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After Making an Effort to Clean Up her Act … Miley Cyrus Definitely Seems to Be Back on the Weed Wagon

Miley Cyrus Smoking WeedFor months, Miley Cyrus gave up smoking weed as part of a larger effort to adopt a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, acknowledging that she had been smoking so much weed that it had become a problem. However, in December, Miley revealed in interviews that she had started smoking weed again ‘once in a while,’ after being exposed to her own mother Tish Cyrus’ heavy use of the controlled substance.

Still, Miley let fans know that she really had gotten control over her smoking. And that she did not plan to get back into it on a regular basis.

Well, a post that the “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” singer just shared seems to suggest that maybe Miley is sliding back Continue Reading →


VEVO Airs Live Acoustic Studio Recording of “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”

Mark Ronson Miley Cyrus VevoMark Ronson and Miley Cyrus performed in front of a classical string section for Vevo’s official live studio recording of their collaboration, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” The high quality recording is essentially a live performance of the acoustic version of the song that Mark released earlier this month.

You can check out Mark and Miley’s performance in the video below.  Continue Reading →


Miley Cyrus Takes To Social Media to Wish Husband Liam Hemsworth a Happy Birthday

Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus ThrowbackIt was just weeks ago that Miley Cyrus confirmed her surprise wedding to longtime fiancé Liam Hemsworth on social media. Now she has again taken to social media to wish her “hubz” a happy 29th birthday.

On Instagram, Miley just shared a laundry list of things she loves about her husband in the form of screenshots from her Notes app.  “HBD to Da Hubz,” Cyrus wrote in the caption to her post, before listing all her “favorite things” about her “favorite dude” on his “special day.”

Fair warning: Miley likes a lot of things about Liam. So it’s a long list.

She also posted a throwback pic of the two from 2009, as well as a a video of herself frowning and looking serious as Liam does a goofy dance behind her to an old song by The Darkness. By the end of the video, she cannot keep a straight face and breaks into a big smile.

We have all of Miley’s Happy Birthday posts to Liam below.   Continue Reading →


Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus Release Vertical Video for “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”

Miley Cyrus Mark Ronson Vertical VideoMark Ronson and Miley Cyrus are clearly making a new push promoting their collaboration “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” Today the duo shared a vertical video for the song. The vertical video takes place in the strip club first seen in the official widescreen version of the “NBLAH” video and mainly features Miley, though Mark does join her for part of the video.

Mark also recently released an interesting acoustic version of the song. And Miley has started doing interviews again, after taking a brief break for her unexpected wedding to longtime fiance Liam Hemsworth.

The single, which has spent some time at No.1 on various iTunes charts, has had a slower go of it on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Still, it has continued to creep up the rankings, this week cracking the top 50 and reaching a new all-time high chart position this week of No. 49 on the Hot 100.

You can watch the full vertical video below.   Continue Reading →


Mark Ronson Drops Unexpected Acoustic Version of “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” Featuring Miley Cyrus

Mark Ronson AcousticMiley Cyrus may still be off in snowy Montana enjoying a little extended New Year’s getaway with her new husband, Liam Hemsworth. But her musical partner Mark Ronson is already back to work.

Mark just released an acoustic version of the duo’s current hit “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” The easily identified strings in the song’s intro remain. But the new acoustic version replaces much of the the electronic pads and textured synths that can be heard throughout the originally-released version of the song with twangy Spanish guitar work, giving the song an even more post-modern country vibe.

In a way, the thinner, twangy guitar sounds also make Miley’s vocals stand out even more than in the original.

You can check out Mark’s new acoustic version below.

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Miley Cyrus Celebrates New Year’s with Liam Hemsworth and his Brothers in Montana

Miley Cyrus MontanaMiley Cyrus seems to be exploring a snowy and slightly more wholesome New Year’s getaway to a Montana ski resort this year with her newlywed husband Liam Hemsworth, after the couple’s surprise, family-oriented wedding only a week earlier. From pics posted on social media, Miley and Liam were accompanied on the trip by Liam’s brothers Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth along with their significant others and children.

The group has reportedly become closer since the loss of Miley and Liam’s house in Malibu, California as a result of the wildfires this year. Luke, in particular, had been a frequent guest at the Malibu house before the fire, as his Hollywood career — still less high-profile than those of his brothers Liam and Chris — began to gain momentum in the last two years with his role on the HBO series, Westworld.

Still, all the clean mountain air and Big Sky outdoor activities did not stop Miley from Continue Reading →

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