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Lauren Jauregui Achieves “Auntie” Status With Kehlani’s Dog

Lauren Jauregui Achieves Auntie Status With Kehlani's Dog featureLauren Jauregui had a chance to do a little teaching this weekend. The Fifth Harmony singer was hanging with Kehlani and Kehlani’s teddy bear of a dog, Franklin. Apparently, Kehlani and Franklin got to learn a little Spanish from the pooch’s “Auntie.” Kehlani and Lauren both posted pics from their weekend hangout with friend Amy Narodovich and freelance hair stylist Naima Lewis.

Could a musical collaboration be in the works? Lauren surprised fans with a feature on Halsey’s upcoming album. So a project between Lauren and Kehlani isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Or could something more personal being going on?

Both Lauren and Kehlani don’t restrict their sexualities to a single gender. Lauren might be involved with Ty Dolla $ign, but Kehlani appears to be single. The duo definitely has at least one hobby in common.

Check out pics of Lauren and Kehlani’s time together below.

(Photo credits: Lauren Jauregui and Kehlani Instagram accounts)

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Keke Palmer Gets Deep While Hanging With Kehlani

keke palmer kehlani get deep on instagramKehlani and Keke Palmer were apparently just hanging on Monday night when Keke started dropping serious wisdom. It was so deep that Kehlani had to document it via Instagram. Keke laid out how she believes that people want to conform to fit in, but they don’t realize that conformity is stripping them of their future.

“You don’t realize that whatever you’re meant for, whatever is meant for you in your life, that’s how you’re gonna get there–by being who you are,” Keke says in the video. “So when you hide who you are, you cut off yourself from your destiny.”

Check out everything Keke had to say below.

Would you like to hang with Keke and Kehlani?

(Photo credits: Keke Palmer and Kehlani Instagram accounts)

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Kehlani Releases New Song “CRZY” Months After Suicide Attempt

Kehlani releases new song-1Kehlani is back and with a new single. Her latest offering comes two months of radio silence since the release of “24/7.” Like her last song, “CRZY” sounds as if the singer is giving fans a deeper look into her recent struggles that found her deleting her social media accounts and attempting suicide.

Listen to Kehlani’s new song below.

What do you think of “CRZY?”

(Photo credit: Kehlani Instagram account)

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Zendaya Unfollows Chris Brown After His Tweets About Suicide Attempts

Zendaya unfollows Chris-6Zendaya and Tinashe have both unfollowed Chris Brown after the singer posted some insensitive tweets, likely about singer Kehlani’s recent suicide attempt. “There is no attempting suicide. Stop flexing for the gram. Doing shit for sympathy so them comments under your pics don’t look so bad,” he wrote. Continue Reading →

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