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Old Girlfriends Club? Jonas Brothers Exes Olivia Culpo and Gigi Hadid Hang Out in Paris

Olivia Culpo Gigi HadidMaybe it is just ironic. But on the very same day that the Jonas Brothers were announcing a reunion in Los Angeles, the exes of Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas were caught hanging out together in Paris.

Olivia Culpo — who dated Nick from 2013 to 2015 — and Gigi Hadid — who dated Joe in 2015 — were seen together at a night-time party thrown by Prada before joining up with Gigi’s sister Bella Hadid for a late night dinner at trendy night spot Ferdi. The next morning, Olivia and Gigi were again spotted out together, getting a midday snack and (maybe spilling some tea?) at the Palais Royale.

It is hard to believe that the Jo Bros reunion was not at least a small topic of conversation for the two models, who have been Continue Reading →


Olivia Culpo Is “So Happy” for Ex Nick Jonas and his Engagement, But Avoids Answering Whether She Stays in Touch

Olivia CulpoSports Illustrated model and Nick Jonas’ ex Olivia Culpo was on People TV talking about how she makes relationships work. She was on the show to talk mainly about her new project, Model Squad, and her current on-again, off-again relationship with football player Danny Amendola. Since her relationship with Danny is “on-again” right now, that apparently makes Olivia a bit of a talk show relationship authority.

Anyway, when asked if she is “still friendly with” her former flame, Nick — who recently announced his engagement to actress Priyanka Chopra — Olivia sidestepped the question. Instead, she answered, “I think that Continue Reading →

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Give Love A Try: A Romantic Timeline Of Nick Jonas And His Relationship Baggage

A Thorough Valentine's Day Celebration Of Nick Jonas And His Relationship Baggage featureWith Joe Jonas off the market, Nick Jonas is quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought after bachelors. Following the news that big brother Joe is officially marriage material, it seems that Nick’s various bulges are becoming some of the most coveted curves in the entertainment industry. But anyone eager to jump Nick’s bones ought to know what they’re getting into, so here’s a look back at his ghosts of girlfriends past.

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Instagram Is Torturing Nick Jonas With Photos Of Olivia Culpo

Is Nick Jonas shading Olivia Culpo-5Nick Jonas’ Instagram has gotten complicated for the singer, thanks to the platform’s explore page. On Tuesday night, the singer tweeted his frustration with the feature after seeing someone on the page that he was not ready to see.
Is Nick Jonas shading Olivia Culpo-9While the singer tried to be elusive, that didn’t stop fans from revealing who they thought Nick was trying to avoid.

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