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Ariana Grande And Emma Watson Clean Up At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards

Ariana Grande And Emma Watson Clean Up At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards featureSunday night’s 2017 Teen Choice Awards almost had a lot of awards to hand out. The show on Fox had tons of categories with big name nominees, and some of the winners walked away with a lot of hardware.

Ariana Grande muscled through a tight field to win Choice Female Artist. The “Dangerous Woman Tour” won Choice Summer Tour. Ariana was crown Choice Snapchatter and Choice Changemaker, as well. The mix of love for Ariana on- and off-stage makes her a clear winner with choosy teens. Emma Watson didn’t fare as well in social categories, but she won plenty of trophies for her on-screen work.

Ariana Grande And Emma Watson Clean Up At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards ariana grande tweet

Her role as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” was a TCA powerhouse, with a win for Choice Fantasy Movie and a win for Emma as Choice Fantasy Movie Actress. She split two wins with her beastly co-star Dan Stevens for Choice Movie Ship and Choice Lip Lock. Luckily, Emma didn’t make it into the Choice Summer Movie actress category, where Zendaya got the win for “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

But the night’s real showdown was anything but kissing and shipping. Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony didn’t go toe-to-toe in any categories, but both were nominated for plenty of trophies. Who pulled out the biggest win–the “Havana” singer or her former girl group?

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Niall Horan Doesn’t Like Any Of The One Direction Guys’ Debut Solo Singles

Niall Horan chooses his fave 1D solo singleNiall Horan is back in his home country of Ireland to promote the NI Open. The singer stopped by Northern Ireland’s Cool FM to not only talk about the upcoming golf tournament, but to reveal which one of his former bandmates’ songs he likes best.

With his music not an option, Niall had to choose between “Sign of the Times,” “Strip That Down” or “Just Hold On” as his favorite One Direction solo debut. However, the singer went outside of the listed picks and chose Louis Tomlinson’s newest single, “Back To You” featuring Bebe Rexha. “It’s very very good,” Niall says. “It’s going to be a big hit, I think.”

Watch Niall’s full video below.

(Photo credit: Niall Horan Instagram account)

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It’s A Miracle! Niall Horan’s “Slow Hands” Goes Double Platinum

niall goes double platinumNiall Horan’s latest single “Slow Hands” has gone double platinum in Australia. Although the song seems to put people to sleep this side of the Atlantic, folks in Australia appear to be big enough fans to help Niall make his single go double platinum. However, despite Australia’s love for Niall’s music, the fans Down Under will only be visited once on Niall’s “Flicker Sessions” tour.

Check out the tweet below.

(Photo credit: Niall Horan instagram account)

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All Former One Direction Members Celebrate The Band’s Seven-Year Anniversary…Except Zayn Malik

1d 7 yearsFormer One Direction bandmates are tweeting their gratitude and celebration of seven years since the boy band got together. Seven years ago, the boys competed in “The X Factor” and made it to the finals. Even though they only got third place, they soon became one of the most beloved boy bands in history.

Even though the band broke up in 2016, the boys are still going strong in their respective own solo careers. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne all sent messages of gratitude to their fans. Zayn Malik has yet to comment on the anniversary. No surprise there.

Check out the tweets below.

(Photo credit: One Direction Instagram account)

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Louis Tomlinson On The Entertainment Industry: “You Can Get Swallowed Up In The Glitz And The Glam Of It All”

Louis Tomlinson Talks Musical Roots, Crazy One Direction Nights And The Girl Band He's Starting featureLouis Tomlinson sat down for another in-depth interview about his life before, during and after One Direction. This one wasn’t quite as depressing as his previous Q&As, but he did pour on the blue collar charms in the new piece from Noisey. The airport warrior had a lot to say about his childhood, his time in 1D and what he’s up to now–even if the interviewer had to coax it out of him.

“I was never what you’d call ‘book smart’,” he said says smoking one of several menthol cigarettes he lit up during the interview. “What used to piss my mum off is that I could have been. I was that classic one from school who everyone said wasn’t going to reach their full potential because they lark about too much.”

Louis discussed starting out in music with a Green Day tribute band and claimed he auditioned for “The X Factor” to spite his bandmates when they replaced him with a new singer. Despite his success on the world stage, he said he still places a lot of value in what people from his hometown think. He even seeks out their opinions on his latest work to ground himself and to escape the fake niceties of his California life.

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Niall Horan Brings “Slow Hands” To A Spin-off Of A Spin-off Of “The Voice”

Niall Horan Brings Slow Hands To A Spin-off Of A Spin-off Of The Voice featureNiall Horan stopped by a singing show finale Sunday night for a performance. Niall played “Slow Hands” for the crowd watching “The Voice Kids U.K.” season finale. Niall’s single might be a bit of a snoozer, but the crowd seemed to love it. Niall’s performance even had the show’s host worry he was going to get dragged off stage by excited fans.

It looks like Niall managed to survive the rabid fans. He’s clearly a favorite of “The Voice” audiences in the U.K. and Australia. But the snoozer of a single doesn’t get better with age.

Watch Niall’s performance below.

(Photo credit: The Voice Kids UK YouTube account)

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