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Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Spend Sunday In Malibu And Go Bowling At Lucky Strike

TwitterOutros799jelena-lucky-strike (2)jelena-lucky-strike (2)jelena-lucky-strike (1)Jelena have been together everyday for the past week. + drunk Vegas pix.

UPDATE: Bitty let Sel go Ryan Butler’s Lucky Strike party.


Justin Bieber Steps Out In Flower Shorts After OK! Reported That He Had Sex With Selena Gomez Without Protection

Semi-Exclusive... Justin Bieber Stops For Juice In Beverly HillsbigJustin Bieber was not in a good mood juice shopping in Beverly Hills, California on September 12, 2014. OK! Magazine made the earth shattering discovery that Justin Bieber reportedly did not use protection during sex with Selena Gomez leading her to become pregnant. Photos: FameFlynet.

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Justin Bieber Reveals ‘I Do Not Have Brain Damage.. I Am Dating Selena Gomez We Are Boyfriend-Girlfriend’

justi-bieber-brain-damageJustin Bieber FINALLY admitted that he dating Selena Gomez and that he not suffering from brain damage which would make him not able to remember. Under oath, he was asked by Mark DiCowden, paparazzo Jeffery Binion‘s lawyer,

‘As of today, what is your relationship with Selena Gomez’, reports Gossip Extra. Binion claims he was assaulted by Bieber’s bodyguards last year in Miami. Bitty answered: ‘We’re dating.’

Lawyer: ‘You mean, you’re boyfriend-girlfriend?’ Bitty: ‘We are.’ An observer said: ‘He looked like he was wearing a dress.’ DiCowden has been trying to establish a pattern of abuse of photographers by Bitty when Selena actually held him in another incident involving a photographer in Los Angeles.

When asked about that incident today, Bieber said he didn’t remember. DiCowden said: ‘Do you have brain damage?’ Bitty: ‘I don’t.’ Lawyer: ‘Have you been diagnosed with a neurological condition that would prevent you from remembering.’ Bitty: ‘No.’

Thank God he doesn’t have brain damage, the poor baby coming :\

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Report, Selena Gomez And Justin Have Unprotected Sex Resulting In Possible Pregnancy And STDs!

jelena-sexJustin Bieber & Selena Gomez have ‘reckless’ sex without protection, reports OK! magazine: ‘They are determined to leave their once bright futures almost entirely up to chance. Despite the fact that neither Selena nor Justin seem even remotely ready to be a parent, the pair are knowingly risking that outcome every single time they get together.

There were rumors that she had gotten pregnant and had a miscarriage a couple of years ago, but it doesn’t seem to have slowed them down. Instead, they think that not using protection proves how in love they are. They wouldn’t be particularly upset if one came along, and have even talked about marrying if it happens.’

#PRAYFORSELENA #JELENABABY. + Bitty visiting Beliebers!

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