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Karlie Kloss Just Became Taylor Swift’s Public Enemy No. 1

What Squad Swifties Are Coming For Karlie Kloss After Shady Swish Swish Post featureKarlie Kloss was once one of Taylor Swift’s top lieutenants. But it seems like the glory days of the squad are truly over, if a new tweet from Karlie is any indication. The model took to Instagram and Twitter to share a clip from her 2017 Love Magazine Advent Calendar entry and the caption she used has Swifties confused and upset.

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Kendall Jenner Hangs With Kermit The Frog To Prove She’s No Puppet Of Pepsi

Kendall Jenner Hangs With Kermit The Frog To Prove She's Not A Pepsi Puppet featureAfter her controversial Pepsi ad, Kendall Jenner may come off as a fashion puppet. But the supermodel looked like she was out to prove what a real puppet looks like in new first looks at a her latest modeling work with Love Magazine. Katie Grande, Love’s Editor in Chief, shared a pic of a photoshoot in progress via Instagram. In the shot, Kendall is sipping on some iced coffee while she poses with Kermit the Frog.

More pics from the shoot surfaced online after that, showing Kendall with Miss Piggy and members of Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, The Muppets’ band featuring Animal the drummer.

Love Magazine is a big Kendall fan. The publicaiton even let her step behind the camera to shoot some other models for covers earlier in 2017. The project with The Muppets seems like an attempt to subtly prove that Kendall pulls her own strings and that there’s no one’s hand up her backside.

See Kendall hanging with Kermit below.

(Photo credits: Kendall Jenner and The Muppets Instagram accounts)

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Kendall Jenner’s Marilyn Monroe Impersonation Is Painful To Watch

Kendall Jenner for LOVE magazineKendall Jenner is the star of another pointless LOVE magazine ad and the model is channeling classic beauty Marilyn Monroe. Hopefully, the young model isn’t attempting to put acting on her bucket list because her impersonation of the iconic sex symbol proved to be as dull as her runway walk.

Watch Kendall’s impersonation of Marilyn below.

What do you think of Kendall’s Marilyn Monroe impersonation?

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Kendall Jenner Does A Q&A And The Background Music Is The Most Exciting Part

Kendall Jenner does a boring q&aLove Magazine’s favorite model and wannabe photographer Kendall Jenner did another one of its pointless videos in which she answered questions while doing planks.

Like most of the supermodel’s interviews, Kendall said nothing too exciting as she revealed that she prefers pools over beaches, jeans over skirts and that she would choose sneakers over heels. The question Kendall wouldn’t answer, though, was who her favorite sister was. After a playful scream, Kendall responds with “I don’t know” before moving to the next question.

Watch the short and expectedly dull Q&A below.

(Photo credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram account)

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