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Niall Horan Fares Better Than Beyoncé At The 2017 CMA Awards

Niall Horan Fares Better Than Beyonce At The Country Music Awards featureNiall Horan is a bigger hit with country music fans that Beyoncé. Bey brought down the house at the awards show in 2016, only to be trashed by country fans online and have her existence erased by the CMAs. In contrast, Niall’s performance of “Seeing Blind” with duet partner Maren Morris, is earning him some country cred.

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Nick Jonas Treats Twitter Like His Therapist And Scars His Fans For Life

Melodramatic Luckiest Man Alive Nick Jonas Has An Emo Moment On Twitter featureNick Jonas had an almost poetic series of tweets in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The singer apparently was having a sad night filled with country music as he shared some reflections on his life. In a series of tweets, Nick bemoaned the fakes in Los Angeles and said he has a hard time when other people’s opinions get to him.

“I live in a city where real people are hard to come by,” Nick wrote. “I find myself discoursed by how much the opinions of others matters to me.”

Nick continued, writing that he realizes he’s “one of the lucky ones” and that, even when he questions his future, he recognizes that. “I may be the luckiest man alive to get to do what I love,” Nick wrote.

Before promising that he had “more coming,” Nick proved that, as always, he’s the consummate professional. He gave a shoutout to Maren Morris, whose music was apparently helping him get through the night.

Even at his lowest moments, Nick always has time to promo another artist.

Read Nick’s tweets below, plus listen to a Maren Morris song as you read to get the full experience.

(Photo credit: Nick Jonas VEVO YouTube account)

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