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Miley Gets Drunk And Instagrams Areola And Nipple Pictures After It’s Rumored That Selena Had Sex With Liam Hemsworth Also

miley-drunk-nipple (5)miley-drunk-nipple (2)Miley gets drunk and Instagrams areola and nipple pictures with friends after it’s rumored that Selena Gomez had sex with Miley’s ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth. It is likely the reason why Miley has been bashing Selena for the past two years and has become obsessed with her.

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Liam Hemsworth Warning To Patrick Schwarzenegger ‘Have Fun With Miley, But Don’t Marry Her’

FFN_Miley_Liam_FF5FF10_091112_508830691partyPatrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus’ love is fading, reports The Enquirer:’Miley expected a proposal on Valentine’s Day. Now she’s extremely disappointed.

Patrick got scared off after Liam told him to have fun with Miley, but definitely avoid a commitment. Liam experienced Miley’s dark side firsthand. Since he and Patrick are casual friends, Liam thought he owed it to Patrick to give him a heads-up.

Patrick realized that Miley’s a blast to be around, but she’s not long-term girlfriend material. Patrick has been spending fewer nights at her house, and he bailed on a planned March trip to the Caribbean.’ Poor Miley, the same thing happened when people warned Nick Jonas about her :(

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