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Kevin Jonas, Sr. Opens Up About His Cancer Diagnosis And The Jonas Brothers Rallying Around Him

Kevin Jonas Sr. Opens Up About His Cancer Diagnosis And The Jonas Brothers Rallying Around Him featureIn a new interview with local North Carolina news, Kevin Jonas, Sr. opened up about his cancer diagnosis. The Jonas family patriarch explained how his famous sons have supported him through the frightening time from diagnosis to surgery.

“They cancelled their schedule, moved important things,” Kevin said, sharing how Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, Jr., reacted when he shared the news of his colon cancer. Known affectionally as Papa Jonas, Kevin, Sr. shared how the Jo Bros came together for him.

“They stayed with us, had the last meal before the surgery,” he explained. “They walked me into Sloan-Kettering, which created a little bit of a stir,” he said, referring to the New York-based cancer clinic at which he was treated.

Papa Jonas still has chemotherapy treatments ahead of him. Even as Nick is preparing to drop new music and Joe works to repair Sophie Turner’s public image, it’s obvious the boys will drop everything at a moment’s notice to be with their dad.

Watch Kevin’s interview alongside his wife Denise Jonas below.

(Photo credit: Kevin Jonas, Sr. Instagram account)

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Nick Jonas Is Officially A Godfather

Nick Jonas Is Officially A Godfather featureNick Jonas got to take his mob fantasies to a new level on Sunday as he became an official godfather to his niece, Valentina Jonas. The daughter of Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas, Valentina had a busy day as her dedication ceremony was attended not just by her new godfather, but by Uncle Joe Jonas as well.

Joe posted a selfie with Valentina to his Instagram story, where he also shared some of the quality time he got to spend with younger brother Frankie Jonas.

Check out pics of Nick the godfather below, plus see Joe make a baby smile.

(Photo credit: Nick Jonas Instagram account)

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There’s One Jonas Who Is More Than Ready For The “Camp Rock” Reboot

There's One Jonas Who Is Very Ready For The Camp Rock Reboot featureDemi Lovato isn’t the only one interested in discussing a new “Camp Rock” movie. While Joe Jonas has said he’d be on board for an R-rated version, another Jonas seems ready for a starring role in a more traditional remake. It’s not Nick Jonas or Kevin Jonas–it’s little Alena Jonas, Kevin’s oldest daughter, who was caught on video dancing along to one of Demi’s parts from one of the original movies.

Kevin shared a video of Alena wearing pink pajamas as she grooved along to the music. She’s already made it clear she’s eager for the spotlight, so it looks like she’s studying some of the best artists ever to tour with her uncles.

See video of Alena dancing along to “Camp Rock” below.

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas Instagram accounts)

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Alena Jonas Is Ready To Join The Family Business

Alana Jonas joining the family business-2There will soon be another Jonas making an appearance on the music charts next to uncles Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. Kevin Jonas shared a photo of his daughter Alena Jonas on Sunday holding a microphone.

“Ohh man,” the father of two captioned the photo. If Alena waits a few more years, the oldest Jonas offspring could form a duo group with her sister for a Jonas Brothers counterpart singing group.

See Kevin’s photo of Alena stepping into the spotlight below.

(Photo credit: Kevin Jonas Instagram account)

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Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Finally Invite Kevin Jonas To Hang Out With Them

Jonas Brothers reunite in London-3Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas decided to finally invite older brother Kevin Jonas out for a night on the town. The trio reunited in London on Wednesday for a dinner where the brothers enjoyed bottles of wine all night.

“Brothers Take London,” Joe captioned his family photo on Twitter. The singer recently revealed that he would be down to reunite with his brothers on screen for a more mature installment of “Camp Rock 3.”

Check out the rare family photo and more pictures and video from the Jonas Brothers guys night below.

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas Instagram account; Joe Jonas and JonasAUS Twitter accounts)

Jonas Brothers reunite in London-1

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The Jonas Brothers Are Using Their Pool Table To Feed Hungry Children

Jonas Brothers pool table up for auction-4The Jonas Brothers are auctioning off a family heirloom in order to feed the hungry. Denise Jonas posted a photo of a Jonas Brothers pool table which they will be giving away in order to raise money for the Convoy of Hope foundation.

“The Jonas family is auctioning off our pool table to help feed hungry children around the world,” Denise wrote. The pool table’s starting bid comes at over $2,000 and features a wool cloth with a JB logo shaped like a knight’s crest.

See photos of the Jonas brothers pool table that will help cure world hunger.

(Photo credit: Kevin Jonas Instagram account; Ebay)

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