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“Savage:” Miley Cyrus Shows Love for her Ex Nick Jonas and his Brothers After They Hit No.1

Miley Cyrus SuckerMiley Cyrus is still in total throwback mode with her Instagram account. After Billboard Magazine announced that “Sucker,” the comeback single from the recently reunited Jonas Brothers, would debut at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Miley posted an old pic of herself hanging out with her ex Nick Jonas, his brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

Miley captioned the photo with the words “Sucker,” “Savage” and “More.” She also added a graphic of two hands clapping and a couple more pics of Nick at the bottom of the image.

Miley dated Nick from some time in mid 2006 to December 2007, when they broke up as a couple. In subsequent interviews, Miley has admitted that Nick was her “first love” and that Continue Reading →

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The Jonas Brothers Take the Photo Boot Challenge

Late Late Show Photo BoothThe Late, Late Show just published video from of one skit from last week’s Jonas Brothers takeover . In the skit — called “The Late, Late Show Photo Booth Challenge” — host James Corden asks Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas to each sit in a photo booth and try to recreate an earlier iconic photo booth pic of another star who has been a guest on the show.

You can check out the brothers mugging and making funny faces in the video below.   Continue Reading →

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Top of the Pops at Last: All Three Jonas Brothers React to News of their First No.1 Single

Jonas Brothers BillboardToday, Billboard reports that “Sucker,” the unexpected comeback single from the newly reunited Jonas Brothers, will debut at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the week of March 16th.

The Jonas Brothers first appeared on the Hot 100 chart almost 13 years ago. Previously, the trio’s highest place on the chart was at No. 5 with “Burnin’ Up” back in 2008. The brothers also had another top 10 hit in 2008 with the song “Tonight,” which peaked at No. 8.

So, in terms of singles chart success, “Sucker” blows away everything that the Jonas Brothers have done prior to the group’s 6 year hiatus. And the three brothers could not help but share their reactions on social media.  Continue Reading →

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Joe Jonas Says His Fiancee Sophie Turner Had a Lot More Love for Justin Bieber than for the Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas AMPJoe Jonas sat down with his brothers Nick and Kevin for an interview with Los Angeles radio station AMP 91.1 to promote their new single “Sucker.” The brothers mostly talked about how the track came together, and also the recording of the song’s music video.

But when talking about the participation of each of the brothers’ significant others in the video for “Sucker,” Joe had to admit that his fiancee, actress Sophie Turner, was actually not so much Jonas Brother fan growing up as she was as a Belieber.

When asked if Sophie was a Jonas Brothers fan, Joe replied “kind of.” “She was more of a Bieber fan,” Joe explained. “I had to get used to that,” Joe added, “when we first met.”

“Literally, it was a little creepy,” Joe continued. Continue Reading →

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The Jonas Brothers Go For a Long Ride with James Corden in “Carpool Karaoke”

Jonas Brothers Carpool KaraokeAs promised nearly a week ago, the newly reunited Jonas Brothers stepped into the SUV with James Corden on last night’s Late, Late Show for a full episode of “Carpool Karaoke.” Not only did Joe, Nick and Kevin sing along with James to a selection of their songs on the radio, but they also answered tough questions while attached to a polygraph machine.

The highlights? For some fans, one highlight might be when Nick finally admits that he did in fact break up the band … but that he also was the first brother to want to reunite. For other fans, a highlight might be hearing Joe’s admission that he still has trouble listening to authority figures of any type because of bad experiences during his Disney days.

However, for many fans, the true highlight will probably be Continue Reading →

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The Jonas Brothers Play a Game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”

Nick Jonas Spill Your GutsOn the second night of their weeklong takeover of The Late, Late Show, the Jonas Brothers were invited to play a special version of host James Corden’s recurring game segment, “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.” Basically, the game is like “Truth or Consequences” in which guests are asked various embarrassing questions by James. If guests choose to not answer the question truthfully, they are forced to eat some truly disgusting snack.

The disgusting snacks confronting Joe, Nick and Kevin included “Worm Spaghetti,” “Bull Penis,” “Beetle Marmalade Toast,” and “Bird Saliva.”

But James made some changes to his normal game format to accommodate all three brothers playing. For their game, Joe, Nick and Kevin individually had to answer a number of embarrassing questions — but if any one of the brothers chose not to answer, then all of the brothers had to down one of the disgusting dishes.

Watch James manages to work a little bit of sibling rivalry into the game in the video below.   Continue Reading →

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