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Justin Bieber Sociopath, Selena Gomez Scared Of His Behavior, He Refuses To Stay Away Like A Stalker

bieber-stalkeJustin Bieber is borderline stalking Selena Gomez during their most recent breakup. Source told Life & Style: ‘Selena has become genuinely afraid of her ex, who has an infamous history of violent and erratic behavior.

It’s made her worried to leave the house, she thinks he’s acting like a sociopath. Bieber has no intention of letting Selena go, and he’s taken to blowing up her phone with countless texts and calls.

Selena is petrified that Bieber will show up at her house or work, and since he allegedly refuses to stay away no matter how much she asks him. Selena thinks he’s acting like a stalker. She just wants him to go away.’

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Justin Bieber ‘Don’t Let Instagram Define Your Self Worth. I’m Choosing To Not Let Other People Define Me.’

bieber-instainstaaaakylielipsBitty Bieber has made a declaration! For those who look at someone else’s Instagram and say I wish my life was like that. Know that often Instagram is not who people really are but who they want people to think they are. I’m choosing to not let other people define me.

Don’t celebrities get paid on Instagram to post pictures of products like Calvin Klein underwear though?! + Also beautiful picture of Saint Selena meeting the Dalai Lama!


Justin Bieber Shows Off Cute Bum While Pants Sag Below His Ass Cheeks At New York Knicks Games

justin-bieber-bum (45)Justin Bieber shows off bum courtside at New York Knicks game.

+ shirtless boxing training in Los Angeles!