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Gigi Hadid Splits Her Latest Modeling Gig With Someone Familiar: Bella Hadid

Gigi Hadid Is Splitting Her Latest Modeling Gig With Someone Familiar Bella HadidGigi Hadid stars in the new Spring/Summer 2017 campaign for Moschino, and she’s not alone. Gigi’s joined by her sister, Bella Hadid, in three new campaign videos for the upcoming season’s collection. In the promo videos, Gigi and Bella are both decked out in Moschino as they fight their way through a crowd of fake paparazzi.

The videos are an extension of the spread the sisters already did for Moschino, but have the two sporting street style for a change. The footage doesn’t quite look like candids from Gigi or Bella, but the girls didn’t have to do too much work for their “surprised by the paparazzi” looks.

The duo just survived family Christmas and Nicki Minaj, so maybe the paparazzi don’t seem so bad anymore. As long as no one tries to grab anyone.

Check out Gigi and Bella in the Moschino 2017 campaign ads below.

(Photo credits: Moschino Official YouTube account)

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Gigi Hadid And Bella Hadid Have A Pose-Off For Moschino

Gigi and Bella Hadid for Moschino-5Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are already starting the new year off with a new fashion campaign. The Moschino spread was revealed on Wednesday featuring the sisters surrounded by cameras while wearing pieces designed by Jeremy Scott.

While the photos aren’t too different from what they’ve done previously, we couldn’t help but notice the heavy-handed photo editing of one of Gigi’s images.

See Gigi and Bella’s new Moschino campaign below.

(Photo credits: Gigi Hadid, samuel_ellis and Moschino Instagram accounts)

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Tinashe Shows How Us How She Keeps Her Style Fresh

Tinashe Moschino Fresh Phone CaseToday, Tinashe posted a selfie that shows off her “Fresh Couture” Moschino phone case. The case is inspired by the Windex-themed outfit Bella Hadid wore in Jeremy Scott’s Milan Fashion Week show.

The logo is from a Moschino fragrance. Along with being featured on the phone case, it appears on other clothing items and accessories. The huge, silicone case sells for $95.

Would you consider ever making this phone case an accessory for your device?

(Photo credit: Tinashe and Moschino Instagram accounts)Moschino Fresh Eau De Toilette

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