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Lorde Compares Being Friends With Taylor Swift To Having A Friend With An Autoimmune Disease

Lorde apologizes for insensitive Taylor Swift Comment-1Lorde’s position in Taylor Swift’s squad has been questioned after the singer compared being friends with Taylor to having a friend with an autoimmune disease. Soon after her interview with The Guardian was published, the singer was called out for making the insensitive comment, possibly forgetting that Selena Gomez suffers from Lupus.
Lorde apologizes for insensitive Taylor Swift Comment-3After being reminded that Selena suffers from an autoimmune disease, Lorde quickly apologized and took responsibility for how she “fucked up.”
Lorde apologizes for insensitive Taylor Swift Comment-2

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Lorde Still Has A Chance To Escape Taylor Swift’s Devious Influence

Lorde Might Yet Escape Taylor Swift's Devious Influence featureLorde’s press campaign for her new album marches on. The New Zealand singer took an interview close to home as she chatted with a reporter from “60 Minutes Australia” for a couple of meetings. On her favorite New Zealand beach and in a studio with her mom looking on, Lorde opened up about what she’s been doing in the four years since she rocketed onto the pop music scene.

Lorde spoke more about how the album is very much about her breakup with photographer James Lowe. The duo’s split rocked her world, so she used it–like so many pop stars–as inspiration for her new music.

“When I wrote it, I had moved out of my house and I was sort of newly alone and kind of dealing with all of the emotions that come along with that,” she says. Discussing her first heartbreak, she said, “It’s pretty gnarly. I think, across the board, it’s hard.”

“I think it’s definitely something that I’m going to remember for a long time and something that has been really formative for me,” she says. But don’t count on a Taylor Swift-like takedown of James on “Melodrama.” It sounds like Lorde is still trying to play nice as she plays the underdog again.

“I always think, like, I’m just the underdog again,” she explains about preparing for the second album. “I’m just that kid making an album, sitting on the train to and from work listening to it.”

“I totally feel like an underdog,” she adds. “I think one record is cool, but like I think everyone can make one record. If you can make five amazing records, like that’s when it starts to get interesting. So I think until then, I’ll still think of myself as an underdog.”

Lorde is looking forward to her new publicity blitz. She’s ready to be confused about where she wakes up on tour–even though she barely survived the last one.

“I still don’t know how I really escaped barely unscathed from the whole thing because it is hectic,” she says. “It’s a hectic amount of attention, especially for a young person who’s still kind of like figuring out what it means to be in the world.” It’s also how snakes are born.

Watch Lorde’s entire interview with “60 Minutes Australia” below.

(Photo credit: 60Minutes9 YouTube account)

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Lorde Confirms Secret Onion Ring Account As She Promotes New Album

Lorde releases new albumAfter four years, Lorde has released the follow-up album to her breakout debut, “Melodrama.” Unlike “Pure Heroine,” the singer has yet to find a standout single for her sophomore offering which was predominately written by both Lorde and Jack Antonoff.

On Thursday night, Lorde stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote the project and confirmed her secret Instagram account. “I naively didn’t realize that it would be a thing that I was going to different places and trying the onion rings at each of those places,” the singer said before actually confirming that the account belonged to her.

Soon after news broke that the singer was moonlighting as an onion ring reviewer, the account @onionringsworldwide was taken down.

Hear Lorde’s album and watch her appearance on “The Tonight Show” below.

(Photo credit: Lorde Instagram account)

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Lorde Is Taking Her One Hit Single (And The Rest Of Her Music) On A World Tour

Lorde Announces First String Of Tour DatesWith the release of “Melodrama” coming soon, Lorde has officially announced a tour. For now, she has only released a string of fall dates for Europe, the U.K., Australia and her homeland of New Zealand. Khalid will be joining her throughout Europe and the U.K.

“This is just the beginning of course! So many more dates to be added” she tweeted in response to a fan eager for North and South America dates.

To celebrate the announcement, Lorde decided to give her fans “one more new song” before the album drops June 16. It’s called “Sober” and it came to her first in the back of an Über and  “then properly” at Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham’s kitchen table.

“I BOLTED to the studio,” she explained on Twitter.

Take a listen to “Sober” below and find the first wave of Lorde’s tour dates here.

(Photo credit: Lorde Twitter account)

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Listen To Lorde’s New Single “Perfect Places” And See If You Can Remember It 30 Seconds Later

Listen To Lorde's New Single Perfect Places And See If You Can Remember It 30 Seconds Later featureLorde has dropped another single from her upcoming album, “Melodrama.” While her return to music with “Green Light” looked like it was gassing her up, the new track seems to be hitting the brakes. It’s another haunting pop jam about partying, but, according to Lorde, it’s also deeper than that. The singer took to the lyrics site Genius.com to explain how “profound” some of her own writing is.

“This song started coming together late summer of 2016 in New York and the news was just horrific every day and it was so hot in this sickly incorrect kind of way,” Lorde wrote. “It sort of drove me insane, I was walking around Midtown every day and felt like I was this close to ripping my clothes off or freaking out at a stranger.” She went on to explain how the new song captures her state of mind about partying.

“Another big realization of the last year for me – ‘I think I’m partying so much because I’m just dreading sitting at home by myself hearing my thoughts hit the walls,'” she shared. “Kind of what the album is about.” Lorde’s lukewarm take on partying continued from there.

She zeroed in on the line “Let’s kiss and then take off our clothes” to explain her feelings around hook-up culture “I think it feels profound here, and strange,” she said. “Cause hooking up with a ton of people you only like a little bit is fun but sad sometimes too!”

Unfortunately, the song is as forgettable as a bittersweet night of partying.

Hear Lorde’s new single below and see some posts from her on Instagram about the release. Check out the other annotations she added to the lyrics here.

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After A Lackluster Return To Music, Lorde Readies The Release Of Another Single

lordeWith Fifth Harmony getting all of the attention following the announcement of its comeback single and the unveiling of its accompanying cover art, it would appear that Lorde feels left out. The “Green Light” singer has decided to drop her latest single the same day, June 2. She took to Twitter to share lyrics from the upcoming release and release dates for New York and her native New Zealand.

After dropping singles that have failed to make much noise, fans are excited to see what Lorde has in store. She’s also revealed a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her album, Melodrama.

Check out Lorde’s lyric teases below.

(Photo credit: Lorde Instagram account)

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