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Diddy Can’t Stop And Won’t Stop Accidentally Shading Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner

Diddy Can't Stop Accidentally Shading Kendall Jenner And Kylie JennerSean “Diddy” Combs can’t seem to stop inadvertently shading the Jenner sisters. Back in May, Kylie Jenner captured Instagram’s attention with an oddly random star-studded Met  Gala post that Diddy was part of. Diddy later uploaded the picture to his account and stirred up talk by cropping Kylie and Kendall Jenner out of it.

He’s at it again.

Earlier this week, Diddy hosted a screening for his documentary “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The Bad Boy Story” and Kendall was one of several celebrity guests. The eldest Jenner sister finally made her way to Diddy’s Insta, but, in a humorous turn of events, he accidentally tagged Kylie instead.

“I’m human people,” he sounded off in the comments after catching on to his oversight. “I make mistakes. Sorry.” The photo has since been changed to tell the world that it is, in fact, Kendall in the photo. Hopefully third time’s a charm if the sisters are ever around Diddy again.

(Photo credit: tylere2006 Twitter account)

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Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner Spent Father’s Day Trying To Keep The Peace

Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner Spent Father's Day Trying To Keep The Peace featureKendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are caught in the middle of a family feud. Caitlyn Jenner’ had a lot to say about their mom, Kris Jenner, i her tell-all book and the Kardashian family matriarch is not forgiving. But she is apparently trying to forget her ex, Caitlyn.

Kris shared a collage on Instagram of all the dads in the Kardashian universe. Robert Kardashian, Kanye West, Scott Disick and new father Rob Kardashian all showed up in it. But Caitlyn, the father of Kendall and Kylie, was left out.

Kendall and Kylie didn’t forget their dad on Father’s Day, though. The trio of Jenner women headed out to a car show on Rodeo Drive in L.A. with Caitlyn’s puppy, Bertha. Caitlyn posted a pic with her daughters and Kylie showed off her “daddy’s day” look in a pair of Instagram posts, including one featuring Kendall.

Check out Kris’ controversial post and pics from Kendall and Kylie’s day out with Caitlyn below.

(Photo credit: Caitlyn Jenner Instagram account)

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Calvin Harris Tops Ex Taylor Swift In Forbes Highest Paid Celebrity Rankings

Taylor Swift Topped By A Familiar Face In Forbes Highest Paid Celebrity List- Calvin Harris featureForbes has dropped its list of the 100 highest earning celebrities in the last year. Working with gross, pre-tax income estimates, the publication has revealed who the best paid stars in the world are. While Sean “Diddy” Combs and Beyoncé were an unsurprising top two, there were a few unexpected entries on the list.

Selena Gomez’s obsession, The Weeknd, clocked in at number six thanks to streaming revenue and ticket sales. That might make Selena proud, but her pal Taylor Swift might be having a harder time with some of the rankings.

With $44 million, she clocked in at number 49 without a mega tour to propel her upward. But a familiar name is ahead of her by a few places; her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris out-earned her by $4.5 million. Taylor got a piece of that action, and maybe even helped increase his visibility through their messy breakup.

But at 49, there’s still quite a few names on the list below her. Taylor can take solace in the fact that she beat out her nemesis Katy Perry.

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This Won’t End Well! Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Get Matching Tattoos

Travis Scott Gets A Matching Tat With His Butterfly Kylie Jenner featureThings are getting serious between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. The couple even has a couple of permanent reminders of each other now. The duo recently got matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles. Each got what looks like a butterfly from the side, but the tats combine to form a full butterfly if they get close enough together.

Kylie and Travis have been getting plenty close as their relationship takes off. The duo has not been able to keep their hands off of each other. And, apparently, the new ink is more than just an excuse to wrap their ankles around each other.

Travis Scott Gets A Matching Tat With His Butterfly Kylie Jenner travist tweet 2“Butterfly” appears to be Travis’ nickname for Kylie. The rapper has been tweeting about someone he refers to with a butterfly emoji following the release of his song “The Butterfly Effect.”

Check out the couple’s new tats and tweets from Travis below.

(Photo credits: Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Instagram accounts)

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A Desperate Kylie Jenner Scrambles To Get Some Distance From Her Persona In New Reality Show

Kylie Jenner Is Really Desperate To Get Some Distance From Her Image In Her New Reality Show featureA pair of new teasers from E! Entertainment has Kylie Jenner laying out the goal for her new reality show. Apparently, the star wants “Life of Kylie” to be a revealing looking behind the public image that she feels trapped by. In two trailers, Kylie discusses “putting on” a persona for the world and how “everyone feels like” they know her.

“There’s an image that I feel constantly pressured to keep up with and then there’s who I really am,” Kylie says. “That’s who I want you guys to get to know.”

In one of the teasers, Kylie’s bestie Jordyn Woods drops a line about the difficulties of being Kylie’s friend. That’s the kind of drama fans can expect from the reality series about Kylie trying to find true happiness.

Whether or not Kylie will tackle repeated theft accusations on the show remains to be seen.

Watch the latest trailers below.

(Photo credit: E! Entertainment YouTube account)

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Kylie Jenner Announces Summer Cosmetics Line And Twitter Is Not Here For It

kylie teases new cosmetic kitKylie Jenner recently took to Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to tease her newest cosmetics collection. After just releasing her camo collection, she may feel that she needs to redeem herself; especially, as allegations of cultural appropriation and theft continue to loom over her surgically enhanced head.

Kylie’s latest collection is called Vacation, a suitable name for the summer. However, Twitter users are not forgiving her for allegedly stealing her camo looks from another designer or her ongoing feud with startup makeup moguls. Many suspect the Vacation collection may also feature “borrowed” products. We guess the sunny name couldn’t block out all of the shade.

The conspicuous collection is set to drop June 15 at 3PM PST. 

Check out the Instagram announcement as well as a few fan reactions below.

(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram account)

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