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Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Is Featured On Halsey’s “hopeless fountain kingdom”

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Is Featured On Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom featureHalsey’s unconventional album promotion continued on Friday as she released her new album’s track list. The singer’s sophomore effort, “hopeless fountain kingdom,” already had its cover art revealed with a scavenger hunt. Now, she’s dropped the track list off in a fake newspaper called “The Kingdom Times” on certain fans’ doorsteps. Even one of her fans was a little exasperated by the method.

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Is Featured On Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom fan tweet 2That same fan shared pics of an email from Halsey’s team about the new morning edition that would be left outside her front door. The paper contained fake stories about Halsey’s “Now Or Never” music video and the new album’s track list–including features.

There’s only three. Quavo from Migos will make an appearance, as will the DJ Cashmere Cat. There’s a duet coming with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, as well.

See the full track list below.

What do you think Halsey and Lauren’s “Strangers” will sound like?

(Photo credit: Lauren Jauregui Instagram account)

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Did Lauren Jauregui Steal Ty Dolla $Ign Away From His Girlfriend?

Lauren Jauregui Got Her Claws Into Ty Dolla SIgn, Stole Him From His GirlfriendTy Dolla $ign gets along well with the members of Fifth Harmony. His smash hit collaboration with the group, “Work From Home,” started a great professional relationship. But is Ty doing more than working with one of the group’s remaining members?

The Internet is on fire with rumors that Ty is dating Lauren Jauregui. The duo has been spotted out bowling for Ty’s birthday and, more recently, at Coachella together.

Perez Hilton has been dumping gasoline on the flames with his claims that Ty’s girlfriend Alycia Bella tweeted and deleted something about a performer in the girl group. The deleted tweet says that Alycia got cheated on by Ty with “a 5th harmony member.” Perez even seems to have receipts. While it’s not hard to fake a screenshot, Perez has a reply tweet from Alycia admonishing him for “talking about somebody else’s business.”

If what Perez says is true, it means Ty and Lauren got together while he was still with Alycia. Sounds like Normani Kordei was right when she said Lauren is the Maleficent of the group.

Neither Ty nor Lauren has directly addressed the controversy, but the duo does have at least one thing in common. Ty tweeted that he’s celebrating 4/20 on Thursday, and Lauren has been known to keep a little weed on her.

Check out all of the tweets below, plus see Lauren and Ty hanging out at his birthday party and Coachella.

Do you think Lauren really stole Ty?

(Photo credits: Lauren Jauregui And Ty Dolla $ign Instagram accounts)

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Normani Kordei Reveals Which Of The Remaining Members Of Fifth Harmony Is An Evil Queen

Normani Kordei Plays Mulan For Dancing With The Stars, Reveals Which Member Of Fifth Harmony Is Maleficent featureNormani Kordei is still dominating the “Dancing with the Stars” competition. The Fifth Harmony singer scored a 39 out of 40 on Monday night as she and partner Val Chmerkovskiy got manly to the classic Disney song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”

Even though her bandmates couldn’t make it to this episode, the group was still on Normani’s mind in an interview. Normani was asked which Disney princess each member of the group most resembled.

Normani picked Mulan for herself. Unsurprisingly, she drew a connection between Dinah Jane Hansen and Moana. Ally Brooke Hernandez is apparently an Emma Watson-type as Normani thought she resembled Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” But her pick for Lauren Jauregui was a little less flattering.

For Lauren, Normani reportedly picked Maleficent, the villainous queen who put Sleeping Beauty to rest.

See Normani’s “Mulan” dance routine and catch some interviews from Monday night below.

(Photo credit: “Dancing with the Stars” YouTube account)

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Fifth Harmony Scores First Magazine Cover As A Foursome

Fifth Harmony Gives Galore Magazine A Throwback Cover For The Ages featureFifth Harmony may be looking ahead, but the quartet is not afraid to go old school, either. The girl group stepped up its bandana, fishnet and denim game for some late ’90s/early aughts vibes on the latest cover of Galore Magazine.

The spread is part of a new cover for an issue with “The Sisterhood of Sound” on the front. In front of a bunch of backgrounds full of roses, lightning and horses, the girls look like they stepped right out of a trapper keeper for their first magazine cover as a four-piece. It’s a bold move for four women who want to be the future of music.

The group has been spending a lot of time in the studio this year–and sometimes even as solo acts. But it looks like the message from Fifth Harmony is there’s no stopping them, even if someone else leaves the group.

See the new cover and more pics from the spread below.

(Photo credit: Galore Magazine Instagram account)

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Lauren Jauregui And Steve Aoki’s Collaboration Is Full Of “Studio Shenanigans”

Lauren Jauregui and Steve Aoki get crazyIt’s no secret that Lauren Jauregui has been in the studio working with Steve Aoki and the duo let fans see what they’ve been up to all of this time. Teasing one of his unreleased songs, Steve and Lauren recorded some of their “studio shenanigans” as they continued to work on a track for the DJ’s upcoming album “Kolony.”

Now that the singer is back in the States after wrapping up the Asian leg of the “7/27 Tour,” hopefully fans can expect to hear the collaboration originally announced in February.

See what the two artists have been doing in the studio below.

(Photo credit: Steve Aoki Instagram account)

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Go Inside Lauren Jauregui’s “Lit Night” Out In Hong Kong

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Has A Lit Night In Hong Kong featureLauren Jauregui is living it up on Fifth Harmony’s tour in Asia. She took the chance to see some sights in Hong Kong while the group is on tour across the Pacific. She went on another Instagram spree Saturday night as she shared pics from a Chinese classical garden, a group dinner and a dance floor.

Lauren isn’t the only member of the girl group enjoying some sightseeing. Normani Kordei spent a day out and about with her “Dancing With The Stars” partner Val Chmerkovskiy.

See what Lauren was up to on a Saturday night in Hong Kong below.

(Photo credit: Lauren Jauregui Instagram account)

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