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Hailey Bieber Says She Doesn’t Like Getting High on Weed … But She Swears By CBD and Hemp

Hailey Bieber W MagazineW Magazine caught up with Hailey Bieber and her friend, surfer Kelia Moniz, at an event where the two were promoting a new capsule collection for beach fashion company, Roxy. At the event, Hailey sat down for an interview, and while the topics ranged from Hailey’s friendship with Kelia to her thoughts on surf culture, a lot of the conversation centered on what Hailey does to support her physical and mental well-being.

Of course, that topic might have been spurred on by reports of that Hailey’s husband, Justin, has been seeking professional medical advice related to recent mental health “struggles.” However, Hailey kept the spotlight firmly on herself, sharing what she has tried to incorporate into her daily regimen to cope with the stresses of a celebrity lifestyle.

One thing that Hailey emphasized was the importance of sleep in maintaining both her physical and mental well-being, and she credited CBD oil — a byproduct of the marijuana plant — as well as meditating, melatonin and help oil, as key elements in helping her Continue Reading →

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber Show off their Swim Suits While Chilling at Laguna Beach

Justin Bieber Hailey Bieber Laguna BeachJustin Bieber and his wife Hailey spent the weekend in Laguna Beach, California. After recently revealing to his fans that he has been “struggling a lot” amid rumors that he has sought counseling for depression, Justin looked determined to try to just blend in, enjoy a few simple pleasures and relax with Hailey and some friends at the beach.

We have some videos and pics of Justin and Hailey chilling at the beach below.   Continue Reading →


Justin Bieber Shares Clips of Himself Giving Hailey Bieber a Hard Time

Justin Bieber Gives Hailey Hard TimeJustin Bieber was in a humorous mood when he shot several clips of himself giving his newlywed wife Hailey Bieber a hard time. In one of the clips, Justin teases Hailey about not loving him anymore, until she finally jumps on him and showers him with kisses.

In another, Justin tries to scare Hailey as she rounds a corner with a number of heavy items in what appears to be an apartment building. When he finally does, Hailey does not seem too pleased as Justin runs away laughing.

You can check out Justin being Justin in the video below.   Continue Reading →


After Joe Jonas Reveals his Fiancee Was a Belieber, Hailey Bieber Admits She Was a Jonas Brothers Fan

Hailey Bieber Jonas BrothersEven though Justin Bieber apparently is struggling a bit with the pressures of wealth and fame, it must have felt nice to hear Joe Jonas reveal that not only is his fiancee Sophie Turner a big Bieber fan, but that he is too. That is, it probably felt great until Justin’s own significant other, wife Hailey Bieber, had a big reveal of her own to share with the “Sorry” singer.

Justin shared a some funny cell phone video of himself and Hailey on his Instagram Stories. The two appeared to be traveling with each other on a private jet.

In the video, Hailey is holding her hands over her face as she confesses Continue Reading →

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Joe Jonas Says His Fiancee Sophie Turner Had a Lot More Love for Justin Bieber than for the Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas AMPJoe Jonas sat down with his brothers Nick and Kevin for an interview with Los Angeles radio station AMP 91.1 to promote their new single “Sucker.” The brothers mostly talked about how the track came together, and also the recording of the song’s music video.

But when talking about the participation of each of the brothers’ significant others in the video for “Sucker,” Joe had to admit that his fiancee, actress Sophie Turner, was actually not so much Jonas Brother fan growing up as she was as a Belieber.

When asked if Sophie was a Jonas Brothers fan, Joe replied “kind of.” “She was more of a Bieber fan,” Joe explained. “I had to get used to that,” Joe added, “when we first met.”

“Literally, it was a little creepy,” Joe continued. Continue Reading →

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“Been Struggling a Lot:” Justin Bieber Asks Fans For Prayers Amid Rumors of Treatment for Depression

Justin Bieber DepressionEarlier today, Justin Bieber shared a post asking his fans for prayers. In the post’s black and white picture, Justin is being held up between his longtime manager Scooter Braun on his right and rapper Kanye West on his left.

In the caption to his post, Justin admits that he has, in fact, been recently going through a rough period. “Just wanted to keep you guys updated,” Justin writes. “Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super disconnected and weird.”

Justin then says Continue Reading →

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