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Justin Bieber Men’s Health Shirtless Photoshopped Cover Lol ‘I Don’t Want To Lose My Sense Of Purity’

justin-bieber-mens-health (1)LMFAO. Justin Bieber Men’s Health cover: ‘It’s good to really take a step back and be appreciative and understand that life brought me to an incredible place. I had to grow up so quick.

And it was almost like I grew up for the public but I didn’t necessarily grow up. There were things I had to do, as far as the way I had to make relationships, and conversation, but as far as actually growing up, there were a lot of things I missed out on.

There’s a part of me that I don’t ever want to grow up. I want to always remain.. to have that sense of purity inside of me where I don’t…I don’t want to lose that sense of purity.

‘I’m very much a relationship guy. I like brunettes in jean shorts and tank top or spandex. I like to bounce ideas off the person that I love. I like having a real connection. I want ‘LL’ tatted right here. When you’re Low, Lift. Because we often want to keep our heads down. But we should lift our heads.’