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Lindsay Lohan Looks Back At A Time When She Was An Actress

Lindsay Lohan post parent trap throwback-2Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been making headlines for the past few months, but she is still here to remind you that at one point in time she was a working actress. The former Hollywood It Girl took to her an Instagram, as she has done in the past, to post a throwback photo of herself on the set of her most popular film.

“#memories,” Lindsay captioned the behind-the-scenes photo on the set of “The Parent Trap.” Lindsay may soon get a chance to be seen in a movie once again as long as she doesn’t do anything to piss Tyra Banks off. The former model announced that her film co-starring Lindsay “Life Size” would be getting a sequel and is not against the idea of her costar returning.

“Every time I see her she gives me a hug like it was back in the day, like she’s 10 years old again—I would love for you to come back and do something for Life-Size, will you? Will you?” Tyra reached out to the star.

Take a look at Lindsay’s throwback photo below.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)

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Tyra Banks Wants Zendaya For The Long-Awaited “Life Size 2″

Tyra Banks Wants Zendaya For The Long-Awaited Life Size 2Tyra Banks had a chance to chat about “Life Size 2,” the sequel to her 2000 movie about a doll who comes to life. Tyra revealed that five years and four scripts have gone into the project, which will be out on Freeform by Christmas 2018.

She shared that the story will focus on a grown-up Eve dealing with “more adult things.” Tyra is set to reprise her role as Eve, the doll who came to life, but she has some thoughts about who else might appear in the movie.

“I would love Zendaya,” Tyra said. “I think Zendaya would be really interesting.” Zendaya appeared on the most recent season of Tyra’s show “America’s Next Top Model,” but Tyra had surrendered her hosting duties to Rita Ora. The idea of the two working together has a lot of people excited.

Tyra also addressed whether or not Lindsay Lohan, her co-star in the original “Life Size” film, would return.

“I have to talk to my fellow producers, but I think that would be interesting, right?” Tyra asked in reply. “I mean–that was my girl back in the day.”

See everything Tyra had to say about the upcoming sequel to “Life Size” below.

(Photo credits: Tyra Banks and Zendaya Instagram accounts)

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Lindsay Lohan Is Hijacking Social Media For Her New TV Show

Lindsay Lohan Is Back And Hijacking Social Media For Her New TV Show featureLindsay Lohan is back after an extended hiatus from movies, TV and music to focus on activism. She shared a teaser trailer for her new TV show via Twitter, and it looks like “The Anti-Social Network” will have her taking over people’s social media to put them up to dares for cash prizes.

For the reality series, Lindsay is working her devilish grin as she takes pranking to a new level. The teaser has her enlisting the best friend of a contestant named Charlie. After pumping the pal for information, she challenges Charlie to pose nude for an art class, do some stand-up comedy and confess his true feelings to his boss.

It remains to be seen whether the comeback show will land Lindsay that “Little Mermaid” role she wants so bad.

Watch the trailer for Lindsay’s new show below.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Twitter account)

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Lindsay Lohan Just Got Some Bad News About Her “Little Mermaid” Plans

Lindsay Lohan lost her dream directorAfter months of begging for Disney to cast her in the title role of Ariel in a “The Little Mermaid” live-action reboot, Lindsay Lohan has finally heard an answer–just not one she wanted. “Beauty and the Beast” director Bill Condon, who Lindsay wants to direct the mermaid film, revealed how he felt to be chosen by the actress.

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Is Lindsay Lohan’s New Fashion Line Going To Feature Hijabs?

Lindsay Lohan starting a fashion line-2Until Disney takes a chance on Lindsay Lohan’s pleas to cast her in “The Little Mermaid” and other films Lindsay is going to have to find other means at staying relevant. Enter the idea of launching a fashion line possibly featuring Hijabs. The actress has spent a lot of time in Syria and it has recently been reported that Lindsay has been studying the Qur’an.

The actress didn’t reveal too many details in her announcement photo of her in a headscarf and only confirmed that her line would be “coming soon.”

See Lindsay’s announcement below.

(Photo credits: LohanMafia Twitter account; Lindsay Lohan Instagram account) 

Lindsay Lohan starting a fashion line-1


Lindsay Lohan Is Still Begging Disney For A Job With Two New Films

Lindsay Lohan thirsty for new Disney roles-2Lindsay Lohan is really getting desperate for Disney to hire her. The actress has been campaigning since November to be cast in her dream role of Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” and now the actress is adding two more Disney movies to her list.
Lindsay Lohan thirsty for new Disney roles-1That’s right, Lindsay is now begging Disney to hire her to reprise her roles in “Freaky Friday” and “Herbie: Fully Loaded.” The company has yet to respond to Lindsay’s new request–or any of her requests period, but we don’t think Disney will be hiring the actress in the lead role for either films.

Do you think Disney should consider Lindsay’s new wishes for sequels?


(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Twitter account)