did They Both Get Abortions?

miley-selena-pregnantmiley-confirmsMiley and Selena pregnant again! Did they get another abortion?!

Do girls not like using condoms anymore?! Miley had sex with Justin Bieber back in 2012 when he was on a break with Selena Gomez, according to Life & Style: ‘Miley loved being the older woman. To this day, she still says she taught Justin how to be a man and how to be a grown-up-lover. Miley has a history of forgetting to use birth control and things got out of hand.

Justin He bragged about it to his friends. It was just a one-night stand, but Miley had no idea. She told Justin she thought she could be pregnant and he freaked out, telling her there was no way he could have a child. It would ruin their careers. Miley called Justin crying. Everyone took that to mean she’d had a miscarriage.’

UPDATE: Miley confirmed it! Still trying to get revenge over Nelena!

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Kendall Jenner Nipple Showoff In GQ

kendall-jenner-gq-nipple (7v)Kendall Jenner shows off her nipple loved by Justin Bieber in GQ.

Kendall was denied entry at the Neon Carnival party in Coachella on Saturday night because of their 21-and-over policy, reports E! News. Security stopped Kendall and his group and demanded to see everyones IDs. Once they saw that Kendall was underage, they refused to allow her inside.

Little Bitty caused an enormous scene and threw a fit to try and let his friends inside, but security wouldn’t bow down. He returned with out Kendall and this time brought his besties Chris Brown, Aaron Paul, Scott Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Justin Bieber ‘Brought Girl After Girl Back To His Room And Treated Kendall Jenner Like A Hanger-On. She Called Him A Douchebag’

tumblr_nmtdpnEL1t1tcof18o1_500After Justin Bieber and close friends Chris Brown partied at April 10’s Nylon Midnight Garden Party in Coachella, a witness told In Touch that Justin was ‘grinding’ on model Josie Canseco. The next day, Justin treated Kendall Jenner ‘like a hanger-on.

She left crying, saying, ‘Justin’s a d-bag.’ That night Justin brought girl after girl to his room. Afterer getting kicked out of the festival, Justin ended the night by yelling, ‘F— Coachella!’

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