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Justin Bieber Will Appear Tonight on Jimmy Fallon

Justin Bieber on Jimmy FallonJustin Bieber will be the featured guest this evening on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”  Earlier this week, Jimmy interviewed Demi Lovato, who discussed the VMAs and tried to explain Justin’s breakdown at the awards show.

Justin Bieber Jimmy Fallon TweetThis will be the third time Justin’s been interviewed by Jimmy, with the last time dating back to 2013 when Jimmy hosted “The Late Show.” During that interview, Justin infamously made out with the head of a mannequin. Wonder how he plans to top that tonight …

If you missed Justin’s mannequin make out session, we have a video below.

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Hope, Love and Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber What Do You Mean Selena GomezA sharp-eyed fan pointed out on Twitter that Selena Gomez made an “appearance” in Justin Bieber’s video for “What Do You Mean?”.

Selena Gomez What Do You MeanIn the pic, one can see that Selena’s name has been tagged on the wall in addition to the words “HOPE,” “LOVE,” and even the initials “JB.”  It’s been widely accepted that many of the songs that Justin is now releasing from his upcoming album were inspired by his on-again, off-again relationship with Selena. And, of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Justin may have placed hidden messages to Selena in a video.

We have the “What do You Mean?” video below.

Do you think that Justin’s graffiti is a message to Selena, or a tease for fans?

(Photo Credit: @mirella77948266’s Twitter account and Youtube)

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Justin Bieber Pokes Fun at his Own Ridiculously Bad Haircut

Justin Bieber Horrifying HaircutComing off a performance at last night’s VMAs in which he literally brought himself to tears, Justin Bieber found time to poke fun at one of his most talked about features: his hair. Justin’s most recent style, which might have looked reasonable on a middle-aged soccer mom a decade ago, looks fairly ridiculous on a 22 year-old male pop singer today.

The “What Do You Mean?” singer re-posted a meme to his Instagram making fun of the new hairstyle. The meme compares Justin’s latest style with that of an older picture of TLC’s “Kate Plus 8″ star Kate Gosselin, showing how eerily similar the two cuts are.

What do you think of Justin’s current cut?

(Photo Credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)Justin Bieber Laughs At Himself


Selena Gomez Shows Fans What Really Goes on Backstage

Selena Gomez During Justin Bieber PerformanceSelena Gomez posted a picture to Twitter today of herself and Taylor Swift backstage at the VMAs last night.  The two besties can be seen pigging out with plates stacked in sandwiches and other junk food. Selena captioned her post, “I mean, if you really want to know what happens backstage.. ”

We’re not surprised. Given that the entire VMAs event seemed like it was thrown in Taylor’s honor last night, it only makes sense that Taylor’s “Squad” would also get first shot at the party platters . . .

(Photo credit: Selena Gomez Twitter)

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Justin Bieber Plays Hero and Villain in New Music Video for “What Do You Mean?”

Justin Bieber What do you Mean Video stillLast night, Justin Bieber officially released the full video for his most recent single “What Do You Mean?”.

In the video, Justin’s character hires friends to stage a kidnapping of him and his girlfriend, after the two seem to be having some communication problems. The basic idea, we guess, is that he wants to play the hero for her. But these days, any video that ends up with a girlfriend seemingly overjoyed after being fake-kidnapped seems a little troubling to us.

Anyway, it’s clear that the producers spent a lot on the video and its slick editing. And maybe fans will enjoy the video on that level. But this is one case where we might actually prefer the lyric version better than the actual full blown official release …

You can check out the official release version for yourself below.

What do you think of the video?

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Justin Bieber Flies and Cries During His 2015 VMAs Performance

JustinBieberCryingVMAJustin Bieber took to the stage last night at the 2015 MTV VMAs and performed both “Where Are Ü Now” and his newly-released single “What Do You Mean?” Justin’s performance was filled with choreographed dance moves, aerial acrobatics and some unexpected tears.

The 21 year-old singer tried to sing while dancing but seemed to be breathing heavily throughout both songs. Near the end of his performance, Justin was surrounded by laser lights and lifted high above the stage by means of a harness. When he finally was lowered again down to the stage to end his act, Justin broke down, sobbing openly in front of the audience.

There are some reports that Selena Gomez left her seat to attend a meet and greet with Taylor Swift during Justin’s performance.

You can see snippets of Justin’s performance at the VMAs in the video below.

Why do you think Justin was crying? Was he overcome with emotion after not performing on an awards show in two years? Or do you think that Selena’s reported leaving of the auditorium during his performance might have had an effect?

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