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Cash Her Outside The GRAMMYs? Danielle Bregoli Scores A Meeting With Beyoncé’s Old Producer

Cash Her Outside The GRAMMYs? Danielle Bregoli Gets A Meeting With Beyonce's Old ProducerDanielle Bregoli is still riding her viral fame. Now, instead of using a radio interview to trash talk Kylie Jenner, Danielle actually appears to be making career moves as she’s meeting with big-time music producers at age 14. Over the weekend, Danielle met with Mark Batson and Che Pope.

Mark is a GRAMMY winner for his work on Beyoncé’s “Dangerously In Love” album and has credits with Jay Z, Dr. Dre and Eminem, as well. Che has worked with Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and used to be the head of Kanye West’s label. Mark was giving Danielle a piano lesson in a video from their meet-up.

“This shit’s fucking hard,” Danielle says at the end of the video, getting a laugh from both of the music industry insiders.

Unfortunately, her burgeoning music career isn’t at the forefront of Danielle’s mind right now as a three-year-old video of a fight with her mom is reportedly making authorities question whether or not there’s child abuse going on.

See videos of Danielle learning to play the piano, fighting with her mom and denying that she’s been abused below.

(Photo credit: Danielle Bregoli Instagram account)

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Father John Misty Pulls A Kanye On Taylor Swift

Father John Misty Pulls A Kanye On Taylor SwiftJoshua Tillman, better known as Father John Misty, took a page from Kanye West’s “Famous” playbook and is controversially placing Taylor Swift front and center in a new song. In the track, “Total Entertainment Forever,” Father John Misty fantasizes about virtual reality sex with the “Bad Blood” singer.

“Bedding Taylor Swift / Every night inside the Oculus Rift / After mister and missus finish dinner and the dishes,” the song begins.  “And now the future’s definition is so much higher than it was last year / It’s like the images have all become real / And someone’s living my life for me out in the mirror.”

Although Taylor stood up for herself following the Kanye “Famous” debacle, Father John Misty has a better chance of being in the clear. The result of that lyric consent battle didn’t end in Taylor’s favor and it would make sense for her to stay out of it now.

Granted, Father John Misty probably reached out to Taylor ahead of releasing “Total Entertainment Forever.” He released covers of her music in 2015 and took them down after they became too popular. Taylor’s team reached out to Father John Misty and encouraged him to put them back up, which is a rare request from a singer who protects her music like a religious artifact.

Listen to the track below.

Do you think Taylor will let this one slide?

(Photo credit: diymagazine and beautifulcelebz Twitter accounts)

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Boring Solo Act Niall Horan Prefers Adele Over Beyoncé

Niall Horan Stans Taylor Swift While Playing Golf Inside The House For Charity feature bNiall Horan took his middle-aged persona to the next level in a recent interview with Golf Digest. As Niall fielded questions about his favorite musician and golfer, he was trying to hit golf balls into a pool from all around and inside of a house.With every ball he hit into the pool, Niall raised money for a charity benefitting children of military families.

As part of his interview, Niall was asked to make a few choices in celebrity either/or questions. He picked Adele over Beyoncé, but said, “Both of them we’ll remember forever.” Then, the One Direction singer was asked to pick between Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Niall laughed and said, “Taylor Swift all day long. She’s a sweetheart.” Guess there won’t be any official Niall Yeezy brand golf shoes anytime soon.

Niall also offered up shades of Joe Jonas with a Backstreet Boys impression.

Watch Niall hit a few balls while he takes some questions below.

(Photo credit: Golf Digest YouTube account)

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Sorry Beliebers, Justin Bieber Won’t Be At The Grammys This Year

Justin Bieber Won't Be Attending The GrammysJustin Bieber is taking a page out of Frank Ocean’s playbook and has reportedly decided to skip the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Despite making a truly odd campaign video to win “Album of the Year,” the singer allegedly doesn’t think the Grammys are “relevant or representative,” especially where young artists are concerned. TMZ reports that Justin will be anywhere but the STAPLES Center on February 12 and it seems like his mind is made up.

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Taylor Swift’s 27th Birthday Arrives At The End Of Her Toughest Year Yet

Taylor Swift had the worst 26th year everAfter one hell of a year, Taylor Swift turned 27 on Tuesday. With all of the ups and downs in both her personal and professional life, here’s hoping all of her feuds and faux friends are behind her. From a not-so-peaceful breakup to being exposed by Kim Kardashian-West, here are a few of the reasons why Taylor probably embraced getting older with more enthusiasm than expected.

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Liam Payne Hits Up The Kanye West Concert In L.A.

liam payne hits kanye west's concert in l.a. feature bLiam Payne might be looking for some inspiration. As the One Direction singer is preparing for his debut solo album, he’s been taking in some sights and sounds in the States. After a little stage time with Zedd in Vegas, Liam spent Wednesday night in the crowd at one of Kanye West’s Los Angeles shows at The Forum.

Liam posted a video from the concert. In it, Kanye is on his famous platform suspended over the crowd on the floor. Liam captioned the video, “Kanye West doing his Kanye best.”

See Liam’s post below.

(Photo credits: Liam Payne Instagram account)

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