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Madison Beer Was Looking Quite Hot Getting Ready for Drake’s New Year’s Eve Party

Madison Beer NYE FeatureKylie Jenner in her new blue do was not the only hot celeb who made her way to Drake’s New Year’s Eve party. Youtube star and pop singer Madison Beer also posted some pics of herself getting glammed-up prior to attending the bash thrown by Drake to promote his new Champagne label, Mod Selection.

Madison’s snaps show that was she got ready with some friends who also had invites, including models Kaia Gerber and Charlotte D’Alessio.

That said, at Drake’s party, even though Madison was hanging out with models and various random A-listers, it does not appear that she was checking out any new guys. That’s because cell phone video shot at the party shows Madison dancing with current boyfriend Zack Bia.

We have some pics of Madison in the gallery below, as well as a clip of Madison and Zack dancing at the bash. We also have some video of Madison, Zack and other stars arriving at Drake’s party. Continue Reading →

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Madison Beer’s Best Photos of the Year

Madison Beer Year in ReviewMadison Beer appeared in a video posted by iHeartRadio yesterday as part of the network’s “2018 Year in Review” series. In the video, Madison talks about the best and most meaningful photos that she keeps on her phone from the past year.

Some of the photos are related to her career, and others are just good shots that she has either taken, or had taken, of herself over the last 12 months. But several of the pics have much more sentimental meaning.

You can watch Madison talking about the past year in her life below.   Continue Reading →


Madison Beer Feeds her Boyfriend Zack Bia Ice Cream in Bed on a Christmas Eve Snapchat Live Stream

Madison Beer Zach BiaMadison Beer was captured on Snapchat live stream feeding her on-again boyfriend Zack Bia ice cream in bed. That is, until she felt “Live Stream Zack” was becoming a “d**k” calling her his side chick in shout-outs to his friends, and she stepped away from the feed.

You can check out video of the stream below.   Continue Reading →


Madison Beer Sings Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey, Teases New Single “Emotional Bruises”

Madison Beer Instagram LiveSinger Madison Beer live-streamed herself singing songs from some of her favorite artists, including Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey.

In the same Instagram stream, Madison also sang a few bars of an upcoming single, “Emotional Bruises,” which she said was among her favorite new songs which will definitely be on her next album.

We have video of Madison’s live-streamed performances and conversation below.

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Madison Beer Explains the Lyrics To Her Song “Hurts Like Hell” Featuring Offset

Madison Beer Offset LyricsMadison Beer explained to Genius the meaning behind the lyrics of “Hurts Like Hell,” her collaboration with Offset of the Migos. Madison not only walks through what some of the lyrics meant to her, but also how she ended up connecting with Offset.

From what Madison says, the song is much less about revenge or anything supernatural, and more about the feelings when one partner betrays the trust of another.

You can check out Madison’s explanations in the video below.   Continue Reading →