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Shocking! Niall Horan’s Rumored Album Artwork Is A Total Snooze

Shocking! Niall Horan's Rumored Album Artwork Is A Total SnoozeNiall Horan shared one simple image on Instagram and fans went into a frenzy. It depicts his initials in a black and white circular logo, which is hardly something to get excited about even if the image is his album’s cover art. Fans quickly assumed the photo is affiliated with his impending solo album, which, according to a new Most Requested Live interview, Niall is more than eager to release as long as his cousin approves.

“I’ll come home from the studio, I’ll have made a track, and I’ll play it for him,” Niall says of his cousin/housemate. “He’s got a good ear.

Despite the clues of its completion—like the possible album artwork unveiling—Niall still doesn’t have all the answers, especially where collaborations are concerned.

“I’d love to think so,” Niall says when asked if the album will feature guests. “I’ve got a couple of songs that could potentially be, and there’s one in particular. I’ve been listening around, and coming up with some ideas.

Take a peek at what could be Niall’s album artwork and listen to his full interview below.

(Photo credit: westallenkiss Twitter account)

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Louis Tomlinson Dubs Himself “Forgettable” In Candid Interview

Louis Tomlinson On The Cover Of The ObserverLouis Tomlinson was a member of the incredibly successful One Direction and he’s embarking on a solo journey. What he isn’t doing is finding confidence. Louis landed the cover of this week’s issue of The Observer and he paints a dark, heartbreaking picture in its accompanying interview as “forgettable” compared to his former bandmates.

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Niall Horan And Liam Payne Reunite At ZPL Birthday Bash

Niall Horan And Liam Payne Reunite At ZPL Birthday BashNiall Horan had his One Direction reunion moment after Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson were asked to take part in the Grenfell Tower charity single. While no collaboration came out of it, Niall was able to reconnect with Liam ahead of their solo performances at ZPL Birthday Bash in Indiana.

The former bandmates took to social media with a few snapshots from their time together on Friday. In a video, Niall and Liam joked about riding horses for the “horse show” while panning to the venue’s rustic horse track.

The two later posed for a simple reunion selfie that likely left Directioners swooning.

Where the Birthday Bash was concerned, both Niall and Liam had a chance to take the stage. Niall performed a few tracks, including a cover of Julia Michaels’ “Issues.” Liam played his upbeat debut single “Strip That Down.” Fifth Harmony, Flo Rida, James Arthur and Aaron Carter also performed during the Indiana radio station show. Noah Cyrus was the night’s big surprise guest.

Check out a few videos from ZPL Birthday Bash below.

(Photo credit: 1DUpdatesNOW Twitter account)

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Liam Payne And Niall Horan Offer Tributes To Harry Styles’ Late Stepdad

Liam Payne And Niall Horan Offer Tributes To Harry Styles' Late Step-Dad featureOne Direction may not be reuniting anytime soon, but the guys are still there for each other. Liam Payne and Niall Horan took to Instagram to prove that following the tragic passing of Harry Styles’ stepfather, Robin Twist.

Robin died earlier this week after a struggle with cancer. Niall and Liam both sgared a photo of Robin with Harry’s mom, Anne Twist. Each had sweet things to say about the man who passed.

“What a kind, gentle and beautiful soul, a true rarity to find in today’s world,” Liam wrote. In his post, Niall shared, “He always had a smile on his face even when he was battling the terrible illness.”

See everything else Niall and Liam had to say about Robin below.

(Photo credit: One Direction Instagram account)

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The Nominations Are In: Bella Thorne Gets The Teen Choice Nod She Begged For

The Nominations Are In: Bella Thorne Gets The Teen Choice Nod She Begged For featureThe nominations are out for the 2017 Teen Choice Awards on Fox, and it looks like one star’s Hollywood dreams are coming true. Bella Thorne campaigned hard for a 2017 nod, and she got one.

Bella is the only actress not from the show “Pretty Little Liars” who is nominated for “Choice Drama TV Actress” for her work on “Famous In Love.” Hopefully, it goes better than last year for her.

But Bella can’t hold a candle to Hailee Steinfeld, who’s up in the categories for “Choice Female Artist,” “Choice Song Female Artist” for “Most Girls,” and “Choice Drama Movie Actress” for “Edge of Seventeen.”

The Nominations Are In: Bella Thorne Gets The Teen Choice Nod She Begged For hailee steinfeld tweetOther notable nominees include Harry Styles for “Choice Rock Artist,” Emma Watson in two actress categories and Rihanna for “Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist.” But the real fun will be the showdowns that come when it’s time to hand out the surfboards.

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Niall Horan’s Non-Existent Personality Results In A Bizarre “Tonight Show” Segment

Niall Horan does the instant song challenge with FallonJimmy Fallon has either run out of ideas for funny segments or Niall Horan is too boring, because the two recently participated in one of the weirdest “Tonight Show” segments to date.

The two pulled out their instruments for an “Instant Song Challenge,” pulling themes out of a fishbowl and making a song up as they go. What may have been a great idea turned into a series of WTF moments that spans more than five minutes.

Watch the weird “Instant Song Challenge” below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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