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Nick Jonas’ “Kingdom” Send-Off Lasted Longer Than The Series

Nick Jonas Sends His Love To Fans As Kingdom Calls It Quits featureNick Jonas has bid farewell to his role on the MMA drama “Kingdom” after the show’s series finale aired Wednesday night. He shared a video with members of the show’s cast and crew on Instagram, and wrote a lengthy caption about the experience.

“Kingdom was an unforgettable journey,” he said. “I was able to grow as a man and as an actor. Playing Nate was an absolute honor.” Nick and the entire “Kingdom” crew that watched the finale with him said a big thank you in the video he shared, as well.

Nick Jonas Sends His Love To Fans As Kingdom Calls It Quits instagram post

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Nick Jonas’ Gay Sex Scene Is Pissing Off TV Viewers

Nick Jonas' Gay Sex Scene Is Pissing Off TV ViewersThis week’s episode of “Kingdom” has garnered some pretty harsh reactions from viewers—specifically as it relates to a sex scene featuring Nick Jonas. Throughout the series, Nick’s character Nate has struggled with his sexual identity. On Wednesday’s night episode, Nate was drugged at a party and ended up in bed with a man and a woman.

After waking up the next day and realizing what happened the night before, Nate demonstrated feelings of violation. He realized that he had become a victim of sexual assault. Many viewers took to Twitter to vent their frustrations with the emotionally charged scene.

Nick Jonas Gay Sex Scenes Are Pissing Off TV Viewers

Check out the clip and some reactions below.

Do you think Nate’s story arc has taken a turn for the worst?

(Photo credits: JaneAndTheWorld, Just_anOutlaw, team_swan, gina_cook and NickJonasFandom Twitter accounts)

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