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Lauren Jauregui Is A Model Now

Lauren Jauregui Is A Model Now featureLauren Jauregui’s latest solo endeavor isn’t a musical project. Instead of getting behind the mic, Lauren got in front of the camera for Fraud, a clothing brand specializing in “snobbish costumes.” Lauren posed for the brand in a white velvet hoodie. The pics popped up on the brand’s Instagram account and Lauren shared them on her own as well.

The modeling shots aren’t exactly Lauren’s first connection to the retailer. A quick scroll through Fraud’s Instagram account reveals tons of shots of Lucy Vives, Lauren’s possible girlfriend. While the two have yet to confirm their relationship, it seems like they’re never apart for long.

The modeling pics come as it’s been announced that one member of Lauren’s girl group, Fifth Harmony, will be competing on “Dancing With The Stars” soon.

Could Lauren be trying to boost her visibility ahead of appearing on a reality show?

Check out pics of her modeling gig below.

(Photo credit: Lauren Jauregui Instagram account)

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One Member Of Fifth Harmony Is Ready To Flex On “Dancing With The Stars”–But Which One?

One Member Of Fifth Harmony Is Read To Flex On Dancing With The Stars But Which OneAccording to an anonymous source cited in a report from Variety, a member of Fifth Harmony is set to appear in the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars.” Alongside other famous faces like Nancy Kerrigan, Mr. T and Simone Biles, one of the group’s four members is rumored to compete for the famous disco ball in the competition. But which one will it be? A simple process of elimination might clear up the hazy question.

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Ariana Grande, Lauren Jauregui and Miley Cyrus All Want To #ProtectTransKids

Ariana Grande, Lauren Jauregui and Miley Cyrus All Want To #ProtectTransKids featurePresident Donald Trump’s administration has ended protections for transgender children in schools enacted under Barack Obama, and stars are taking notice. In their latest political commentaries, Lauren Jauregui and Miley Cyrus were both vocal about how upset they were by the decision. Ariana Grande, who’s been dipping her toe into the world of politics, also posted in opposition to the move.

Lauren used the news as another chance to criticize Donald’s polices. Her ongoing resistance to the new administration includes responses not just on the news about trans kids, but also immigration and environmental policies. Ariana was less pointed in her criticism, as she posted support for the young people facing discrimination at school. Ariana has been sticking her neck out a little bit after attending a Women’s March with her family.

Check out posts from Lauren, Ariana and Miley below.

(Photo credits: Ariana Grande, Lauren Jauregui and Miley Cyrus Instagram accounts)

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Fifth Harmony Leaves Fans Seeing Red Following First New Orleans Gig As A Foursome

Fifth Harmony's New Orleans Gig Is A Hot Homecoming For Normani Kordei featureFifth Harmony took to the stage at an event called Family Gras in New Orleans on Saturday night, where the ladies performed some of their biggest hits in a coordinated set of red ensembles. The group’s show for an all-ages crowd included not only songs like “Work From Home,” but even featured a rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.”

The show was more than just Fifth Harmony’s first gig in the Big Easy as a foursome. It was a homecoming for Normani Kordei, who took to Twitter to share how much she enjoyed the chance to perform in her hometown. She even got to revisit the house she grew up in ahead of the show.

Check out photos and video from Fifth Harmony’s trip to New Orleans below.

(Photo credits: Fifth Harmony Instagram account; 5HNewsBrasil Twitter account)

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Lauren Jauregui: “My Mental Health Has Been Erased”

Lauren Jauregui Uses Twitter And Crystals For The Sake Of Her Mental Health featureLauren Jauregui sat down with Teen Vogue for an in-depth interview about her politics and activism. The Fifth Harmony singer discussed not just issues she’s passionate about, but also offered up her experiences and advice about how to engage politically without losing it. For Lauren, that side of activism is important because the political climate has her suffering. “My mental health has been erased,” she admits. “It’s all started going down.”

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