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Selena Gomez Hangs Out In Paris With Her Friends While Bieber Went On Date With Kendall Jenner

selena-bieber (1)Selea Gomez pictured hanging out with her friends while Justin Bieber went on a date with Selena’s enemy Kendall Jenner. Above is a video of leaving Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Martin after a vacation (honeymoon) trip. They are heading to Paris on Air France. Video by Gromyko Wilson.


Justin Bieber Kendall Jenner Paris Date

Is Selena Gomez Okay With Justin Bieber Dining Out With Kendall Jenner?!kendollJustin Bieber went on a date in Paris with his girlfriend Selena Gomez’s enemy Kendall Jenner a Ferdi restaurant on September 30, 2014 in Paris, France. Selena cut the Jenner’s out of her life after rumor was started that Kris Jenner was going to become her manager. Embarrassed by what her reputation was becoming, she rebuffed Kylie and Kendall’s friendship.

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Justin Bieber Paris Facial Hair Famous

Justin Bieber Goes Shopping In ParisJustin Bieber showed off his famous facial hair while shopping at YSL on the famous Montaigne Avenue in Paris, France on September 30. Bieber recently took Selena to Saint Martin for a love escap.


Justin Bieber Gets Foot Massage At The End Of His Romantic Holiday With Selena Gomez

justin-bieber-selena-foot-massage (5)justin-bieber-selena-foot-massage (73)Justin Bieber indulged in a foot massage after four wheeling with his girlfriend Selena Gomez in Saint Martin. The two soulmates have ended their romantic holiday to get back to creating new music for us. Selena is working on her Greatest Hits album and Bieber is working new music.


Selena Gomez Speeds In Off Road Vehicle On St. Martin + Creepy Security Footage Of Jelena In The Airport

selena-bieber-creepy-pictures (6)selena-bieber-creepy-pictures (3)selena-bieber-creepy-pictures (1)Selena Gomez was photographed speeding in a red off road vehicle + new creepy stalker images have been released of Selena and Justin Bieber at LAX airport waiting in Los Angeles waiting to embark to Toronto on August 27. Selena’s fans acquired the images.

+ fan claims to have heard Selenita’s new song.

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