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Selena Gomez ‘Texas, We Are Are Own State’ + Justin Bieber Hiking Shirtless At Runyon Canyon

selena-texas (8)Selena celebrates in Texas while Bieber goes hiking and flying.

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Selena Gomez Posed Wearing ‘The 1975′ T-Shirt While Justin Bieber Searches For Peace Over Breaking Her Heart

selena-1975 (1)bieber-piece (1)bieber-piece (2)Selena Gomez is trying and struggling to move on from her heartbreak after having yet another emotional breakdown over Justin Bieber at Taylor Swift’s birthday party. To try to take her mind of Bitty, she is supporting ‘The 1975′ band. After crying about Justim, Selena’s face was bloated.

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Selena Gomez No Longer Bloated Out For Sushi While Hailey Baldwin Replaces Her At Justin Bieber’s Religious Support

sel-hailey-bloated (2)sel-hailey-bloated (4)Thankfully, Selena Gomez is no longer bloated and was spotted looking beautiful at Kabuki restaurant in LA. Justin Bieber replaced Selena with Hailey Baldwin taking her t church in Washington on December 14. VIDEO under!

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