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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Holding Hands While Doing Normal Stuff in New York

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Dunkin DonutsJustin Bieber and his fiancee Hailey Baldwin were seen out and about Manhattan yesterday. The two were caught buying coffees at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Fifth Avenue in Nomad during the afternoon and finally grabbing a bite to eat at Shake Shack. Fans reported that the two were seen heading to a movie in the drizzly early evening.

Throughout the day, the two were frequently smiling, holding hands and engaging in light PDA.

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Did Justin Bieber Melt Down in New York Last Week Because He’s Not Having Sex with Hailey Baldwin?

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Crying 2Fans were worried about Justin Bieber last week, after photos and footage showed him crying in public, looking distressed and even shopping shirtless at one high-end Tribeca boutique. Later, Justin tried to explain away his behavior by showing fans a book on marriage, Timothy Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage, and saying “You got good days, you got bad days. It’s not real if it doesn’t have bad days.”

Many took that response as reassuring and maybe even surprisingly mature. But the San Francisco Mercury News points out a fact that might put a whole other spin on Justin’s apparent meltdown last week Continue Reading →


Sure Seems Like The Weeknd Is Still Upset with Selena Gomez on New Single

The Weeknd Selena GomezFans are lighting up Twitter today with comments about The Weeknd’s contribution to Nicki Minaj’s new album, Queen. On Queen, The Weeknd and Nicki sing “Thought I Knew You,” a song that The Weeknd co-wrote with Nikki, Brittany Hazzard and Jerry Reid.

“Thought I Knew You” is a song about a past relationship, where the singer complains about a being confused, let down and betrayed by a past lover Continue Reading →

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Justin Bieber on his Recent Erratic Behavior: “You Got Good Days, You Got Bad Days”

Justin Bieber Bad DayEarlier this week, Justin Bieber caused his fans great concern when he was captured on film crying, looking confused and even shopping shirtless at various locations around New York. However, yesterday, Justin appeared in better spirits after heading out for a haircut with fiancée Hailey Baldwin.

Well, last night, a photographer managed to catch Justin as he was leaving his Manhattan apartment building and ask him to assure fans who were concerned about him after seeing photos of his recent odd behavior.

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