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Celebrities Show Some Birthday Love To First Lady Michelle Obama

The Stars Show Love For FLOTUS Michelle Obama On Her BirthdayFirst Lady Michelle Obama turned 53 years young on Tuesday and the world sent out kind birthday wishes. Adele kicked things off from across the pond to send her love, referring to Michelle as “my Lady.” Zendaya, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande also chimed in with posts and retweets about the “queen that is our FLOTUS.” It goes almost without saying that President Barack Obama stole the show, and our hearts, with his own special message for his wife.

See some of the birthday wishes below.

(Photo credits: Miley Cyrus, Adele, Ariana Grande and Zendaya Instagram accounts, NerdyWonka and President Barack Obama Twitter accounts)

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Miley Cyrus Celebrates Chelsea Manning’s Freedom

Miley Cyrus Celebrates Chelsea Manning's FreedomMiley Cyrus has a tendency to get all up in her feelings when it comes to politics. Her latest outburst wasn’t such a downer like the one she shared after the election. Miley recently took to Instagram to celebrate the fact that President Barack Obama’s administration announced that it had commuted the vast majority of Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s sentence. The news sent shockwaves through various communities, but the reception was much more positive than other recent news.

Miley shared a post from Laura Jane Grace, the frontwoman of the punk band Against Me! The post is a photo of a flyer with the words “FREE CHELSEA” above the most famous photo of the whistleblower. Someone made some digital changes to the photo to commemorate the news that the mission has been accomplished.

Chelsea was a soldier in the U.S. Army when she leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks. Following her court-martial, she announced that she is transgender. She served seven years in prison–reportedly the longest time served behind bars by any whistleblower in U.S. history. President Obama commuted the remainder of her 35-year sentence, and Chelsea will be free on May 17, 2017.

See what Miley had to say about the news about Chelsea below.

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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Celebrities Remember The Late Great Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrites Remember The Late Great Martin Luther King JrIn a time of social and political unrest and uncertainty, honoring the truly remarkable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on what would have been his 86th birthday brought everyone together. Celebrities paid tribute to one of the most famous leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, using some of his most famous quotes to keep in mind as we move forward.

Zendaya shared a special video created during her educational trip to Washington D.C. as well as a photo honoring the historical March on Washington. Other celebrities, like the members of Fifth Harmony, offered photos that included some of MLK’s most inspirational quotes.

See the tributes below.

(Photo credits: Zendaya, Lauren Jauregui, Ariana Grande,  Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, Vanessa Hudgens, Diplo, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna Instagram accounts; wkamaubell and Lady Gaga Twitter accounts)

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Miley Cyrus Is Bringing Her Natural Hair Color Back

Miley Cyrus Is Bringing Her Natural Hair Color Back featurebMiley Cyrus looks like she’s ready for a change. The Flaming Lips collaborator has already made it clear that 2017 will be just as smoky as any other year of her life. But a new update from Miley makes it look like a major style change is coming. Miley is letting her roots grow out as she’s apparently ready to ditch her blonde dye job in favor of her natural color.

Miley wrote “goin back 2 muah roots” on an Instagram post that shows off just how dark her hair is getting again. Without any kind of bandana hiding the color, the new pic shows just how long Miley’s gone without touching up her roots. The post seems to hint that fans will get to see vintage brunette Miley before too long.

See Miley’s hair progress below.

Are you ready for Miley to bring back the Hannah Montana hair era?

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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Miley Cyrus Puts Her Bong From Snoop Dogg To Good Use

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Bong From Snoop Dogg FEATUREMiley Cyrus seems to be settling back into her old habits. After an intense New Year’s hangover, she’s back to releasing music with the Flaming Lips and sending friends selfies while she pees. After her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s N.W.A.-themed birthday party, it looked like Miley was getting back to her 2013 form. Her latest Instagram post seems to confirm that Miley is getting back to her wild side.

Miley shared a Boomerang video of herself blowing smoke after taking a hit from a watering pot that had been converted into a bong. The ceramic piece was apparently a gift from Miley’s partner in crime Snoop Dogg, who sent the hardware along as a gift from his company.

Snoop’s company Merry Jane was also tagged in Miley’s caption. It also looks like the brand provided some very special party favors for Liam’s birthday.

Check out Miley’s video and Instagram post below.

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus Are Straight Out Of Compton For His 27th Birthday

Miley Cyrus celebrates Liam Hemsworth bday-1Miley Cyrus helped make Liam Hemsworth’s 27th birthday a special one on Friday with a sweet message and a hip hop-themed party. The singer had some special things to say about her fiancé on Instagram, calling him her “favorite being EVER EVER EVER.”

The two were later joined by friends and family for the actor’s N.W.A.-themed party, but with a Liam twist. Miley definitely enjoyed the photo booth as she re-lived her 2013 bad bitch phase dressed in gold chains and grills.

Check out the photos and video from Liam’s party below.

(Photo credits: Miley Cyrus Instagram account; MileyUpdateEU Twitter account)

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