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Justin Bieber Drives His Motorized Tricycle Illegally On Sidewalk, Nearly Hits A Poor Elderly Woman With A Walker

Justin Bieber illegally drove his three-wheel motorcycle on the sidewalk past the busy traffic on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills and nearly hit an elderly woman with a walker. Bitty then prevented pedestrians while crossing a set of lights before departing again in traffic had anticipated, reports TMZ.

Selena Gomez’s boyfriend’s tricycle costs $27,000.


Justin Bieber Wears All Black Like His Consort Selena Gomez + Pink Shoes On Entourage Luch Outing

Justin Bieber Heads To LunchJustin Bieber out to lunch with a friend on August 22, 2014 in Los Angeles, California wearing all black like Selena Gomez + super cute pink shoes. It’s so cute that they planned their outfits together this morning before going out! Photos: FameFlynet.


Justin Bieber Rides Spider Motorcycle With Best Friend Khalil After Wild Romp With Selena Gomez Last Night On The Same Bike!

Justin Bieber Cruises Around Town With FriendsSemi-Exclusive... Justin Bieber Gives A Thumbs Up In Los AngelesJustin Bieber rode his Can-Am Spyder motorcycle with sexy Khalil today after taking Selena Gomez out last night for a wild ride. Bitty is being sued by a pap who claimed that Lil was behind a brutal attack against him after he snapped some pics of Bieber in Kauai. Photos: FameFlynet.


Selena Gomez Had Sex With Justin Bieber Last Night ‘Selena Had Her Head Down As She Walked To Her Car, She Was Totally Trying To Sneak Out’

Selena Gomez Lunches With Friendsbible-sexSelena Gomez slept over at Justin Bieber’s new Hollywood Hills mansion last night, reports X17. After their wild sex romp, Selena left her hookups rental home around 10:30 AM on Thursday: ‘Selena had her head down as she walked to her car; she was totally trying to sneak out.

For some reason she and Justin don’t want people to know they’re back together.’ Last night Bieber shaved off his mustache to be more sexually appropriate for Selena. After Selenita’s walk of shame this morning she went on a lunch date friends to spill the sweet tea of her latest hookup.

UPDATED with Jelena riding a Spyder bike together under & Bible hookup!

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Justin Bieber’s Entourage Bribed Border Patrol Officer With $10,000 To Let Their Criminal Asses Back Into Canada

lezJustin Bieber’s entourage got a Niagra Falls border patrol guard fired after she allegedly accepted a $10,000 bribe to let members with criminal records enter Canada from the US last year, reports TMZ.

Bieber’s little bitches gave her cash and backstage passes and agreed to let the entire entourage pass through customs prior to Bieber’s Toronto shows. The accusations surfaced after more of Bieber’s friends allegedly showed up at the border looking for the same special treatment.

The Canada Border Services agency reportedly circulated an internal memo reminding officers not to take bribes, and to report anyone who does. There is a special place in hell for people that condone this stuff..