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Colombian Singer Maluma Wants To Collaborate With Selena Gomez

Maluma Wants To Collab With Selena GomezSelena Gomez has a not-so-secret admirer. The Colombian singer, songwriter and producer Maluma sat down for an interview with Billboard Latin and let slip how much he’d a chance to collaborate with Selena. “It would be amazing. A dream come true,” he said in Spanish when asked about working with Selena.

“Selena, how are you?” he asked, addressing the camera directly. But his thirst for Selena didn’t stop there. “I would love to have a song with you. God bless you, you’re an example. I admire you. I feel a great admiration for you.” We hope he’s prepared to promote any song with Selena by himself because she doesn’t seem to like promoting her collaborations.

Check out Maluma talking about the prospect of a Selena team-up below.

(Photo credit: Maluma and Selena Gomez Instagram accounts)

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