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“What A Hypocrite:” Louis Tomlinson Seems Like He’s Had Enough as Zayn Drops a Single about A Failed Friendship

Zayn Louis TomlinsonBrooding pop singer Zayn released the latest in what seems like an endless stream of singles for his upcoming sophomore solo album, Icarus Falls. However, unlike most of Zayn’s recent efforts, this single, “Good Times,” is actually a surprisingly good ballad that showcases the clean high-register of the singer’s voice without a lot of forced falsetto or autotune.

Unfortunately, the musical strengths of the song might be overshadowed by the apparent autobiographical content of the song. The lyrics of “Good Times” are full of regrets about wasted years and a failed friendship where two people cannot apologize for past issues.

Lately, of course, Zayn has been saying that he had no real friends when he was a member of One Direction. Yet, before Zayn quit the group, he was often seen hanging out with Louis Tomlinson. And after the split, Louis seemed the most eager of the remaining members to want to patch things up with Zayn

So it was interesting that shortly after Zayn dropped his song about a past broken friendship, that Louis posted a cryptic tweet Continue Reading →


8 Years Of One Direction: Louis Tomlinson And Liam Payne Remember What Made Them Relevant

One Direction celebrates 8 years-1One Direction hasn’t been a group since 2016, but that didn’t stop some of the members from celebrating the eight year anniversary of the group’s formation. On Sunday night, the group’s official Twitter account began tweeting out lyrics Zayn is known for singing in “History.”

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