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Kendall Jenner Admits Her “Life Is Over” Because Of Pepsi Fiasco

Kendall Jenner thinks her life is overKendall Jenner was feeling the backlash after her tone-deaf Pepsi ad and was met with serious anger from all sides. In a promo teaser of the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” 10th anniversary episode, the model is seen looking worried as she tells her sisters her “life is over.”

“You made a mistake,” Kim Kardashian said to stop Kendall’s melodramatic antics. Kendall didn’t seem too worried about her public image, because she still has yet to issue an apology of her own. Instead, she let Pepsi portray her as the victim in a statement released to the public.

Although the world is still being bombarded with covers featuring the fashion icon of the decade, Kendall is has to walk a tightrope because of her laundry list of insensitive actions.

Watch the promo clip below.

(Photo credits: KUWTK Instagram account; MrFilmkritik Twitter account)

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Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner Will Make Their Big Screen Debut In “Ocean’s 8″

Kendall and Kylie Jenner in Oceans 8-5Rihanna isn’t the only one who can be seen in the upcoming “Ocean’s 8.” Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian-West will all be making appearances in the all-female remake due to hit theaters in 2018.

The sisters were on set to film a Met Gala-inspired scene, but they don’t appear to have interacted with any of the film’s stars while shooting.

Check out photos of the sisters in their looks below.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner Snapchat account; knjdaily Twitter account)

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The Self-Proclaimed World’s First Supermodel, Janice Dickinson, Calls Out Kendall Jenner

Janice Dickinson Calls Out Kendall JennerKendall Jenner’s modeling career has been subject to harsh criticism from established supermodels and Janice Dickinson, the self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel, is the latest to fire shots. Janice appeared on a recent episode of “The Tomorrow Show” and discussed how much has changed in the industry since she began. “We had to work on our own merit, not our 96 million social media people that got Vogue to pay attention to the Gigi Hadids and Kendall Jenners.” Janice says. The model spends little time bashing Gigi, but quickly escalates to calling out the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan.

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Kendall Jenner Keeps Silent On Controversial Issues For A Reason

Kendall Jenner too scared to speak outThere’s a reason why you haven’t seen Kendall Jenner speak out about certain issues, unless it relates to her supermodel title, and you shouldn’t expect her to use her platform any time soon.

In a sneak peak of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kendall sits down with sisters Khloé and Kim Kardashian who revealed that she works with an organization called Everytown and regularly meets with gun violence victims. While Khloé seemed interested in talking to the victims, Kendall looked as if she wanted no part in the organization.

“I know that we are public figures and seeing how controversial it could be to speak out about something you’re passionate about. I just think I don’t want the attention of someone not agreeing with what I’m saying,” the model explains.

Hear what else Kendall had to say about speaking out against gun violence below.

What do you think of Kendall’s decision not to speak out about hot-button issues?

(Photo credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram account)

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Miley Cyrus Embraces Her Dark Side Thanks To The “Kardashian Glow”

Miley Cyrus wants a Kardashian Glow-2Miley Cyrus is trying to get that “Kardashian Glow” after finding a bottle of bronzer on Tuesday night. The actress posted a photo of herself, zit cream and all, holding the bottle that was given to her as a signed gift from Kim Kardashian.

Captioning the photo, “ignore my face cream & fuckin take a look at this gem I juzzzzz found deep in z archives lol.” We have a feeling the bottle has never been used.

See Miley with her signed bottle of natural bronzer below.

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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Kylie Jenner Spots Her 3-Year-Old Niece, North West, A Free Lip Kit Sample

kylie jenner aunt spots niece north west a free lip kit sampleAs if her throwback to the first episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” wasn’t enough, Kylie Jenner is proving that she’s growing up right before our eyes. After posing with Tyga’s son, King Cairo, for a selfie, Kylie took over some babysitting duties at King’s birthday party. The Ferrari-themed event gave Kylie a chance to play Auntie to a pint-sized fashionista, her niece North West.

The daughter of Kylie’s half-sister Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North apparently had her heart set on trying one of those hard-to-get Kylie lip kits. And her sweet aunt was happy to oblige. Kylie’s friend Anastasia worked the camera as Kylie decked North out in her sold-out “Trick” shade.

Check out Kylie’s videos of North at King’s birthday party below, including her lip kit adventure, a backwards ride down a giant slide and some quality time with Grandma Kris Jenner.

(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram account)

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