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Zedd Recruits Camila Cabello To Help Throw An ACLU Benefit Concert

Zedd Calls On Camila Cabello For ACLU Benefit ConcertMany celebrities are talking the talk in response to President Donald Trump’s latest executive order, but Zedd wants to start encouraging his peers to walk the walk. The Russian-born German DJ is determined to use his platform to protest Trump’s travel restriction placed on several Muslim-majority nations with a special benefit concert. Zedd began reaching out to fellow musicians in hopes of throwing together a show to raise money for the ACLU—American Civil Liberties Union—and Camila Cabello is on his wish list. Sia, Grimes and Macklemore were also asked to participate.

Zedd Wants Camila Cabello For ACLU Benefit Concert 1

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Seriously? Macklemore Explains Why He Bought A Nude Justin Bieber Painting

Macklemore Explains Why He Bought A Nude Justin Bieber Painting 2Back in March, the Internet was abuzz after it was revealed that rapper Macklemore owned a painting of Justin Bieber. What made the news even more delicious was the fact that said painting depicts a nude Justin Bieber with nothing more than a syrupy pancake covering his erect member. After months of speculation, Macklemore is setting the record straight about what made him purchase the piece.

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Did Macklemore Get Cold Feet About Miley Cyrus And Iggy Azalea Diss?

Macklemore White Privilege IILast night, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis appeared on “The Late Show” to perform their controversial song “White Privilege II.” In the studio version of the song, the rapper calls out Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea out for profiting from cultural appropriation.

During last night’s performance Macklemore replaced the whole second verse — which included the Miley and Iggy diss — with a verse that called out white America.

The performance ended with poets Nikkita Oliver and Danez Smith and a song by Jamila Woods.

Watch the full clip below.

Why do you think he took out Miley and Iggy’s names?

(Photo credit: Macklemore Instagram account)

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Is Iggy Azalea Excusing Her Cultural Appropriation?

Iggy Azalea Responds To MacklemoreTMZ cameras caught up with Iggy Azalea signing autographs outside of LAX. The paparazzi took the opportunity to ask her how she felt about Macklemore’s “White Privilege II.”

She admits that she agrees with Macklemore’s lyrics, but won’t apologize for cultural appropriation. “We’re so global now. I think it’s impossible for everybody not to take influence from everybody,” she says.

Watch the full clip below.

Do you agree with Iggy?

(Photo credit: Iggy Azalea Instagram account)

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Cara Delevingne Says “F*ck Supremacy, It’s All About Equality”

Cara Delevingne on racism-2Cara Delevingne is the latest celebrity who seems to have just realized that racism exists and it’s wrong after listening to Macklemore’s song “White Privilege II.” She shared the song and her feelings in a series of Twitter posts.

The model-turned-actress shared a video showing how police officers treat black people. “This is heartbreaking but it needs to be seen,” she wrote before posting the link. The “Suicide Squad” actress then goes to say that we “are all children of the earth and NO ONE should be treated differently.”
Cara Delevingne on racism-1While Cara felt she was making a good point, others felt there was something else she could be doing. “Shut up cara delevine,” a Twitter user replied to the actress. She responded with a simple “no.” Cara ended by posting a link to the “White Privilege II” website.

Listen to “White Privilege II” and watch the video Cara shared below.

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