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Sky ‘Miley Rises Above Expectations’

miley-kissing-sky (2)Sky Ferreira Buzzfeed interview: [Miley and I] met at the end of last year. We just clicked right away. Our personalities get along really well. We have the same sense of humor; mine’s a little more twisted, I guess. We just turn into 13-year-old boys when we talk.

Suddenly, we go from being like, young women, to being very immature, walking around with fake teeth all night. People are like, ‘What’s wrong with you guys?’ Miley is a girly girl, but she also isn’t. She likes putting on makeup, she likes sexy clothes and stuff, but she’s pretty down.

This term is so stupid, but she’s down to earth. That’s why I like hanging out with her, cause it’s not about spending eight hours getting ourselves together. I love girls, and I wish I had more friends that were girls, and I think that’s kind of a thing with her too.

Our energy just clicks, I don’t know. It’s not competitive or weird. Competition is good, to feel competitive is good, but not to the point where you fuck people over or you’re mean. We’re both very supportive of each other.
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Miley Hospitalized Severe Reaction

miley-hospitalsmokePot smoker Miley Ray Cyrus has been hospitalized due to severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. Miley Tweeted: ‘Mr. Octopussy & some amazing Drs are taking good care of me.’ PLEASE DON’T DIE MILEY :’( Even though she claims not to smoke cigarettes.. smoking marijuana can still harm the body. Since she has tachycardia she is also more at risk of complications:

‘Marijuana smoke is an irritant to the lungs, and frequent marijuana smokers can have many of the same respiratory problems experienced by tobacco smokers, such as daily cough and phlegm production, more frequent acute chest illness, and a heightened risk of lung infections.

One study found that people who smoke marijuana frequently but do not smoke tobacco have more health problems and miss more days of work than those who don’t smoke marijuana, mainly because of respiratory illnesses. It is not yet known whether marijuana smoking contributes to risk for lung cancer.’

Do YOU think Miley should stop smoking marijuana for her health?


Miley Admits Pregnancy, Abortion?




Miley Washington DC Concert Photos

miley-cyrus-washington-dc (23)From Liana @magicnmbr7: Miley was absolutely amazing in DC. I have never experienced a show that insane and fun. From start to finish, it felt like a party. I had fourth row at the end of the catwalk and it was amazing. I never wanted it to end.

I couldn’t believe she had 10 different outfit changes, but looked fabulous in all of them. It was nice hearing her different cover songs. The word ‘selfie’ was said a lot, but it was funny.

I tried to record at least a little bit from each song, since they were all amazing. It was great hearing the countrified version of ‘Do My Thang’. This is a must see show and if I could I would totally see it again. VIDEOS HERE!