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Zendaya, Lea Michele, Missy Elliott And Kelly Clarkson Team Up For The Girls

Michelle Obama girls song-1First Lady Michelle Obama called on a few female artists to team up for the ultimate girls’ anthem. “This Is For My Girls” was released last night and features Missy Elliott, Zendaya, Lea Michele, Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monáe, Kelly Rowland and was written by Grammy-winner Diane Warren.

The song is currently available on iTunes and all proceeds go to the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund.

Hear a snippet of the song below.

(Photo credits: Zendaya and biancalex Instagram accounts)Michelle Obama girls song-2

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Beyoncé Channeled Storm From “X-Men” For Ciara’s Superhero Birthday Bash

Beyonce CiaraCiara celebrated her 30th birthday last night at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California. Her friends and family went all out for the superhero-themed surprise party and, while Ciara herself was hardly shabby in a sexy Catwoman costume, the top costume of the night had to be Beyoncé’s Storm, from the “X-Men” comic series. The singer rocked a white wig, white contacts, and a killer custom body suit and cape to pull off the costume.

Serena Williams, Lily Collins, Kelly Rowland, Jeff Dye and Ciara’s boyfriend Russell Wilson were also in attendance to help her celebrate the big day.

See more of Beyoncé and Ciara’s other guests below.

(Photo credit: Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Jeff Dye, and beybleedblue Instagram accounts, Power 105.1 Twitter Account)


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The Nick Jonas Guide To Not Getting Pelted with Cans When Performing in Philadelphia

2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival - Day 1As people saw last week, Philadelphia can be a tough place to play … even in front of a band’s most devoted fans. That’s why we took notice of Nick Jonas’ performance this weekend at one of Philly’s largest – and some say rowdiest – crowds at the annual Budweiser Made In America Fest. Nearly 140,000 fans over two days, 50 acts, and with the crowd packed right up to the edge of the stage, no place to hide.

So when the Nick Jonas managed to have a noteworthy appearance – and not get pelted – we wondered what the “Levels” singer did to create a good impression and survive the Philly faithful. Fan videos of the event gave us some clues.

nick jonas guide to not getting hit3Step 1: Do A Good Job and Move Things Along. Nick delivered his hits, served up his new song and kept things high energy, with a minimum of shtick, jokes, or extended goodbyes. Unless you’re Beyonce, Philly fans don’t have much patience for fluff.

Nick Jonas guide to not getting hitStep 2: Find a Posse that Can Offer Protection. After performing, Nick decided to spend more time taking in the acts at the festival, and immediately sought out the protection of Beyonce’s entourage. That kind of smart move will lead to respect in Philly. Somehow getting Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Jay-Z to accept you into their circle at an open-air event takes foresight we didn’t even know Nick had.

Nick jonas guide to not getting hit-1Step 3: Forget Leaving – Push Your Way Straight into the Crowd and Stand Next to Jay-Z (Like Your Life Depends on It). Philly fans like performers who are fearless. So wading right out into the masses without bodyguards won Nick points. And even if he looked frightened for his life, the fact that he was standing next to Jay-Z meant he was completely safe. Especially when Jay-Z started singing along to Beyonce’s set. No one’s interrupting Jay-Z at a moment like that.

Below, we have a video of the full Made in America performance that earned Nick a bunch of good press in Philly. We also have two fan videos of the strange sight of Nick standing next to Jay-Z as Jay-Z rocks out to Beyonce’s tunes …

(Photo Credit: FameFlyNet and Nick Jonas Instagram account)

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