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Flaming Lips Singer Wayne Coyne Opens Up About What It’s Like To Perform With Miley Cyrus

Wayne Coyne talks working with Miley CyrusFlaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne took time to discuss working with Miley Cyrus in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. The Flaming Lips and Miley are currently on their crazy “Milky Milky Milk Tour.”

Wayne tells  how he first worked with Miley back in 2014 when they performed together at a show. “We started to realize how many things we had in common,” he tells EW. He goes to admit that as much as Miley was inspired by The Flaming Lips, the inspiration went both ways, “Part of the Miley Cyrus show became the Flaming Lips show and part of the Flaming Lips show became the Miley Cyrus show.”

After working together to pull off this year’s over-the-top VMAs finale and Miley’s performance on “Saturday Night Live,” touring seemed the logical next step. “Seeing each other at the worst of our stress and all that,” Wayne explains, “we were already thinking, ‘This is going to work.'”

All in all, the 54 year old musician has loved his time with Miley. “There’s a couple moments in the set where you have to remember, ‘Oh yeah, keep playing. We’re the ones doing the music, you can’t just be listening to her.’”

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Miley Cyrus Spends 23rd Birthday With Friends And Family

Miley Cyrus BIlly Ray Cyrus Katy WeaverMiley Cyrus celebrated her 23rd birthday yesterday and the singer decided to have a low-key bonfire with a few friends and family. The singer was joined by her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne and his girlfriend, Katy Weaver.

“Cant believe youre 23 it seems like yesterday we were getting in a car to move to LA. I love you so much thanks for being an amazing sister and role model,” Noah Cyrus wrote with a photo of herself, Miley and a friend. 

Check out pictures from her celebrations below.

Did you think Miley’s birthday party would’ve been this tame?

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On Miley Cyrus’ Birthday, Rolling Stone Reminds Everyone Where It All Began

Miley Cyrus BirthdayMiley Cyrus turns 23 today, and her current Dead Petz tour shows just how hard she’s still trying to push the envelope of people’s expectations for a young adult pop star.

Well, earlier today Rolling Stone tweeted out a link to a throwback video that may be Miley’s first appearance on television. The appearance occurred when Miley, a toddler at the time, wandered on stage during a live television interview of her father, Billy Ray. Clearly, quite a lot has changed as Miley has left the innocence of childhood behind.

But looking at the vintage clip, two things might not have changed at all. The first is Miley’s determination to take the stage and be the center of attention on her own terms. And the second is her tendency to wear bizarre outfits the combine plaids, polka dots and random clown costume elements …

Anyway. Happy Birthday, Miley.

Below we have the video that Rolling Stone believes may be Miley’s first appearance on live television.

(Photo credits: Youtube)

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Miley Cyrus Brings The “Fweaky” To Her Detroit Concert

Miley Cyrus in Detroit-2Miley Cyrus arrived in Detroit for the second stop of her renamed “Milky Milky Milk” Tour last night. She seemed to get into the pre-birthday celebrations, and posted the music video to “Lighter” earlier in the day. Later, she took the stage of the Fillmore Detroit and brought her psychedelic show to the city.

Check out a gallery of photos from the show and some performance videos below.

What do you think of her show?

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus and @divinitycyrus Instagram accounts)

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Miley Cyrus Releases The “Lighter” Music Video And It Might Be Her Trippiest Yet

Miley-Cyrus-Lighter-Music-VideoJust after kicking off her “Dead Petz” tour in Chicago, Miley Cyrus released the music video to the track “Lighter.” The singer shared the video to her Facebook, and explained in her caption that the song seemed to be a fan favorite at the show.

The video features Miley singing while covered in a kaleidoscope of colors and smoking what appears to be weed. There are also some shots of a dancer. Later, a naked woman is seen sitting and turning in the colors. It’s unclear if the dancer and/or the naked woman are also Miley.

Check it out below.

What do you think of the video?

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Miley Cyrus’ “Dead Petz” Tour Kicks Off With A Bang In Chicago

Miley Cyrus' Dead Petz Tour Kicks Off With An Outrageous BangCoverLast night, Miley Cyrus kicked off the “Dead Petz” tour at Chicago’s Riviera Theatre. Miley performed before a sold-out crowd with The Flaming Lips.

She appeared before the crowd in some of her most outrageous costumes to date. Miley first took the stage as a unicorn, then wore nothing but a unitard which exposed fake breasts and a strap on. She also got frisky with Amazon Ashley, her 6’7 dancer.

See photos of her tour outfits and watch videos from opening night below.

What are your thoughts on the beginning of Miley’s new tour?

(Photo credit: miley_nz Instagram account, @MileyUpdateUk, @MileyUpdateEU, @extinctionblues, @StylishCyrus, and @MadonnaARMY1 Twitter accounts) Continue Reading →

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