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Larry Shippers Rise From The Grave After Harry Styles’ Twitter Gets Hacked

Harry Styles gets hacked-1Fans of Harry Styles were surprised to see that their fave not only tweeted less than a week after his previous message, but also tweeted a picture of Louis Tomlinson. Directioners had a right to be skeptical, because it turns out the singer was hacked, breaking the hearts of Larry stans everywhere.

The photo “tweeted” by Harry was a side-by-side of Louis as he seductively drinks a milkshake and a Starbucks treat along with a link that allegedly was for a porn site. The singer didn’t mention the photo after removing it from his feed on Tuesday.

See the photo that killed Larry shippers below.

(Photo credits: _addictofhxrry and LarryRainbows78 Twitter accounts) 

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Harry Styles’ Debut Solo Single Is A “Sign Of The Times” Signaling One Direction’s Demise

Is Harry Styles' First Solo Single A Sign Of The Times For One Direction's DemiseHarry Styles has finally dropped his debut solo single. The sweeping piano ballad “Sign of the Times” has Harry start slow and build to an epic chorus with shimmering guitar. It even gives Harry a chance to flex his falsetto. Serving up a mix of epic ’80s hair metal and smooth ’70s easy listening, the song is an ambitious, genre-bending first effort from the One Direction singer.

But as One Direction seems to head in every direction, can Harry even be called a member of the group as this point? Liam Payne is the group’s only remaining member who hasn’t released solo music yet, and he’s promised it will be here next month.

Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson is hopefully making enough off of his collab with Steve Aoki to pay any upcoming legal fees. And Niall Horan is stalling after his first single was a bit of a snoozer. As all four establish themselves as solo acts, what real hope is left for One Direction to get back together? Will the world just have to wait for a reunion tour next decade?

Of course, Zayn Malik has been very busy since he left the group. But his girlfriend Gigi Hadid hasn’t thrown any shade at Harry for the new release…yet.

Listen to Harry’s new single, “Sign of the Times,” below.

(Photo credit: Harry Styles VEVO YouTube account)

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Louis Tomlinson And Steve Aoki Join Forces At Ultra Music Festival

Louis Tomlinson And Steve Aoki Perform At Ultra Music FestivalLouis Tomlinson had the time of his life at Ultra Music Festival and it’s all thanks to Steve Aoki. The two teamed up for a performance of their hit single “Just Hold On,” which Louis described as being “fucking sick” in a string of tweets. He also credited all of the song’s success and his ability to perform at such an event completely to his fans.

Louis Tomlinson Performs At UltraThe celebration continued backstage after Steve surprised Louis with the Canadian platinum certification of their track. To make the performance even more special, it fell on the same day as the birthday of Louis’ late mother. The singer penned a short birthday wish a few hours before the festival slot.

Louis Tomlinson Wishes His Mom A Happy BirthdayThe song, written in her honor, received an incredibly moving debut hours after her passing. Louis and Steve lit up the stage of “America’s Got Talent” with a performance that nearly brought Simon Cowell to tears.

Check out Louis and Steve’s latest performance as well as the platinum surprise below.

(Photo credits: 1DHaLiNiLo_, Gbboybs, LarentsParadise and Louis Tomlinson Twitter accounts)

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