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‘Nick Jonas Has Told Everyone That He Wants To Spend The Rest Of His Life With Olivia Culpo’

nolivia_0Nick Jonas plans to marry Olivia Culpo, who he has been dating since August 2013, reports OK! Magazine: ‘Nick has told everyone that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They are obsessed with each other and he has even said that he wants to ask her to marry him by the New Year!’

Will follow the footsteps of fellow child stars Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan? No, because he has been dealing with Type 1 Diabetes since 13 years old: ‘Nick is just way to grounded for that. He takes immaculate care of his health and he has to because of his condition.’

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Joe Hot Jonas At Airport & DJing At Sayers Club + Nick’s New Song Gets Played On The Radio!

jonas-vegas-radio (6)jonas-vegas-radio (59)jonas-vegas-radio (8)Joe Jonas airport via jaymeegorman & boopsy429. Joe DJing at The Sayers Club. Nick’s song ‘Jealous’ was playedon the radio + Olivia Culpo got her eyebrows waxed!

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Nick Jonas Performs ‘Who I Am’ + ‘A Little Bit Longer’ Live In Mexico + Joe Jonas DJs At SLS Hotel In Las Vegas

joick-mexico-vegas (5)Nick in Mexico. VIDEO of Joe’s UNBELIEVABLE skills under!

+ Olivia Culpo looking beautiful in LA.

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Nick Jonas ‘It Feels Good With Olivia’

nick-jonas-olivia-culpo-kissing-us-open-199Nick Jonas revealed to etalk about his near nude photo shoot: ‘That was a fun shoot, but I’m not really sure.. It’s a lot of pressure.’ Calvin Klein reached out to him on Twitter and through his modeling agency: ‘I like pizza. And I like cheese burgers. If an opportunity came up and it felt right and didn’t feel forced, then maybe. We’ll see.

I didn’t really think about it as we were doing it. I’m a fan of Mark Wahlberg, and I’ve always been a fan, and as I’ve transformed physically, there have been some comparisons.. I was just like, ‘Yeah, yeah, let’s do it, let’s go for it.’ And after it was done, I was like, ‘Oh, wow.’ I’m in a happy relationship,

And I have been for about a year and a half, and it feels good. So there’s the home-front side of it, which is a basic understanding that it’s work, & it’s a job and our responsibility to tell these stories in an honest way. But it’s still weird. In any relationship, as long as there’s transparency and trust, then it’s all good, and she’s very supportive.’


Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo In Cannes

Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo looking dashing at a party together in Cannes.

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