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Despite Reports of Tension, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Present United, PR-Friendly Front on Social Media

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin RomanticIn spite of reports of marital tension and public arguing, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin took to social media this weekend to present a united front. The newlyweds each posted blissful, affectionate pics to their personal Instagram accounts. The photos also have proper, loved-up captions.

Many media outlets are eating the photos up and buying into the sudden narrative of newlywed bliss. Continue Reading →


“Shut The F**k Up:” Justin Bieber Is Starting to Lose it Again with Paparazzi

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin OutburstVideo from earlier this week shows Justin Bieber losing his patience with paparazzi. Shortly before an unhappy looking Justin and Hailey Baldwin were set to catch a flight from Los Angeles to London, the “Sorry” singer snapped out at photographer’s covering his daily lunch at favorite Studio City, California eatery, Joan’s on Third.

When asked by one photographer “how’s the most beautiful couple in the world,” Justin’s reply was simple and to the point. Continue Reading →


Justin Bieber “in the Hood?” For Some Reason Justin Was Hanging Out in South Central LA this Afternoon

Justin Bieber South Central LAJustin Bieber has been back in Los Angeles for the last few days after an extended holiday with his family in Orlando, Florida. And today started out like a pretty normal day for Justin in LA, when he and newlywed wife Hailey Baldwin were seen catching brunch at what has become their favorite spot for a midday meal, trendy Joan’s on Third in Studio City.

At the brunch, Justin was seen smiling with his arm around Hailey, as he wore a bright blue silk Toronto Maple Leafs jacket over Adidas sweats. For her part, Hailey wore a designer white leather jacket over a hoodie and black leather jeans.

But Justin’s clothing, company and surroundings had changed dramatically by the late afternoon. That’s when local residents of the South Central LA neighborhood of Watts, one of the poorest urban areas of the country, gathered to take cell phone videos and pics of Justin awkwardly hanging out near what appeared to be his stalled car.

From various videos and pics, it seems like Justin Continue Reading →


More Reports of Justin Bieber Crying and Appearing “Distressed” Surface from Recent Trip

Justin Bieber Crying UniversalReports of Justin Bieber crying and appearing “distressed” in public continue, as SWNS TV and Daily Mail both published video and reports today of Justin melting down again while on a family holiday to Orlando, Florida earlier this week. Video captured by a fan and then shared via SWNS TV show Justin appearing to hang his head and cry in a bar, while his wife Hailey Baldwin attempts to console him.

The video was reportedly shot by Continue Reading →

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Justin Bieber is Showing Off a New Look in Florida

Justin Bieber Short HairPics and videos from fans show Justin Bieber at Disney World in Orlando, Florida this week. In various videos, Justin appears be having fun while hanging out with his father, mother-in-law, step-siblings and Hailey Baldwin.

But it appears that, in addition to just having some laid-back fun, Justin yesterday also introduced a pretty major change to his look. He has shaved off his much-discussed greasy long hair, and is now sporting a super-short, nearly clean-shaven cut.

You can check out Justin walking around Disney World with the new look in the fan video below.   Continue Reading →


Hailey Baldwin Answers 20 Questions For Japanese Fans

Hailey Baldwin 20 Questions 2Hailey Baldwin gave an extensive interview in which she answered 20 questions for Japanese fashion website Spur.jp. The interview was conducted as part of Hailey’s efforts to promote Tommy Hilfiger’s new line in the Japanese market.

Hailey cheerfully answered Spur‘s questions. Here are a few tidbits that you may or may not know about Hailey:   Continue Reading →