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Lauren Jauregui To The Media: “F*CK YOU”

Lauren Jauregui To The Media: Fck YouLauren Jauregui captured the media’s attention earlier this week with the release of intimate photographs from a shoot with reported ex-girlfriend Lucy Vives. The attention isn’t going anywhere and Lauren has had enough. Despite the fact that she shared a very personal glimpse into her private life, Lauren has choice words for “every single media outlet” focusing on her private life.

Lauren Jauregui Calls For Privacy 1

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Lauren Jauregui Gets Sensual In Photoshoot With Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Lucy Vives

Lauren Jauregui takes intimate photos-8Lauren Jauregui released new photos via Instagram on Wednesday taken by the lake with reported ex-girlfriend Lucy Vives. The pictures were a part of a photo editorial titled “Bare With Me” done by the singer’s friend Nicole Cartolano.

If you think the two friends looked totally in love in the intimate pictures, that’s because they were. According to Nicole, the photoshoot was done as a coming out for both Lauren and Lucy to make it easier for their Latin families to accept their relationship. “We felt like the way that these photographs are presented are very disarming, sensual, and empowering all at once,” Nicole said.

No information could be given on when the photos were taken; however, since their release, the ladies are no longer together after years of dating on and off–another unknown tidbit Nicole disclosed. “You could tell that they’ve been best friends for a very long time. They’ve known each other since high school. And they dated on and off for a few years,” the photographer revealed.

Despite Lauren and Lucy no longer being together, the former lovers still wanted to released the photos” “They agreed, and Lauren said this: that it’s a reminder of a really good moment in time.”

Check out a few of the photos taken below and see the rest of Lauren and Lucy here.

(Photo credit: Nicole Cartolano)


Lauren Jauregui Is A Model Now

Lauren Jauregui Is A Model Now featureLauren Jauregui’s latest solo endeavor isn’t a musical project. Instead of getting behind the mic, Lauren got in front of the camera for Fraud, a clothing brand specializing in “snobbish costumes.” Lauren posed for the brand in a white velvet hoodie. The pics popped up on the brand’s Instagram account and Lauren shared them on her own as well.

The modeling shots aren’t exactly Lauren’s first connection to the retailer. A quick scroll through Fraud’s Instagram account reveals tons of shots of Lucy Vives, Lauren’s possible girlfriend. While the two have yet to confirm their relationship, it seems like they’re never apart for long.

The modeling pics come as it’s been announced that one member of Lauren’s girl group, Fifth Harmony, will be competing on “Dancing With The Stars” soon.

Could Lauren be trying to boost her visibility ahead of appearing on a reality show?

Check out pics of her modeling gig below.

(Photo credit: Lauren Jauregui Instagram account)

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Lauren Jauregui Helps Lucy Vives Celebrate A Milestone Birthday

So Cute! Lauren Jauregui Helps Lucy Vives Celebrate A Milestone BirthdayWednesday was Lucy Vives’ birthday and Lauren Jauregui is shouting it from the mountaintops. The Fifth Harmony singer shared a photo of the duo together and included a lengthy caption full of sweet wentiments. Lauren laid the sweet talk on thicker than she did when she apologized to Brazilian fans for missing a show.

“HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!” Lauren wrote in her caption. “We had so much fun yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post anything. That’s when you know a 21st went well.” The couple posed with a bottle of wine in the snow in the photo she shared, but who knows if it was the only one at Wednesday night’s celebration.

Lucy joined Lauren’s family for Christmas this year before the pair took a skiing vacation together. Lauren turns 21 in June.

Check out Lauren’s message to Lucy below.

(Photo credits: Lauren Jauregui and Lucy Vives Instagram accounts)

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It’s All Downhill For Lauren Jauregui And Lucy Vives As They Hit The Slopes

It's All Downhill For Lauren Jauregui And Lucy Vives As They Hit The Slopes On Vacation FEATUREFifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui is spending some more quality time with Lucy Vives. After joining Lauren’s fam for Christmas, Lucy apparently made it through the hard part and got to enjoy some smooth sledding as she and Lauren strapped on some snowboards in Colorado. While the duo may not be as experienced as the Jonas Brothers, they seemed to make the most of their time together on the slopes.

Whether or not they’re a couple, the girls shared photos of each other via Instagram on their snowy getaway. Lauren focused on what it was like learning to snowboard and how empowered she felt despite some minor bruising and soreness. For her part, Lucy only gave fans a wink that she was with Lauren. While the instructor might have made one-on-one time on the slopes scarce, Lucy was able to snap a pic of her snowboard side-by-side with Lauren’s. Fans might not have even known it was Lauren’s if it hadn’t shown up in one of the pics the “Back to Me” singer shared.

Check out photos from Lauren and Lucy’s vacay below.

Any chance Camila Cabello is jealous?

(Photo credit: Lauren Jauregui Instagram account)

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Lucy Vives Joins Lauren Jauregui’s Family Christmas

Lauren Jauregui Spends Christmas With Lucy VivesA little over a month has gone by since Lauren Jauregui was publicly outed after a photo of her kissing friend Lucy Vives went viral. The Fifth Harmony member took matters into her own hands and penned a powerful note coming out as bisexual. In new photos shared by Lauren and friends, Lucy made an adorable addition to the Jauregui family Christmas.

A few group photos display the fond memories that the family made over the holiday. Lauren, no longer living for anyone but herself, also posed next to Lucy for a separate Instagram post captioned with a red heart emoji. The designer responsible for Lauren’s holiday outfit, Zoey Reva, shared another photo of Lauren and Lucy by the family’s Christmas tree.

See the photos of Lauren’s Christmas with Lucy below.

Does this mean Lauren and Lucy are officially a couple?

(Photo credits:  katie_ly0ns, Lauren Jauregui and  Zoey Reva Instagram accounts)