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Justin Bieber Stops To Use A Gas Station Bathroom After It’s Revealed He Took Courses To Become A Preacher & Will Become A Part-Time Televangelist For Hillsong Church

Justin Bieber Stops To Use A Gas Station BathroomJustin Bieber using a gas station bathroom before heading to a studio in Los Angeles today. He is planning to preach to the masses at Hillsong Los Angeles Church as a part-time televangelist in a televised series, reports The Sunday World.

Bieber has qualified as a lay preacher after following ‘an intensive, three-month bible study course.’ His church Hillsong Los Angeles Church recently signed up with signed by top Hollywood talent agency, William Morris Endeavor (WME).

Bieber wants to ‘help boost ratings by reading sermons and even appealing for donations on camera in a prime time small screen slot on Sundays with two networks that Hillsong LA is allegedly negotiating with the aid of WME.

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Justin Bieber Shirtless Roast Tattoo

bulls (2)On March 30, the best roasters anywhere will take aim at Justin Bieber.


Report, ‘Selena Gomez Would Choose Zedd Over Justin Bieber Because He Is Better For Her Image, Not Because She Liked Him More’

seddjustin-bieber-selena-gomez-jelena (1)Selena Gomez would choose Justin Bieber over Zedd, according to a new report! Insider revealed: ‘There is no doubt that Selena has feelings for Zedd, that’s not really up for dispute.

The question is, does her feeling for Zedd even compare to how she felt about Justin? We’re not saying Selena is using Zedd per se, but she definitely chose him over Justin because he was better for her image, not because she liked him more.’

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~Nickelback Singer Chad Kroeger ‘Justin Bieber Is A Bit Of A Let Down.. We Are Watching The Wheels Fall Off The Train’

justin-bieber-let-down~Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger of internationally beloved singer Justin Bieber to Heath and Normy of NXFM‘s morning show: ‘I think that he’s going to look back at this time in his life and he’s going be ashamed of the things that he’s done..

..it’s really too bad because he is talented and it’s just a bit of a let down. You’ve got to be careful when you’re handing someone that young the keys to the kingdom. And when you give someone that young that much money…to do whatever you want to do, things are going to run amok and we’re all going to get to stand back and watch the wheels fall off the train.’

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