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Harry Styles Palm Springs Pool Meeting

harry-styles-palm-springs (1)Harry Styles swimming in Palm Springs, CA pool today. Harry recently had a fight with a friends from home posted pictures of himself with Harry on dating sites to get girls to sleep with him. Source told Daily Star: ‘Harry was livid when he was shown the pictures.

He called his pal pronto, demanding he take the photos down, and told him, ‘I can’t believe you’re using me to try and get laid! That’s really low! But his friend snapped back, ‘I can’t believe you’re being so selfish. No, I won’t take the pictures down. I’m scoring like crazy!’’

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Harry Styles In LA Going To Coachella

harry-styles-coachella (1)Harry Styles is BACK in Los Angeles again! He is reportedly going to Coachella with friends and he already picked out his outfit. He was also spotted by a fan at a hotel with Kendall Jenner, but supposedly they walked past each other without saying anything. New ‘You & I’ previews under! + rumored set list and new rock star picture of 1D

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