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“Oh My God It Is Delicious:” Hilary Duff’s Costar Nico Tortorella Caught on Video Drinking her Breastmilk

Hilary Duff Nico TortorellaHilary Duff’s costar on Younger Nico Tortorella may have some questionable concepts about appropriate boundaries in the workplace. Hilary apparently brings a breast pump to work in order to pump and refrigerate breastmilk to bring home to her infant, Banks Violet Bair, who was born last October. Nico, though, seems to have gotten the idea that Hilary pumped some for him, too.

During a table read for an upcoming episode of the series, Nico posted a video of himself on his Instagram Stories appearing to drink a cup of Hilary’s breastmilk. It is not clear if Hilary voluntarily shared some with him. Or he just went ahead and helped himself.

It appears though that Hilary may have been the person filming the incident, holding up one of the half-empty breastmilk storage containers where the milk for Nico’s drink came from.

“I’m for real doing this right now,” Nico says in the clip, before Continue Reading →