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Nick Jonas And Olivia Culpo Now ‘Are As Comfortable As Ever.. Nick Was Smoking A Cigar And Drinking Coors Lights’

BKB Celebrity Red CarpetIntimate details of Joe Jonas and Olivia Culpo have bee revealed by People while at Encore Beach Club on Saturday at the Wynn is Las Vegas: ‘Nick and Olivia walked into the pool hand in hand, and from the way they acted, it seemed like they were as comfortable as ever.

They weren’t overly showy, but they definitely seemed happy.’ Alex Pettyfer showed up and Nick introduced lovely Livia as his girlfriend: ‘Nick was smoking a cigar and drinking a Coors Light while he rested his hand on her leg. They gave each other a few pecks throughout the day, too.’

Following the day at the pool they went to Big Knockout Boxing at Mandalay Bay. Nolivia kissed while watching men hurl wild punches at each other in a small, circular pit. Later they hit XS Nightclub for Joe’s champagne birthday:

Nick was the life of the party, dancing on the couch and making sure his brother was having a great time before breaking away to demonstrate his affection for Olivia, sneaking kisses and sweet exchanges in between photo ops with friends.’

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Nick Jonas And Olivia Culpo Attend Inaugural Big Knockout Boxing Day Together In Las Vegas

The Inaugural BKB (Big Knockout Boxing) EventnolivianickckHottest America Couple Right Now Nicholas Jonas and Olivia Culpo + Ashley Benson attended Inaugural BKB (Big Knockout Boxing) event at tha Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 16, 2014. Photos: FameFlynet. Via @larrysostressed.

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Nick Jonas And Olivia Culpo’s Photo Shoot ‘Has Drawn Crowds’ To View + Nick’s Next Single’s Called ‘Jealous’!

noliviashootnolivia-kissNick Jonas and girlfriend Olivia Culpo, have been participating in a Polaroid shoot for an untitled project by artist ​​Peter Tunney​, reports Page Six. He shot endless images of the attractive couple and the shoot has drawn crowds to his downtown gallery, The Peter Tunney Experience. Nick told E! News:

‘There are moments when you sort of question yourself like anything and wonder if you’re making the right move forward, but I feel like the minute I really started creating, I came to a place where I was locked in and felt like I was making the right move, pushing myself and continuing to be around people that make me better. And it’s been a great process.

I’m really looking forward to people hearing the whole record. Joe and Kevin heard ‘Chains’ before everyone else. They loved it. They were really positive. It was great to feel that from them. They all have their things going on as well. We’re supportive for each other till the end. The response has been incredible..

It’s so different from what I’ve released in the past and it is sort of helping change opinions and evolve things and moving forward. In the next couple weeks, you’ll be seeing a new song, it’s called ‘Jealous,’. & ‘Jealous’ is a little bit more up-tempo. It’s a fun song with a topic I think a lot of people relate to. It will make you get up and dance a little bit but it still has a little bit on the dark side.’

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Nick Jonas Drove Olivia Culpo Somewhere And Joe Jonas Got Soaking Wet At Lollapalooza Today In Chicago

joe-livia (220)joe-livia (24)Nolivia on a date and Joe wet and posing at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

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