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Finally Through The Teenage Wasteland: Dinah Jane Hansen Is The Last Member Of Fifth Harmony To Turn 20

Finally Through The Teenage Wasteland: Dinah Jane Hansen Is The Last Member Of Fifth Harmony To Turn 20 featureDinah Jane Hansen turned 20 on Thursday making her the last member of Fifth Harmony to age out of her teen years. The youngest of the four remaining members, Dinah celebrated her big day with a very grown-up series of photos.

Four black-and-white portraits of Dinah showed off a mature look for the fresh new 20-something. In a long white coat with a big messy bun the 5H singer shot the camera her best smoldering eyes.

Lauren Jauregui retweeted a link to one of the posts with some sweet words for Dinah. Normani Kordei and Ally Brooke Hernandez are all quiet on their accounts, but the official Fifth Harmony account sent out a loving message.
Finally Through The Teenage Wasteland: Dinah Jane Hansen Is The Last Member Of Fifth Harmony To Turn 20 lauren tweet

Lauren, Normani and Ally all also took to Instagram, where they all shared lengthy posts about Dinah.

Normani just celebrated her 21st, and Lauren is turning 21 in a few short days. Ally is the older sister of the group, so she might have to take the lead for Dinah’s next birthday. The group only has a year to prepare for when its resident turn-up queen turns 21.

See Dinah’s new portraits and the posts below.

(Photo credit: Dinah Jane Hansen Instagram account)

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Fifth Harmony Speaks On Changing Its Name And If They’ll Ever Be A Fivesome Again

Fifth Harmony Speaks On Changing Its Name Or Finding A New Member featureFifth Harmony sat down with MTV to discuss one of the most persistent parts of the post-Camila Cabello departure rumor mill. The four ladies remaining re-affirmed their commitment to the name Fifth Harmony despite playing a woman down.

When asked about a name change, Normani Kordei and Ally Brooke Hernandez answered in unison: “Absolutely not.” “It was obviously a lot,” Lauren Jauregui said. “Regardless, we were all very united on the fact that we didn’t want to change the name.” Then adding, “we felt, within ourselves, like Fifth Harmony is the name we grew with and worked for. It’s our whole entire moment.”

“And the fans named us Fifth Harmony,” Dinah Jane Hansen added. “They named us Fifth Harmony and now they’re the fifth member.”

Sounds like the group isn’t interested in a fifth member other than its devoted Harmonizers.

Hear everything the girls had to say about a name change below.

(Photo credit: Fifth Harmony Instagram account)

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Halsey Reveals The Worst Things People Say About Her In Paper Magazine’s Pride Issue

Halsey Reveals The Worst Things People Say About Her In Paper Magazine's Pride Issue featureHalsey is leaning in to her queer identity in a new cover story for Paper Magazine. The singer was joined by model Caroline Miner Smith for a sexually charged photo shoot featuring Halsey in all kinds of strappy and revealing outfits. The duo even faked a little intimacy for the camera.

In her interview for the story, Halsey opened up about acting out intimacy with Lauren Jauregui for their duet “Strangers.” Halsey explained how that song “just happened.”

“I was thinking about this person I was spending time with,” Halsey adds. “We were having sex and going to dinner and whatever, but I asked myself, ‘When was the last time I kissed them on the mouth? I don’t even remember.'”

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Liam Payne Celebrates His First Father’s Day As Stars Send Love To Their Dads

Liam Payne Celebrates His First Father's Day While Stars Send Love To Dads featureLiam Payne celebrated his first Father’s Day as a dad this year. He recently welcomed baby Bear Payne into the world and got to join his One Direction pal Louis Tomlinson on the dads’ side of the annual holiday. He got a special message from his baby momma Cheryl Fernandez-Versini for the big day and retweeted a .gif of his dad sharing some thoughts on fatherhood.

Louis wasn’t so lucky. He tweeted about missing his son, Freddie Reign Tomlinson. “Hope everyone has had a good day with their kids,” he wrote. “Missing my little Freddie today.”

Kevin Jonas was one of the other stars to post about his kids. He shared a pic of his two daughters and a throwback to celebrate Papa Jonas. Nick Jonas posted a pic with three young Jonas Brothers as he gave a shout out to Kevin Jonas, Sr., too.

Ariana Grande, Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid, Lea Michele and all four members of Fifth Harmony also shared about the fatherly holiday.

Check out all the Father’s Day love below.

(Photo credit: Liam Payne Instagram account)

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Lauren Jauregui Sounds Off On The Philando Castile Verdict Amid Protests

Lauren Jauregui Sounds Off On The Philando Castile Verdict Amid Protests featureLauren Jauregui mounted up for another political outburst on Twitter Friday. The Fifth Harmony singer was outraged when she learned that a Minnesota jury found Officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty in the death of Philando Castile.

Jeronimo shot Philando, a school cafeteria worker, four times at a traffic stop as Philando reached for his identification. The jury didn’t convict him on a count of second-degree manslaughter.

Lauren was livid as she posted about the 963 people killed by police last year. “Like, let’s please stop calling this a fucking ‘justice system,” she wrote in an angry tweet. She called Jeronimo’s actions murder, a distinction the legal system didn’t charge him with.

Lauren wasn’t alone in her pain; an estimated 2,000 people marched in St. Paul, Minnesota, after the verdict. The shock was due in part to video footage Philando’s girlfriend shared live on Facebook in the moments immediately following the shooting.

It’s not unusual for Lauren to comment on big politics and news topics via her Twitter account. She’s not afraid to take her activism to the streets either. And she’s proved she’s willing to put some money where her mouth is.

Check out Lauren’s tweets about the case below.

(Photo credit: Lauren Jauregui Instagram account)

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Fifth Harmony Has A Lot Of Nice Things To Say About One Other Following Cabello’s Exit

Fifth Harmony Sure Says A Lot Of Nice Things About Each Other Ever Since Camila Cabello Left featureFifth Harmony recently sat down with Time Magazine for a total love fest of an interview. Since the departure of Camila Cabello from the group, Ally Brooke Hernandez has called the group’s latest tour the “best time we’ve ever had.” Even as all four of the group’s remaining members are pursuing solo projects, the ladies are coming together again for a new album led by “Down.”

“The very exciting thing about going into this album is that we know the story we want to tell,” Ally Brooke said. “We draw from our personal experiences. We’ve been in the studio, and we’ve had a lot of creative control. And through that, we’ve been able to co-write more than half of our album. It was an amazing process to have that creative freedom. It’s great to put in our voices and our words on this album.”

So, what exactly is in those voices and those words? Time asked the group’s members to explains what’s different about them as musicians and individuals as they enter a new era. The women of Fifth Harmony took it as a chance to sing each other’s praises. Each took a turn describing what she admires about another member of the group.

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