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The Star Of “13 Reasons Why” Explains What Selena Gomez Actually Did During The Show’s Production

Selena Gomez was more than just a co-producerIf you let Selena Gomez tell it, then she would say that there wasn’t much that she did when it came to the production of “13 Reasons Why.” As a co-producer of the Netflix series, Selena’s role was to be the big name to help sell the project, but the series’ star Katherine Langford says her role was much bigger.

In an interview with MTV UK, the Australia-born actress revealed that Selena was very supportive throughout the process of being cast and while filming the series. “There were no bad feelings or weird feelings, she just let me do it,” Katherine said about Selena’s supportive approach. The producer was in rehab for much of the filming for “13 Reasons Why,” but was able to visit the set on the last day of filming and spend time with the cast.

“We had like dinner and we watched ‘Moonlight’ and just hung out,” Katherine said about their first time interacting with one another.

Watch Katherine’s full interview below.

(Photo credit: Selena Gomez Instagram account)

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