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Justin Bieber Charged With Dangerous Driving And Assault After He Crashed Into A Minivan

jeellJustin Bieber arrives in TorontobitttJustin Bieber has been charged with dangerous driving and assault following an altercation in his Ontario, Canada on Friday. He was involved in a collision between a minivan and an all-terrain vehicle that led to a fight.

A spokesperson for Ontario Provincial Police told the Associated Press Bieber was released on a promise to appear in court on September 29. Last month, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanour charges of careless driving and resisting arrest seven months after he was booked in Miami Beach, Florida.

Bitty’s lawyer told People: ‘Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez‘s peaceful retreat in Stratford this weekend was unfortunately disrupted by the unwelcome presence of paparazzi. This has regrettably resulted in charges of dangerous driving and assault. Mr. Bieber and Ms. Gomez have fully cooperated in the police investigation.

We are hopeful that this matter will be quickly resolved. Justin, like many celebrities are continually harassed by police. Their privacy is shredded and these incidents can become dangerous. While the public is not particular sympathetic,

They must realize how difficult these cameramen make their lives. So I am not surprised there is a conflict.It happens quite often, and as long as the paparazzi are highly paid for their photographs, they will continue.’ None of this an excuse to drive like an idiot!

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Selena Gomez NOT Moving To Canada W/ Justin Bieber + As Jelena Edge Closer To Marriage Bella Thorne Weighs Into The Situation

selena-bieber (8)selena-bieber (11)selena-bieber (6)selena-bieber (3)selena-bieber (10)Selena Gomez was simply in Toronto to see her soon to be in laws and nieces and nephews with Justin Bitty Bieber. Bieber Instagrammed: ‘They try and get in the way of this..’ Bella Thorne has weighed into the situation with advice for Jelena about their true everlasting love.

UPDATED with candids of Jelena’s staged ATV photo shoot HERE + @ LAX HERE!

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LeAnn Rimes ‘Justin Bieber Is Stupid’ + Candids Of Jelena Horseback Riding Together In Toronto

jelena-toronto (6)LeAnn Rimes spills true tea to Joan Rivers about Justin Bieber: ‘I always say if you’re going to party like that, don’t leave your house. Just don’t leave your house, you can do it all you want, just don’t be stupid. I think nowadays people are stupid.. and everybody has a camera phone.

It just makes it worse. And when you think you own the world, which anybody could, trust me, I’ve been through the same feelings, you know everything at 16 and ‘Oh my god, I’m selling millions of records, why do I need to listen to you?’ But you get hit in the face with that pretty quick and I guess, you either learn from it or you can spiral way downhill from there.’

It’s likely Bitty will continue to whine & bitch about paps til he fades. Justin Bieber likely has paparazzi on staff, like Miley used to, because they are in Toronto now following him and his crony Selena Gomez around Toronto.

Horseback riding pix HERE + airport pix HERE. Brazilian fans love the candids.


Bieber Takes Selena Horseback Riding UPDATE: Bieber Took Selena On A Date To Tim Horton’s In New Hamburg, Ontario Today!

bieber-selena (1)bieber-selena (3)bieber-selena (3)Bieber posts pictures of himself riding with Selena to share with his Beliebers.

UPDATE: Jelena went to Tim Hortons in New Hamburg, Ontario: ‘[Justin] His dad lives around here and he has come through here about three times this year. Selena came to the counter with the bodyguards and Justin went into the bathroom.

They came in and ordered a bunch of food and drinks. They ordered paninis and crispy chicken sandwiches and donuts. They had bodyguards with them so some of the food may have been for them too. Justin and Selena did not speak to each other and I think they a were in separate vehicles.’

They ordered Paninis, Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Selena got Iced Capp.

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Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Take Private Plane To Toronto Canada Today, Will They Hopefully Stay There?

jelena-canadajeleaJelena arrive in Toronto. Will they hopefully move and stay here?

+ new closeup picture of Selena’s weave!

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