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Justin Bieber Releases Yet Another Single The World Does Not Need

Justin Bieber releases new song FriendsEDM’s biggest singer, Justin Bieber, may be too exhausted to finish his world tour, but that’s not stopping him from releasing new music. The singer teamed up with producer BloodPop to deliver a new electro-pop song, “Friends.” on Thursday.

There’s no word on if Justin plans on filming a music video for the song. Since cancelling his tour, the singer has managed to find time to do a range of activities. A video doesn’t seem too exhausting.

Listen to “Friends” below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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Ariana Grande And Emma Watson Clean Up At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards

Ariana Grande And Emma Watson Clean Up At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards featureSunday night’s 2017 Teen Choice Awards almost had a lot of awards to hand out. The show on Fox had tons of categories with big name nominees, and some of the winners walked away with a lot of hardware.

Ariana Grande muscled through a tight field to win Choice Female Artist. The “Dangerous Woman Tour” won Choice Summer Tour. Ariana was crown Choice Snapchatter and Choice Changemaker, as well. The mix of love for Ariana on- and off-stage makes her a clear winner with choosy teens. Emma Watson didn’t fare as well in social categories, but she won plenty of trophies for her on-screen work.

Ariana Grande And Emma Watson Clean Up At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards ariana grande tweet

Her role as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” was a TCA powerhouse, with a win for Choice Fantasy Movie and a win for Emma as Choice Fantasy Movie Actress. She split two wins with her beastly co-star Dan Stevens for Choice Movie Ship and Choice Lip Lock. Luckily, Emma didn’t make it into the Choice Summer Movie actress category, where Zendaya got the win for “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

But the night’s real showdown was anything but kissing and shipping. Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony didn’t go toe-to-toe in any categories, but both were nominated for plenty of trophies. Who pulled out the biggest win–the “Havana” singer or her former girl group?

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Justin Bieber Scouts New Athletes For His Inner Circle At The PGA Championship

Justin Bieber attends PGA championship-4Niall Horan may have found himself a golfing buddy in Justin Bieber. The singer was seen in North Carolina on Tuesday for the PGA Championship looking for a new member for his athletic posse that already includes Lewis Hamilton and Neymar.

Dressed in a black hoodie, Justin was an unusual social butterfly taking pictures with fans and the staff. Justin’s close friend and pastor of the Zoe Church in L.A. tagged along for the trip to Charlotte after holding the first church conference this past weekend.

Check out photos and video of Justin at the PGA Championship below.

(Photo credits: Justin Bieber and PGA Instagram accounts)

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Rihanna’s Music Videos Are More Popular Than Beyoncé’s…But Only In Certain Parts Of The U.S.

Rihanna top 10 YouTube streamed artistsWith so many music fandoms at war with each other, the New York Times published a map to put the battles to rest. With the help of YouTube’s geocoded streaming data, the NYT was able to publish U.S. maps of the top 50 artists on the Billboard Hot 100 chart to show where each artists’ YouTube videos were streamed the most.

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Who Wants Pizzagate Leftovers? Katy Perry And Justin Bieber Targeted By Fake News

Who Wants Pizzagate Leftovers Justin Bieber And Katy Perry Targeted By Fake News featureMultiple scandals rocked the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Some of them continue to unfold almost a year after election day. One scandal in particular continues to dog Hillary Clinton and tons of her celebrity supporters, even though it’s been debunked in every possible way.

Pizzagate was a conspiracy theory that arose during the campaign. It claims that Hillary and high-level members of her team were running a child sex trafficking ring out of a Washington, D.C., pizza shop basement. While Comet Ping Pong pizza in D.C. didn’t even have a basement, that didn’t stop a lone vigilante from driving across state lines to shoot up the place.

Who Wants Pizzagate Leftovers Justin Bieber And Katy Perry Targeted By Fake News miley cyrus katy perry tweet

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Justin Bieber Won’t Be Hitting Any More Paparazzi If He Can Help It

Justin Bieber won't be hitting another photogJustin Bieber is taking all of the precaution he can after being cleared of any fault following his run-in with a photographer. After a day of worship, the singer left The Peppermint Club on Sunday night with pastor Chad Veach in tow and was met with paparazzi who joked about not wanting to be hit.

Justin wasn’t upset by the jokes and laughed them off as he politely asked the cameramen to steer clear of the front of his car.

Watch the video below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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