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New Footage Suggests Miley Cyrus and her Family Were Not Ready for the Nicki Minaj Confrontation

Nicki Minaj versus Miley CyrusMany have been asking the same question since Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. Was the onstage fight real?

Some think that it was all a pre-planned setup, because Nicki seemed to flash a little smile right after addressing Miley. Others, like us, have felt that Nicki’s smile was more likely in response to the audience’s reaction than to anything else.

Today, MTV released clips from secondary video feeds that show the instant reactions of both Miley and her family. To us, the feeds seem to suggest Nicki’s attack was very real and unscripted. In the first feed, when Nicki initially calls out Miley, it looks for a moment as if the VMAs host has been punched in the gut. And it appears that, as Miley quickly recovers her composure and begins to respond, Nicki can be seen mouthing the word “b*tch” again about her.

The second feed showing the Cyrus family also suggests that the confrontation was unplanned.  While it takes a few seconds for the camera to come across her family in the audience, when it does, the resulting video clip shows Miley’s entire clan looking surprised.

Watch the videos and judge for yourself. You can find MTV’s video of Miley’s initial reaction to Nicki’s confrontation here.  And you can find the Cyrus clan’s real-time reaction to the argument here.

With this new footage, do you think that the feud was real or staged? Do these new video feeds change your opinion about what happened at the event?

(Photo Credit: Youtube)

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Miley Cyrus Releases Surprise Album “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” and Latest Single “Dooo It!”

Miley Cyrus trainwreckJust off of her hosting gig high (or whatever other “high” she might have been on), Miley Cyrus announced the surprise release of her new album, “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz,” before performing the musical finale at last night’s VMAs. The album is the follow-up to 2013’s multi-platinum”Bangerz” and was available as a free download right after the VMAs ended. 

Miley performed the track “Dooo It!” to end the awards show with a stage full of confetti and dancing drag queens. Behind her on the Microsoft Theater’s huge video screens, the audience got to see portions of the music video for “Dooo It!,” which was also released last night.

Today, the New York Times interviewed Miley about the surprise album release. “I can just do what I want to do, and make the music I want to make,” she said. 

The 22 year-old singer teamed up again with “Bangerz” producer Mike WiLL Made-It, and the singer also worked with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. “What Mike was to ‘Bangerz,’ Wayne is to this project,” Miley said. The songs on the album reflect Miley’s current state of mind, which she says is still evolving constantly. 

Miley also added that many of her closest advisers were “shocked” at the direction of her new music. “They’d never seen someone at my level, especially a woman, have this much freedom,” she said. “I literally can do whatever I want. It’s insane.”

We have the video for “Dooo It!” below.

What do you think of “Dooo It!”? Does the video or last night’s performance make you want to download Miley’s latest album?  Do you like this new direction for her music?

(Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus’s Instagram account)

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Houston, We Have a Problem: 7 Moments at the VMAs that Made Us Cringe

VMA Cringeworthy MomentsIt’s hard to summarize this years chaotic edition of MTV’s VMAs in a single post, but the event certainly did have more than its fair share of WTF moments. Here are seven of the most cringeworthy.

Miley Cyrus dreadlocks7. Miley Cyrus’ Faux Dreadlocks.

The VMAs’ host recently adopted a new hairstyle that she decided to continue rocking last night: a look centered on a raggedy, mostly-blonde set of dreadlock ponytail extensions. Maybe wearing dreads if they were flattering and in good taste might be one thing for a white star of her stature. But by opting for an exaggerated faux do, Miley seemed to be showing that she doesn’t care if anyone accuses her of cultural appropriation or insensitivity; she’s going to do what she wants regardless.

VMA Cringeworthy6. Demi Lovato’s Lackluster “Cool For The Summer” Performance with Iggy Azalea.

Demi teased fans repeatedly about a special surprise for her VMAs set. But after all the anticipation, viewers only got a breathy “Cool For The Summer” performance from her and a brief appearance from Iggy Azalea, who seemed unprepared for the vocals and mostly just posed on the set while Demi did the work. Pretty painful to watch after the Pre Show build-up. Continue Reading →

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Was the Feud Between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj at VMAs Real or Made-Up?

NickiMileyFightVmasAfter Taylor Swift joined Nicki Minaj for the opening number at the 2015 VMAs, it seemed that the two music divas really had patched up any hard feelings from their high-profile Twitter feud. And the “Anaconda” singer further confirmed the good vibes with Taylor on Instagram today. But Nicki stirred up talk of a more personal and heated feud when she took a run at host Miley Cyrus later in the show.

While delivering her acceptance speech for winning the 2015 VMA for “Best Hip-Hop Video,” Nicki called out Miley, who recently said some negative things about Nicki in an interview with The New York Times.

“Back to this b**ch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press, Miley what’s good?” Nicki said as she pointed to Miley. And while she did at one point briefly crack a very small smile, it was hard to tell if that was for Miley, or just in reaction to the crowd.

Miley awkwardly responded by saying “We’re all in this industry, we’ve both done interviews, we know how they manipulate s**t, Nicki congratuf**kinglations.”

We’re leaning toward thinking that this beef is real. The tone of Nicki’s comments did not seem to be a joke, and she offered no sign that she was stepping back from the confrontation after Miley responded. Also, unlike Nicki and Taylor, who had performed together on projects before their dust up, Nicki and Miley have had a tense history over the last couple years.

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Miley Cyrus Opened the 2015 VMAs with an “Epic” Selfie that Was Kind of Lame

MIley Cyrus Opening VMAsMiley Cyrus began her gig as host of MTV’s Video Music Awards with a short monologue in which she wondered why the producers would want her to host the awards show. After her first pre-recorded skit, even many Miley fans might have started asking the same question.

Miley’s first skit had a weird premise, casting comedians Andy Sandberg and Ike Barinholtz as two marketing gurus who are supposedly responsible for all the crazy ideas behind Miley’s Instagram pictures. To do something special for the VMAs, the two advisers come up with an idea for the most “epic” Instagram selfie of all time. And with that lead-in, Miley then stepped into the live audience to do the epic selfie in real life.

Unfortunately, instead of being epic, the idea seemed as unfocused and lame as the final selfie image turned out to be: Without going into all the details, the idea involved Bollywood dancers, Kim Kardashian, Frankenstein, a few alternative universe smurfs, Rita Ora in a kiddie pool full of spaghetti and Miley Cyrus eating a sandwich …

The opening was a let-down, and we’re guessing this was less about Miley, and more about the writing for the event. For all of the talk prior to the VMAs about Miley’s craziness and spontaneity, it felt like her segments throughout the night were very highly scripted. And a bit flat.

See Miley’s “epic” selfie below.

How do you think Miley’s did as host of the VMAs? Did you find the opening funny, or a let-down?

(Photo Credit: MTV and Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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