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Miley Cyrus Posts New VMAs Promo Video Riding a Giant Cat

Miley Cyrus Riding CatWe can’t get enough of Miley Cyrus’ promotional videos for this year’s VMAs. The most recent offering is a video featuring Miley riding a giant cat, bucking as if the cat were a mechanical bull.

Miley captioned her Instagram post of the video short, “F*** yeah VMAzzzzzz!!! Go to mtvvma.net to make and submit your VMA promo editz @mtv #vma2015 #host.”

We have the full promo video below.

(Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus’ Instagram)

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Demi Lovato Speaks Her Mind as Cosmopolitan’s September 2015 Cover Girl

Demi Lovato CosmopolitanIt looks like Justin Bieber’s not the only one growing up and in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s spotlight. Pop star Demi Lovato holds nothing back in her upcoming cover feature for the September edition of the magazine, which hits stands on August 11th. In it, Demi has some choice quotes on topics of interest to her fans, talking about everything from sobriety to her 35-year-old boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama to her thoughts on Miley Cyrus to her successful music career.

More than three years sober, Demi broke down her past battle with getting clean. The brunette beauty admitted, “I didn’t realize it at the time, but I just wanted to sabotage everything around me so that I could sabotage myself.”​

Demi talked about the support that Wilmer has poured into their five-year relationship, especially during her struggle with addiction and recovery. “People told him, ‘You should probably leave. She’s on a spiral, and you’re going to be sucked down with it.’ But he was like, ‘I’m not leaving. This is somebody I really care about.’ We relate on a lot of levels,” she said.

She also takes on the subject of her rivalry with Miley Cyrus, admitting that she was once ‘super-jealous’ of this year’s host of the VMA’s. “There was a time when I was jealous of people who were able to party,” Demi continued. “For instance, Miley in her music video ‘Can’t Stop’ … Miley’s whole thing was partying and not giving a f@#k. Part of me was jealous that I couldn’t do that.”

As for her music, Demi credits herself for being one of the few artists who will always speak her mind. “There are a lot of girls in pop. They have badass lyrics, but I feel like I’m the only person other than Rihanna and Nicki Minaj who isn’t afraid to say, ‘Try something on me and I’ll f@#king beat your ass,'” the singer said.

What do you think about Demi’s thoughts on Wilmer and Miley?  Do you really think she, along with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, is among the few female pop stars willing to speak their own mind?

See more pictures from the September 2015 issue below.

(Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine and the @itsohsodemi Twitter account)

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Miley Cyrus Teases Harry Styles About his Hair, Admits She’s A Directioner

Miley Cyrus Harry Styles Spacebuns 1

It all started when Lou Teasdale, stylist for One Direction, posted a random tweet about not getting “the whole space buns thing.”

Then Miley Cyrus got involved. She reposted a compilation of pictures of Harry Styles with his hair in topknots which look a lot like Miley’s old signature space buns. Under the pics, Miley jokes that she’s not sure if she and Harry are “soul mates,” or if she should be “p*ssed” that Harry stole her look.

Now, we’re not completely sure, but some of these pics of Harry with “space buns” look like they might have been photoshopped.  On the other hand, over the years, Harry has occasionally come up with some bizarre methods for pulling his hair back when he’s not in a position to let it all hang down.

Either way, Miley appears to have made a more important admission when she added the hashtag #1D4EVR to her post. Yes, it appears that Miley has come out as a full-on Directioner . . .

We have the Miley’s full Instagram post below.

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Kelly Clarkson’s Cover of “Wrecking Ball” Might Be the Best She’s Ever Done

Kelly Clarkson Wrecking BallIt seems that The Huffington Post agrees with us; Kelly Clarkson’s cover of Miley Cyrus’“Wrecking Ball” at her concert in Noblesville, Indiana might actually be her best yet. The available recordings don’t really do Kelly’s voice full justice, but they still offer up a few chills.

The implied tribute to Miley Cyrus is quite a turn around from some of Kelly’s tweeted comments after the 2013 VMAs. But time often changes a person’s perspective.

We also discovered one thing from listening to some of the fan recordings of this performance. Namely, that it sure sounds like a lot of Kelly Clarkson fans are also Smilers …

Check out a couple fan recordings of the Kelly’s cover below.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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Buddy’s Cause of Death Confirmed, as Demi Lovato’s Family Criticizes Some Website Coverage

Demi lovato's Dog BuddyAs widely rumored, pop singer Demi Lovato’s beloved dog Buddy was killed in an attack by a coyote last Sunday in LA County. TMZ and other websites first reported the rumors, then confirmed the details of the attack.

However, Demi Lovato’s family has been harshly critical of some of these websites for their sensationalizing of the tragic incident, as well as the reporting of details that they thought were insensitive to the feelings of Demi and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. In particular, Demi’s sister and mother singled out TMZ’s reporting as inappropriate to the situation.

Lovato Buddy the Dog

For her part, Demi has held off any personal criticisms of the press, and instead took to Instagram and Twitter today to thank her fans for their support. “We can’t thank you all enough,“ wrote Demi. “This has been the most painful week of my life but because Wilmer and I had so much love and support, I’ve been able to stay strong and will continue to get through this difficult time.”

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Miley Cyrus Wears Long Platinum Blonde Wig in Latest MAC Viva Glam Ad

mileyMiley Cyrus is that you? The provocative pop star posed for MAC’s Viva Glam charity collection wearing a lot of hair and very little clothes. Miley donned a long platinum blonde wig with bangs, an off-the-shoulder floral crop top, high-waist shorts and a hot red lip color from the collection.

Miley posted the photo to her Instagram account with the caption “Help to end AIDS with my new @MACcosmetics #VIVAGLAM lipstick available online in North America on 9/8.”

All money made from MAC’s Viva Glam collection will be donated to MAC AIDS Fund to help those with HIV and AIDS. And this isn’t the first charitable thing the Disney alum has been a part of. In 2014, the 22-year-old founded The Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports homeless and LGBT youth.

Do you think Miley should think about keeping these long locks or go back to her short hair?

(Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus’ Instagram account)