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Lennon Stella Drops Video for New Single: “Bitch”

Lennon Stella Bitch FeatureLennon Stella’s musical direction continues turning away from country and singer-songwriter duets straight toward pop with her latest single “Bitch (Takes One to Know One).” Best known for acting gigs on shows like Nashville and for her viral two-girl sister act, Lennon and Maisy, Lennon’s career took a swerve toward pop when “Polaroid,” her collab with Jonas Blue and Liam Payne, became a hit.

And that evolution plays out in her current single as well. Gone entirely are Lennon’s older preferences for New Country and rootsy flavors in favor of a more radio-friendly pop song that complains about all the annoying things people try to pull — things made even more annoying because they are also so obvious.

Lennon is helped out in the video by frequent Sia muse, collaborator and mini-me, Maddie Ziegler. You can check it out below.   Continue Reading →


The Dolan Twins Want to Become Professional Dancers

Dolan Twins DanceIn the latest installment from the Dolan twins, the boys decide that they want to become professional dancers. So they bring in Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler of Dance Mom‘s fame to train them up. Maddie and Mackenzie decide to take the whole thing seriously and give the twins a real routine to work on.

You can check out the Dolans’ first dance class in the video below.   Continue Reading →

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Labrinth, Sia and Diplo Share Trippy New Video for Their Single, “Thunderclouds”

LSD Thunderclouds 3Today, the ‘super trio’ called LSD – for collaborators Labrinth, Sia and Diplo — released a sixties-inspired video for their current single, “Thunderclouds.” Sia’s dancing alter ego, Maddie Ziegler, stars in the visual, along with Labrinth and Diplo. In the video, Maddie, Labrinth and Diplo fly through pink skies and lots of clouds, aided by a little trippy magic and a flying bus.

We have LSD’s new music video below.   Continue Reading →

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