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Louis Tomlinson Fulfills Mother’s Dying Wish Of Reconciling With Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik have reconciledA man of his word, Louis Tomlinson has reportedly fulfilled his mother’s last wish for him to reconcile with Zayn Malik. The singer revealed the long-awaited news during a recent interview with The Sun, in which he admits to the “nice” meeting between him and his former bandmate.

“My mum always knew what I was feeling and what I wanted,” Louis says. The two friends had a falling out after Zayn left the group and began a friendship wth Naughty Boy. “@Louis_Tomlinson remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?” Zayn tweeted back in 2015.

Two years later and life has caused Louis to realize holding grudges isn’t always the best. “It doesn’t sit with me right,” he explains. Although it wasn’t the first time, Zayn did happen to reach out to the singer after his mother passed. According to Louis, the two “will always have that love for each other. I can’t speak on behalf of him, but we really care about each other.”

What do you think of Louis and Zayn finally hanging out again?

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Louis Tomlinson Finally Releases “Back To You” Alongside World’s Longest Teaser Trailer

Louis Tomlinson Finally Releases Back To You Alongside World's Longest Teaser Trailer featureLouis Tomlinson spent most of the last month teasing his new single. After multiple in-depth interviews had the artist laying himself bare for his post-One Direction image, he’s followed up on his collaboration with Steve Aoki with “Back To You” featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals.

The song is a slowed down duet for Louis and Bebe. Each plays the role of a lover who can’t quite quit the other. It’s not exactly the kind of optimistic love song Louis sang with One Direction. In fact, it looks like he took a jab at 1D’s song “Drag Me Down” with the lyric “You drag me down” in his verse. The song might be an expected break from Louis’ 1D image, but a piece of promotion for the track is much more unusual.

Louis posted a 7-minute short film to YouTube, titling it a “Teaser” for “Back To You.” The video is almost entirely silent as it follows Louis from his Hollywood home to LAX, where he hops on a plane and heads far away. A few seconds of the track at the end is all the video offers up, except for one shot of a billboard saying a full music video will be out tomorrow–a message reinforced by Louis’ sweatshirt.

Hear “Back To You” below, plus see the strange short film Louis is using to hype up his up-coming music video.

(Photo credit: Louis Tomlinson Instagram account)

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Louis Tomlinson On The Entertainment Industry: “You Can Get Swallowed Up In The Glitz And The Glam Of It All”

Louis Tomlinson Talks Musical Roots, Crazy One Direction Nights And The Girl Band He's Starting featureLouis Tomlinson sat down for another in-depth interview about his life before, during and after One Direction. This one wasn’t quite as depressing as his previous Q&As, but he did pour on the blue collar charms in the new piece from Noisey. The airport warrior had a lot to say about his childhood, his time in 1D and what he’s up to now–even if the interviewer had to coax it out of him.

“I was never what you’d call ‘book smart’,” he said says smoking one of several menthol cigarettes he lit up during the interview. “What used to piss my mum off is that I could have been. I was that classic one from school who everyone said wasn’t going to reach their full potential because they lark about too much.”

Louis discussed starting out in music with a Green Day tribute band and claimed he auditioned for “The X Factor” to spite his bandmates when they replaced him with a new singer. Despite his success on the world stage, he said he still places a lot of value in what people from his hometown think. He even seeks out their opinions on his latest work to ground himself and to escape the fake niceties of his California life.

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Forgettable One Direction Member Louis Tomlinson Scores An Epic Solo Deal

Louis Tomlinson Signs With Epic RecordsLouis Tomlinson has finally snagged an official solo deal. He loyally signed with Epic Records via Simon Cowell’s Syco, both residing in the Sony Music family. Louis is now the final member of  likely disbanded One Direction to have officially struck a solo record deal.

Louis’ deal keeps him close with Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, who are both signed to Sony’s Columbia Records and RCA, respectively. Niall Horan and Liam Payne went the Universal Music Group route with their alliance to Capitol and Republic.

Variety reports that Louis’ big gig is closely related to the unreleased single “Back To You” featuring Bebe Rexha. After hearing the song, Epic Records president Sylvia Rhone targeted the former One Direction member.

“We are beyond delighted to have Louis Tomlinson as an artist,” she tells Variety, adding that Louis’ new music “is the perfect bridge from his past to his future, and we are just as excited as the fans to experience his journey and growth.”

Do you think Louis’ news is the final nail in the One Direction coffin?

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Louis Tomlinson Teases More Of His Next Solo Single, “Back To You”

Louis Tomlinson teases more of Back To YouLouis Tomlinson isn’t slowing his promoting train down as the release date for “Back To You” gets closer. The singer wasn’t showing much enthusiasm for the single that will also feature Bebe Rexha, but with a week before its premiere, Louis continues to tease his first solo single.

Unlike his tease last week, Louis gave fans a teaser of what the chorus will potentially sound like when the official song drops July 21.

Listen to a snippet of the track below.

(Photo credit: Louis Tomlinson Instagram account)

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Louis Tomlinson Doesn’t Seem Too Excited About HIs Upcoming Single

Louis Tomlinson Doesn%u2019t Seem Too Excited About HIs Upcoming Single featureLouis Tomlinson has already outed himself as the most “forgettable” member of One Direction and it appears as if he is still feeling some of the chill from being left out of the spotlight being occupied by Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. Louis saw some success with his first solo venture with Steve Aoki, “Just Hold On,” but hopes his upcoming effort, ” Back To You,” cements him as a true solo pop star.

Louis took to Twitter on Saturday to alert fans that his upcoming single featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals is available for pre-order. He seemed less than enthusiastic about the upcoming release, which also includes a remix, if his tweet is any indication.

Louis Tomlinson Doesn%u2019t Seem Too Excited About HIs Upcoming Single 1Pre-order Louis’ single here.

(Photo credit: Louis Tomlinson Twitter account)

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