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Emily Osment Discusses Rumors of a Potential ‘Hannah Montana’ Reboot

Emily OsmentEntertainment Tonight caught up with Emily Osment on the red carpet of the 2018 American Film Institute Fest that ended last night. Emily was at the Fest promoting The Kominsky Effect, her new Netflix series co-starring Oscar Award winner Michael Douglas. But ET also asked Emily about persistent rumors about plans for a Hannah Montana reboot.

Emily, who played character Lily Truscott opposite series star Miley Cyrus for all four seasons of the Disney series, confirmed that she has heard the rumors. She then shared her thoughts on the original series’ end, what would have to be involved and the likelihood of the reboot happening.

You can check out Emily’s comments in the video below.   Continue Reading →

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It Sure Seems Like Theophilus London Just Leaked Some Bars From Miley Cyrus’ Next Music Project

Theophilus London Tell MeAs we previously reported, Miley Cyrus spent some mysterious studio time in October with Theophilus London, who has made a reputation for himself as a gifted producer, singer, rapper and musician who has collaborated with many established artists when they were either seeking a return to edgier roots or looking to explore new sounds maybe a bit out of their comfort zone. Well, Theophilus uploaded a couple clips to his Instagram Stories that seem to be related to his work with Miley’s still secretive project.

In one of the grainy cell phone video clips, Theophilus seems to be in the studio rapping and grooving to a track called “Tell Me.” Theophilus wrote over the snippet the following text Continue Reading →


Video Shows Liam Hemsworth Wearing a Surgical Mask While Riding in a Truck Around Wildfire-Scorched Malibu

Liam Hemsworth MalibuWe have some video of actor Liam Hemsworth riding around the areas badly affected by Wildfire Woolsey in and around Malibu, California. In the video, Miley Cyrus’ fiance can be seen wearing a surgical mask and sunglasses in the passenger seat of a commercial Club Car mini-truck with extra wide wheels and a small flatbed.

In the driver’s seat of the mini-truck appears to be Liam’s brother Luke, wearing a full-face respirator. In addition, two other unidentifiable men appear to have been riding on the flatbed.

While it is not 100% clear, the video seems to also show that Miley’s small but Instagram-iconic, rainbow-colored recording studio may have survived Continue Reading →

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“Devastating:” Miley Cyrus Shares Photos of her Home Before and After the Woolsey Wildfire

Miley Cyrus Malibu HomeMiley Cyrus again took to social media to share news about the destruction of her home and raise awareness of the need for donations in the wake of California’s latest series of wildfires. Miley had earlier this week returned to Twitter after a long absence to confirm news reports that her house had been burned to the ground in California’s raging Woolsey wildfire.

In a couple of tweets, she posted pictures of a sculpture of the letters “L-O-V-E” at her home. One was a current photo of the ash-covered sculpture amid the sheer destruction and rubble, and one was a photo of the sculpture from previous, happier times when her house was intact.

Miley’s fiance Liam Hemsworth also shared a picture of the “L-O-V-E” sculpture sitting among the charred remains of the couple’s Malibu home and posted an emotional tweet Continue Reading →


Miley Cyrus “Completely Devastated” by Loss of Malibu Home in California Wild Fires

Miley Cyrus HomeMiley Cyrus took to Twitter to share some news about the loss of the Malibu house that she shares with significant other Liam Hemsworth to the wildfires that have spread rapidly across Southern California over the last week. “Completely devestated by the fires affecting my community,” Miley wrote in one tweet, adding “My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE made it out safely & that’s all that matters right now.”

Miley confirmed that her house Continue Reading →


Bangerz 2.0? Miley Cyrus is Definitely Back in the Studio, Y’all

Miley Cyrus Theophilus LondonMiley Cyrus has started leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that is leading many fans to believe she is getting serious about recording a new album. The clues are also suggesting that she she may be leaning toward a return to the more eclectic urban pop sound mixed with elements of hip hop, R&B, funk, glam rock and EDM that defined her original “Bangerz Era” sound.

Miley yesterday appeared in a picture on the Instagram feed of Continue Reading →

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